Innova KC Aviar Review: Top-Tier Disc Golf Putter

Are you searching for the perfect companion to elevate your putting game? Let me introduce you to my go-to trusted tool on the course: the Innova KC Aviar.

Throughout my 13-year disc golf journey, I’ve chucked, launched, and lofted countless discs. Today, we’re diving into an Innova KC Aviar review, honing in on a disc that’s left a lasting impact on a few of my games.

Is the KC Aviar’s versatility and predictability just hype, or does it live up to its reputation? I’ll share my personal experiences and insights so that by the end of this article, you’ll know if this disc deserves a spot in your bag.

Putting Prowess

  • Speed: 2
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 2

I simply love the low-speed, gentle glide the KC Aviar offers. It embodies the mantra of “slow and steady wins the race.” With a low-speed rating of 2, you can expect controlled flight, especially for those delicate upshots where precision is critical.

This disc isn’t built for distance but has a delightful sailing quality. Rated at 3, it offers reasonable glide and holds a consistent line without losing direction too easily.

The in-flight balance of the disc is eminent, given its turn and fade scores. It doesn’t exhibit high-speed ‘turn’ or deviation from its initial line, making it more predictable and manageable. Meanwhile, the gentle fade at the end of the flight ensures it won’t vanish out of sight, curving crazy right at lower speeds.

Overall? It’s a marvel of consistent, stable, and controlled flight—well suited for precision rather than power throws. Perfect if you believe in carving your way to the basket rather than blasting it through the field.

Digging Into The Details

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.50 cm
  • Rim Width: 0.90 cm

The KC Aviar has a very traditional disc golf disc silhouette. Its diameter of 21.20 cm is quite typical of putters, which makes it feel familiar. However, it’s the other dimensions that set it apart.

Having a modest height of just 2 cm, the disc sits low in the hand. This low profile ensures the disc cuts through the air efficiently without stalling too much. Aiding this is the relatively shallow rim depth, allowing your fingers to get a firm and confident grip on the disc.

At 0.90 cm, the rim width might seem slim to some players, but it contributes to its controlled flight and tactile feedback. While chunkier rims can provide more surface to grip,

This disc struck a sweet balance between grip and throw-ability, enhancing my consistency throughout the round. So, if you know a thing or two about putters, you’ll find that the KC Aviar’s dimensions offer a familiar feel with an added touch of precision.

Mastering The KC Aviar

Every disc golf newbie or seasoned veteran should have an Innova KC Aviar in their arsenal. It’s a trustworthy, versatile putt & approach disc that performs consistently, whether you’re a beginner finding your footing or a pro looking to firm up your short game.

The reassuring stability of the KC Aviar makes it an excellent choice for beginners aiming to perfect their form. Plus, the firm, durable pro plastic is a godsend for rookies often blessed with a knack for bumping into trees. It does take a beating well, a trait verified by countless testers.

On the other side of the skill spectrum, seasoned disc golfers will appreciate its torque resistance and predictability on full-power throws and pinpoint approaches. This is the favorite putter of many experienced players, and to no surprise—12-time world champion Ken Climo endorses it.

Due to its sturdy, low-profile design, this disc is a force to reckon with for hyzer shots within 300 ft or as a trustworthy companion in windy conditions.

One piece of advice, though? While the KC Aviar shines as a putting and approach disc, it may not be a good fit for those who like softer, gummier plastic. The firm and slick KC plastic might feel slippery in colder climates, especially for those who prefer a bit more grip. It also might not be ideal for disc golfers who prefer bead-less putters.

A Putter For All Occasions

Pink Innova Pro KC Aviar with Aqua Stamp

The Innova KC Aviar is a true workhorse; versatile and reliable, it’s primarily designed for putting and approach shots. Its inherent stability and gentle speed make it a favorite for those critical short-game shots where accuracy and control are paramount.

Shot types the disc can be used for:

Approach Shots

The disc’s glide and fade make it a reliable choice for approach shots, whether you are aiming straight at the basket or need to curve around obstacles.

Short Putts

Given its predictable flight, it offers a confident finish within close range of the basket.

Off-The-Tee Shots

When thrown with full power, it also serves as a viable, straight-flying option off the tee for shorter holes.

Comparable Discs

Alfa Discs Theios

Like the KC Aviar, the Theios from Alfa Discs is a versatile putt-and-approach disc with a beaded edge. It’s known for its straight, predictable flight and excellent grip. Again, much like the KC Aviar, it stands firm against the wind, making it a great disc for those windy days out on the course.

Discmania Shogun

The Shogun takes a similar note in terms of speed and glide but with a slightly softer fade. It’s also a bead-edged putter, making it an exemplary substitute if you need to mix things up a little from your KC Aviar routine. Moreover, its high-profile design might suit players who prefer a chunky feel to their putters.

Discraft Challenger

This disc could be the KC Aviar’s long-lost twin! With nearly identical flight numbers, the Discraft Challenger also sports a similar firm, durable plastic. However, Discraft offers the Challenger in a range of other plastic types, too, which might appeal more to those players seeking a softer feel.

Innova KC Aviar In Review

The Innova KC Aviar is a classic, reliable putt and approach disc that suits disc golfers across the spectrum, from beginners to pros. Controlling your short game has never been easier, thanks to its consistent, controlled flight and sturdy construction. Additionally, it makes an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable off-the-tee option for shorter holes.


  • Controlled, predictable flight
  • Firm and durable plastic
  • Ample stability, holding firm in windy conditions
  • Excellent choice for both putting and approach shots
  • Versatility – functionally does well off-the-tee for shorter holes


  • Not ideal for players who prefer softer, gummier discs
  • Might not be suitable for those favoring beadless putters