Innova Hawkeye Review: Hitting Disc Golf Bullseyes

Hello there, Disc Golf aficionados and budding enthusiasts! Welcome to my Innova Hawkeye review.

If you’ve been considering adding the Hawkeye to your array, or you’ve been captivated by its sleek design, then you’re in spot-on place! As a seasoned player with over 13 years of experience, I share insights from countless tosses and trials to demystify the Hawkeye’s flight, stability, and overall performance.

It’s not just my years on the course that vouches for my review. It’s also the sheer glee in testing new discs that gives me a discerning eye. Let’s dive into the details of the Innova Hawkeye!

Flight Numbers Decoded: Consistent Precision Game

  • Speed: 7
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 1

The Hawkeye doesn’t break records with a speed of 7. Instead, it offers a manageable pace suitable for most players. A glide rating of 5 means your disc stays in the air longer, even when thrown at a relaxed pace.

A turn of -1 and fade of 1 reflect its steady character. This disc has a slight rightward and leftward tendency at the beginning and end of its travel respectively (for your right-handed, backhanded throws). However, it stays mostly on course, perfect for those precision game you need.

After 13+ years, I’ve found this to be a reliable mid-range disc, responding well to a gamut of throws. Its consistent path and moderate pace make it a steady game companion.

Plastic Info: Ease Of Use With Performance

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.70 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.80 cm

With a diameter of 21.10 cm, the Hawkeye is of regular size, making it a comfortable disc to throw no matter your hand size. The height of the disc is relatively medium as well, measuring at 1.70 cm. It’s not too deep or so shallow that the throw feels uncomfortable, but rather it offers a solid grip, ensuring a confident release as you launch it.

The depth, at 1.20 cm, falls into the ‘shallow’ category, which I personally prefer. A shallow rim allows my fingers to form a snug hold, providing extra maneuverability and consistency on release while catering well to those with smaller hands.

The disc’s width is 1.80 cm, placing it in the average category. However, don’t let “average” fool you. It balances speed and stability and can accommodate a wide range of playing styles.

This amazing disc is also available for sale in a variety of mold, such as Chamption, Halo Star, and Star Plastic. The Innova Star Hawkeye is especially beloved by fans due to its durability and insane quality.

A Driver For All Disc Golf Skill Levels

The Hawkeye has been described as a beautiful blend of control and predictability, aptly labeled by Innova co-founder Dave Dunipace as a disc “for staying on the fairway.” Customer reviews affirm that sentiment, consistently praising its stable, straight characteristics.

As a highly adaptable fairway driver, it effortlessly serves newbies and advanced users alike. For beginners, it’s a patient instructor—easy to toss and consistent, helping you get a knack for the game. It is a great beginner disc that grows with you, adjusting to your expanding skillset while still holding its own.

For pros and experienced disc golfers, it’s a trusted and essential tool. And let me tell you, this disc is as steady as they come! It can easily be shaped to anhyzer for turnovers, hurled flat for a straight flying path, or tuned to hyzer flips.

For those with a strong arm, this will still find a way to impress. It’s been known to be used as a roller disc and can execute fantastic, sweeping flights when tossed with hyzer and height. You don’t need to be a veteran to recognize that this disc offers versatility.

However, note that it has been sometimes mistakenly labeled as a speed seven disc. It leans more towards a rating of 8, requiring more arm power. So, if you’re not quite there yet, don’t fret. With patience and practice, you’ll get the hang of it, and it will be right there with you, ready when you are.

Search For The Ultimate Control In Your Game

Black/Grey Innova Hawkeye Hailey King Tour Series with Black Stamp

As the Hawkeye is a control driver, its primary use is as a workhorse for your fairway drives, particularly when aiming for straight lines or shooting through tunnels and underneath low-hanging canopies. This disc has a unique ability to navigate through denser areas owing to its predictable and straight path.

In my escapades, there have been countless occasions when a strategically placed tree tried to ruin my day—or at least my score. With its steady line-holding and forgiving glide, this always seems to come to the rescue. Let me tell you, it’s like having a secret weapon in your bag.

Apart from these straight shots, it is also quite versatile, often used in various situations thanks to its easy manueverability and ability to shape shots. Here are some common types you’ll be able to execute with this:


This disc has a knack for flipping to flat when flung on a hyzer, making it a reliable choice for executing those drives.

Straight Shots

Hurl it flat, and it acts almost like a longer Buzzz. It’ll hold a straight line like a champ, defying obstacles like they’re no big deal.


This can maintain an anhyzer angle throughout its flight without turning over, resulting in a drive that flies and lands smoothly.

Similar Products

The Hawkeye has been likened to a few other disc models due to its straightness and controllability. Here are some discs that it can be compared to:

Discmania FD

It is similar to the Discmania FD, often considered straighter and flippier. Intermediate users may find the former a more maneuverable alternative, with surprising torque resistance and the potential for additional distance.

Discraft XL

The XL from Discraft is another disc with a good reputation for ease of use and stability. However, the Hawkeye takes the edge on maneuverability and adaptability to many styles.

Gateway Sabre

The Sabre from Gateway is a fairly straight-flying fairway driver, echoing a steady, straight-flight nature. It tends to turn mildly at high velocities and finishes with a minimal fade. A lightweight Sabre makes an excellent beginner disc.

In the end, while these discs may share certain characteristics, the nuances of each speak volumes. The Hawkeye’s blend of control, versatility, and predictability truly carve out its niche as a standout driver. Plus, who can resist its stubborn dedication to straight, steady flights? It’s a disc that charms you with its consistency and then sweeps you with its versatility!

Innova Hawkeye Review: Final Thoughts

The Innova Hawkeye essentially crowns itself as a versatile and reliable driver that makes the game more enjoyable, no matter your skill level. With its high glide and moderate quickness, this disc can navigate fairways and tunnels, making it a useful tool in various scenarios.

It’s ideal for beginners due to its predictability; it’s also an asset to more advanced players thanks to its controllability and stability during various clever techniques. However, it may require more arm power than some are initially comfortable with.


  • High level of controllability and predictability.
  • Impressive glide for extended flights.
  • Performs well on a variety of situations.
  • Suits players at all skill levels.


  • Misleading speed score – it’s more of an 8 than a 7.