Innova Jay Review: Precision Marvel in Disc Golf

Hello, fellow disc golf aficionados! Today’s spotlight is on the Innova Jay review, a mid-range marvel that may soon become your trusty companion on the field. With a decade-plus of experience in hurling and critiquing discs, I’ve encountered almost every type. So what sets this apart? Let’s dive in.

Broadcasting from my test bed, I’ve put it through its paces in diverse climates and shooting scenarios. Will it live up to its reputation, or is it all talk? Stick with this review and learn if this whizzer has the chops to claim a well-deserved place in your collection.

Flight Numbers Analysis: Precision Game

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 1

A speed rating of 5 implies that while the Jay isn’t the quickest disc in the game, its moderate speed allows for precise control, perfect for strategic shots. The glide, rated at 4, can stay aloft quite impressively – ideal when you need to cover extra ground.

A turn rating of 0 translates to a steady path without drastic veering when cast at optimal speed. Lastly, the fade rating of 1 shows a subtle, predictable left turn (for right-handed, backhand) at the end.

It boasts a stable, consistent flight with an equilibrium of speed, a hint of fade, and pinpoint accuracy. When faced with a linear shot to the goal, it is a dream come true for those seeking predicted trajectories.

Comfort In Your Plastic

  • Diameter: 21.70 cm
  • Height: 1.70 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.40 cm

At 21.70 cm, the standard size diameter of the disc spells comfortable handling for most players, neophytes, or veterans. The disc maintains a balanced feel with a typical height of 1.70 cm. This attribute enhances my confidence during prep as the disc aligns well with the hand.

With a rim depth of 1.20 cm, slightly shallower than usual, it surprisingly does not tamper with the comfort aspect of gripping. This feature aids the disc to fly further by reducing drag during travel—an advantage when faced with expansive fairways.

The rim width of 1.40 cm, well within the average scope, imbues a sturdy feel and assists in release, adding to the distance.

The Jay adheres to predictable layout norms rather than embracing radical design departures. This consistent physical design fosters familiarity, making it more approachable, especially for newer or less confident players.

Compatible With All Disc Golf Skill Levels

Chartreuse Innova Star Jay with Shatterberry Stamp

The Jay is a coveted addition to disc golf bags, described as a micro-beaded mid-range disc with a ‘true-to-release’ pattern. Offering stability and consistency above most discs, it can be skillfully controlled under different power styles. Innova co-founder Dave Dunipace, even classifies it as the “most point-and-shoot Mid-Range that we have.”

Matching Dave’s sentiments, I’d attest that as a 13-year veteran of playing and reviewing products, this delivers a rare accuracy amongst its counterparts. It can be described as a disc that obediently follows your intended throw.

Further endorsing Dave and my views, many disc golfers in reviews praise this for its consistency in release points and predictable flight. Whether for a laser straight tunnel shot or that quirky approach, it showcases its finesse.

However, do not expect it to move like Buzzz or Roc3. Even though its high accuracy can compensate for its lack of extra distance, some players have observed it to end up slightly short. It exceptionally shines as a close-range approach disc.

From experience and feedback, it’s evident that this is perfect for intermediate and advanced players who prioritize precision and predictability. However, with its dependable path and impressive torque resistance, it’s also a viable candidate for novices looking to advance from erratic, lightweight discs.

An Adaptable Mid-Range Driver

The Jay thrives as an adaptable disc, shining in various situations. Its versatility stems from its ability to handle varying power levels and its impeccable accuracy. It can be trusted to stay from controlled strategic throws to power shots.

Here are other situations where it comes to the fore:

Straight Shots

This is your go-to for accurate, straight tunnel shots. It flies like a dart with a minimal turn at the end – ideal for narrower fairways where precision is key.

Soft Fade

This also exhibits a reliable soft fade when needed. It is subtle yet consistent, making it a trustworthy selection for glance shots.


Call on this if you’re just slightly past putter distance and need an accurate approach. Its point-and-shoot nature will guide it to your goal and settle next to the basket.

What’s striking about it is its capacity to handle different angles. One of my golfing cronies shared a valuable nugget: it flawlessly follows any angle it’s tossed at. Be it a hyzer or a flat, it flies straight and consistently, following the angle to landing.

This is the frontrunner for mid-range playbook shots. It expertly combines control and reliability, offering a straight-shooting disc with an understated design yet dependable flying attributes.

Similar Discs

A few other discs offer similar shot characteristics as the Jay. These include the Axiom Hex, Discmania MD3, and the Discraft Buzzz. A brief overview:

Axiom Hex

Another reliable and versatile disc. However, it leans more towards a stable-overstable flying pattern. It’s more resistant to flipping even when flung hard, yet not quite a ‘point-and-shoot’ as the Jay is.

Discmania MD3

The MD3’s numbers are similar to the Jay’s, but it’s marginally more overstable. Despite a slightly higher speed rating, it does not hang around in the air as much as the latter.

Discraft Buzzz

One of the most popular mid-range discs, the Buzzz, renowned for versatility and ease, offers a longer glide. However, golfers find the Buzzz less predictable in flight.

While each of these alternatives extends unique benefits, none duplicate the exact feature blend of the Jay. At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference and your precise disc golf game requirements. It’s always worth trying different discs to find the ones that best complement your style and skill level.

Innova Jay Review: Final Thoughts

The Innova Jay is a must-consider if you appreciate precision, predictability, and versatility in a disc. From beginners looking to advance their game to seasoned golfers needing a reliable mid-ranger, this is an excellent addition to every golf bag.

As this review has shown, it truly deserves its title as one of the best Innova mid-range discs in the market.


  • Sturdy, predictable flight
  • Consistent release points
  • Versatile for different power throws
  • Low-profile design for comfortable grip


  • Lesser glide compared to similar discs
  • Bead design may feel unfamiliar to some