Taming the Beast: A Discraft Talon Disc Review

Some discs challenge players, and then some redefine the game. Enter Discraft Talon — a notable fairway driver that’s gained traction among intermediate players and advanced throwers.

In this comprehensive Discraft Talon review, I’ll delve into every essential aspect of this disc that could potentially elevate your game the way it has been transforming mine.

As an avid disc golfer who’s been playing and testing discs for more than 13 years, it’s not every day that a disc stands out in a line-up. But the Discraft Talon, with its unique attributes, has caught my eye quickly. Join me on this in-depth exploration of a disc that isn’t just a tool on the course but a game-changer.

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 8
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 1
  • Fade: 3

With a relatively high speed of 8 for a mid-range disc, the Discraft Talon flies quickly off the tee and has excellent carry. The glide rating of 3 may not provide immense lift, but it does ensure steady flight even through windy conditions.

The Talon’s unique blend of a turn rating of 1 and a fade of 3 makes it a fantastic disc for shots requiring accuracy with controlled turns. With its low turn, the Talon holds its lines well and doesn’t flip easily, lending to its predictability. It has a moderate fade, which lets the disc gradually ease back to the left (for a right-handed backhand throw) towards the end of its flight.

These flight numbers establish the Talon as a reliable, steady disc — ideal for threading through tight spots or holding a line on longer drives. One time on the course, I managed to curve this disc perfectly around a tricky tree cluster that always seemed to grip every disc I threw before. It’s a game-changer!

Compact Versatility

  • Diameter: 21 cm
  • Height: 1.50 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.80 cm

The Discraft Talon’s size is pretty standard, sporting the standard diameter of a mid-range disc golf disc at 21 cm. The height of the Talon stands at 1.50 cm, suggesting a flatter-top build. This design allows for a comfortable grip, enabling better control over throws.

The rim depth of 1.10 cm is generally less than many mid-ranges, signifying it is somewhat shallow. This shallowness doesn’t hinder its stability but instead grants it easier handling, especially for those with smaller hands or who prefer a firm grip. On top of that, the rim width is 1.80 cm, a standard size for mid-range discs that provides a solid grip and excellent control during release.

Harness The Disc Golf Beast

The Discraft Talon is a disc that commands respect. This disc is overstable and known for its excellent skip action and reliable fade. What this means for players is that it’s not for the faint-hearted, or in disc golf terms, not for beginners.

Given its flight path and overstable nature, this disc could be much to handle for newbies in disc golf. Its quick, low-turning fairway drives that result in prominent skips might require moderate to advanced skill levels to tame effectively.

The Talon truly shines in the hands of intermediate and advanced players who can take advantage of its consistent and reliable flight. This is the disc you reach out for when you’ve mastered the basics and want to improve your game strategically.

In simple terms, if you’re a rookie in disc golf, the Discraft Talon might initially seem like an uncontrollable beast. Still, once you’ve honed your skills and developed stronger throws, you’ll comprehend why the Talon is praised for its stability and control.

The Workhorse In Your Bag

Aqua Innova Champion Beast  (Reaper Editon) with Black Stamp

When it comes to primary use, the Discraft Talon shines as a robust and reliable fairway driver. Thanks to its overstable nature and low glide, it’s the disc you would reach out for when you want a confident throw that can withstand heavy finishes and sharp turning flights.

Primarily, the Talon’s domain is the tight, precise shots and tricky tee-offs where control is paramount. Being an excellent skip disc, the Talon can give that added edge in your game when tackling ground that is hard for a finish with a dramatic skip.

Wind-Penetrating Drives

The Discraft Talon’s reliable fade and resistance to turning make it an excellent choice for headwinds. I’ve seen it triumph repeatedly when others faltered in gusty conditions.

Skip Finishes

With the disc’s significant stability and low glide, the Talon is notable for landing with a substantial skip, allowing you to plan for those extra feet achieved by the skip.

Controlled Curves

If a course demands hooking your disc around obstacles, the Talon, with its predictable fade, will get the job done.

Comparing The Talon To Similar Discs

When it comes to similar discs, the Talon stands up to a couple of respected names within the disc golf community. Here’s how it stacks up:

DGA Banzai

The DGA Banzai competes with the Talon as an overstable fairway driver. Although the Banzai may offer slightly less fade and a touch more glide than the Talon, it suits a similar variety of demanding shots where precision and control are essential.

MVP Terra

The MVP Terra falls into the same category of overstable midrange disc but perhaps leans more toward approach shots due to its slower speed than the Talon. It may not offer the same kind of skip action, but it remains an excellent choice for control and stability.

Discraft XS

The Discraft XS, another stable fairway driver, presents an exciting contrast to the Talon. Thanks to its less overstable nature, it’s renowned for longer flights and straighter lines. While it matches in speed, it carries a higher glide and lower fade, making it more suited to open shots rather than the tricky lines the Talon masters.

Wrapping Up The Discraft Talon Experience

The Discraft Talon is an overstable fairway driver that performs excellently in the hands of intermediate to advanced players, those seeking controlled, predictable flights and dramatic skip finishes. It’s a driver that went out of production in 2007, although it sometimes gets brought back during limited runs. While it can be a challenging disc for beginners, it unveils itself as a versatile workhorse once players harness its potential.


  • Extremely reliable under different wind conditions
  • Offers controlled flights, perfect for tricky courses and tricky shots
  • Commendable skip action that can give you those extra yards when needed


  • Overstable nature may make it hard for beginners to control effectively
  • Might not offer the longest flights