Discraft Surge SS Disc Review: A Versatile Powerhouse

I’ve been playing disc golf for over 13 years, and Discraft’s offerings have always caught my eye due to their consistently high-quality and game-enhancing attributes. Among their array of drivers, the Discraft Surge SS stands out as a versatile and reliable disc, offering fantastic features for players of all levels.

In this Discraft Surge SS review, I’ll break down the disc’s flight characteristics, solid construction, and the range of shots it can master.

Read on to discover why the Surge SS is a must-have addition to your repertoire, regardless of your skill level. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 11
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 2

The speed of 11 implies that the Discraft Surge SS has a relatively fast and straight trajectory, accommodating long-distance throws easily. Mixing that with a glide of 5, you get a disc that remains airborne for quite some time. It’s perfect for those clear open spaces where you want your disc to just sail.

The turn of -2 represents the initial tendency of the disc to curve to the right in a right-handed backhand throw (RHBH). This is great for hooking around obstacles at the beginning of the throw. It can also be utilized by less powerful throwers to achieve additional distance.

Fade is the classy end move a disc makes as it slows down — in this case, a moderate 2. This ensures that your disc doesn’t wobble off to the left but instead gives a gentle, controlled finish, making it predictable and consistent even in windy conditions.

Anatomy Of An Ideal Disc

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.10 cm

The Discraft Surge SS sports a standard diameter of 21.10 cm, consistent with most drivers, offering a comfortable grip for players of all hand sizes. The height, at a modest 1.60 cm, is perfect for players who prefer lower-profile discs. Its flat top and compact height make it easy to throw, especially in a RHBH manner.

The rim depth of 1.20 cm is reasonably shallow. Shallow rim discs provide a firm grip, ensuring maximum control during your throw. This feature offers a significant advantage, especially during intense competition where every throw counts.

The rim width sits at a generous 2.10 cm. This provides a sufficient surface for a strong grip, helping to enhance the disc’s maximum speed potential. The wider rim might be a little daunting initially, but once you get used to it, the distance it can generate is phenomenal.

One thing I can recall from my initial disc golf days is struggling with finding the right balance between disc size and grip. A large disc might promise powerful throws, but the awkward grip could lead to misfires. On the other hand, a smaller one could slip right out of the thrower’s hand. The Discraft Surge SS has crunched these numbers right, making it a solid choice for players aiming for balance and performance.

From Disc Golf Novices To Experts

Yellow Discraft Z Surge SS with Green Stamp

The Discraft Surge SS is versatile and perfect for new and experienced players. This disc stands out as being highly accessible. Beginners will appreciate it as it is forgiving and responds well to less powerful throws, becoming an excellent tool for practice and improving form.

More advanced players love the Surge SS because it’s stable and easy to control. It can effortlessly handle a beautiful flippy Hyzer or forehand and backhand drives, something I’ve grown to appreciate on those long straight drives with little fade.

Players often express how they really enjoy the disc’s capability to hold straight lines confidently. Several even report hitting their furthest throws with this disc, scoring up to 375ft — impressive for a disc with this speed rating.

So whether you’re a newbie looking for a disc to reinforce your skills or a seasoned player aiming for reliable and accurate throws, this disc should be in your arsenal. Despite its forgiving nature, it does require some technique and form, so brand-new players might find it a bit challenging initially. Embrace the journey, though — the Discraft Surge SS is worth it.

Mastering Max Distance And Precision

Blue/Green Discraft Surge SS ESP with Purple Stamp

Though primarily a distance driver, the Surge SS can be exploited excellently for a variety of shot types thanks to its forgiving nature:

Straight Shots

With its predictable flight and minimal low-speed fade, this disc is an asset when you must hit perfectly straight lines. Toss it flat, and it gently turns right before finishing with a reliable fade – a dream for precision play.

Forehand Drives

The feedback is overwhelmingly positive for the Surge SS on forehand throws. It holds lines wonderfully, allowing you to throw straight and flat, perfect for open holes.

Turnover Shots

This disc shines in mastering turnover shots. Trusting in its predictable and consistent fade allows you to nail those right-hand curves.

Similar Distance Drivers

Latitude 64 Grace

The Grace from Latitude 64 is another distance driver aimed at players with less arm speed. It has a similar speed to the Discraft Surge SS but generally has a less aggressive fade. However, I find both discs to share that dependable stability.

Discmania DD

The Discmania DD boasts a more beginner-friendly and understable design than its older counterparts. Perfect for beginners and intermediate players seeking distance without high power, it also finds favor with advanced players looking for the right finishes or roller shots.

Guru Disc Golf Short Slacker

The Guru Short Slacker is an approachable distance driver, boasting a low profile with a distinct S-curve flight path at high speeds. Unlike the Discraft Surge SS, the Short Slacker offers considerable low-speed end-of-flight fade, making it beginner-friendly and ideal for those stepping up from their starter set drivers.

Discraft Surge SS In Review

Pink Discraft ESP Coolbear ESP Surge SS with Rainbow Stamp

The Discraft Surge SS is an impressive workhorse that fits into various gaming scenarios, from mastering straight shots to nailing those distance throws. This disc is an excellent performer for both beginners and seasoned players. This disc is a great learning tool for newer players to build their skill set while offering advanced players a reliable and predictable disc for precision plays.

The Surge SS is available in the durable elite Z plastic and FLX. Check one out from your favorite disc golf shop today to see if it’s a perfect fit for your bag!


  • Impressive distance and glide
  • Suitable for a range of skill levels
  • Offers significant control and predictability
  • Works well for a variety of shot types


  • Beginners may need a learning curve to achieve the desired lines
  • The wide rim might feel daunting initially