Blazing Trails: Innova Firestorm Disc Review

Are you looking for a dependable distance driver to power up your game? In this Innova Firestorm review, I will break down everything you need to know about this high-speed disc.

I’ve spent over a decade playing disc golf and have experienced a variety of discs along the way. With its impressive flight numbers and consistent performance, the Firestorm piqued my interest enough to put it under the microscope.

If you’re searching for a robust disc to send flying down the fairway with premium accuracy, the Firestorm just might be the candidate for you. Stick around, and let’s dive into what this disc offers.

Fire-Infused Performance

  • Speed: 14
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 3

The Innova Firestorm earns its speed 14 rating. This disc is a rocket capable of achieving some serious distances. Its speed lets it cut through the air, maintaining a fast and straight flight.

A glide rating of 4 means it can sustain flight, helping it cover long distances. I’ve noticed the Firestorm maintains a relatively straight path and doesn’t tend to climb too high, making it great for long, open throws.

The turn rating of -1 represents a slight understability. So, with the right throwing power, the Firestorm has a mild tendency to veer to the right during the initial part of its flight. This can be useful for navigating around obstacles.

Lastly, fade 3 represents the disc’s tendency to hook to the left at the end of its flight as it slows down. This moderate fade ensures predictable finishes at the end of your throw, making it excellent for precise placement.

Forged In Flames

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.50 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.30 cm

Innova’s Firestorm has a solid diameter of 21.10 cm, falling well within the standard size of distance drivers. This size contributes to a familiar feel in the hand and a versatile flight pattern suitable for various playing conditions.

The height, or thickness of the disc, comes in at a fairly standard 1.50 cm. Combined with a rim depth of 1.10 cm, this ensures that the Firestorm fits snugly into your hand and provides a good grip. I particularly appreciate this aspect as it gives me confidence when throwing in various weather conditions.

The disc’s rim width is 2.30 cm. Wide rims tend to generate more speed and are a hallmark of distance drivers. Howeverremembernd that their wider grip may potentially provide challenges for players with smaller hands or those new to such high-speed discs.

Harnessing The Blaze

The Innova Firestorm is a high-velocity disc and a real arm speed demon. Many have compared it to a faster, beat-in Destroyer. This would make it a fantastic choice for intermediate and advanced players looking for a dependable, powerful distance driver.

Its characteristic blend of speed, stability, and controlled fade can allow more experienced players to achieve impressive flight distances and maintain accuracy.

Utilizing the Firestorm to its fullest potential requires a firm, confident throw. Beginners may struggle with mastering the necessary power without sacrificing control. Without adequate speed, the Firestorm tends to lose energy quickly.

Whether you’re a burgeoning player with a knack for speed or a seasoned disc golf player looking for an assertive and trustworthy distance driver, the Firestorm could be just the disc you’re after. However, if you’re a newcomer still grappling with your throwing technique, you might want to gain some practice with more straightforward discs before testing this fiery comet.

Inferno Unleashed

The Innova Firestorm is primarily intended as a high-speed distance driver. It shines in situations where sheer distance and speed are the priority. This disc is an undeniable asset on open, long courses with fewer obstacles and more space to cover.

Some typical shot types the Firestorm is suitable for include:

Max Distance Drives

Owing to its high-speed rating and manageable turn, the Firestorm is excellent for full-capacity throws where you wish to cover a significant stretch of the course.

Hyzer Flip Shots

The slight understability of the Firestorm makes it ideal for executing hyzer flip shots. Thrown with a hyzer angle, this disc has a beautiful way of flipping up to flat and cruising for substantial distances.

Forehand Drives

Several users, including myself, agree that this disc is exceptional for forehand or sidearm shots. With a clean release and ample power, the Firestorm holds a reliable line and delivers consistent finishes.

Comparable Distance Drivers

Innova Colossus

The Colossus shares a speed 14 rating with the Firestorm, making it similarly fast. However, it shows more high-speed turn and low-speed fade than its blazing counterpart. If you enjoy the Firestorm but desire more flexibility in the flight path, the Colossus might be a good choice.

Latitude 64 Ballista

Another distance driver worth comparing, the Ballista, like the Firestorm, packs a punch. But it presents its distinctive flight characteristics, like a tad more turn. If you’re a fan of the Firestorm’s speed but want a disc that turns more, the Ballista could be the disc for you.

Westside Destiny

The Westside Destiny is another suitable comparison. With a similar speed rating and glide, it provides a competitive alternative for those seeking a high-level distance driver. However, its fade is a bit more gentle than the Firestorm, which could appeal to some players.

Innova Firestorm In Review

The Innova Firestorm is a high-speed distance driver that promises long reaches and reliable flight paths, especially when there’s power behind the throw. It’s an excellent choice for intermediate or advanced players and possibly beginners with a knack for fast throws. However, those still honing their throw might find the Firestorm challenging to harness.


  • Covers substantial distances reliably
  • Holds a dependable, straight flight line
  • Excellent for forehand/sidearm throws
  • Comfortable grip despite wide rim


  • Necessary power requirements may be challenging for some players
  • Might not perform as expected in low-speed throws