Innova Leopard Disc Review: Dynamic Fairway Fury

Wondering which disc to add to your golf bag next? You might have heard of the Innova Leopard, a cherished stalwart in the disc golf world. But is it the disc for you? That’s where this Innova Leopard review comes in.

As a 13-year disc golf enthusiast, I’ve seen and played with countless discs. Each disc has its personality and its flavor of flight. Today, I will share my experience with the Innova Leopard — its flight, its feel, its every twist and turn.

But let’s not just talk facts and numbers. Let’s delve into the spirit of the Leopard and see how it behaves during those decisive moments in the fairway. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, this review might have the information you need to perfect your game.

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 6
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 1

Translating these numbers to real-world performance, you’ll find that the Innova Leopard is nothing short of impressive. The speed rating of 6 means it’s not as fast as some other discs on the market, but it sure doesn’t feel slow out there on the course. What it lacks in raw speed, it makes up for with a delightful glide rating of 5 that makes it sail effortlessly towards your target.

Its turn rating of -2 means that it’s designed to take a slight right curve (for right-hand backhand throwers) in the initial portion of the flight. This trait, coupled with a moderate fade of 1 in its end of flight, makes it ideal for executing predictable S-shaped flight paths.

This disc not only holds the line you put it on but also offers enough stability to withstand moderate winds. Perfect for those tight fairway shots you’ve been trying to master!

Sleek Design, Precision Performance

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.60 cm

The Innova Leopard aligns with a standard fairway driver’s dimension, making it suitable for various hand sizes. The 21.20 cm diameter provides a comfortable grip — big enough to supply control but not so large as to become unwieldy.

But the true magic here lies in the disc’s rim. The Leopard has a pleasantly shallow rim depth of 1.10 cm, complemented by a rim width of 1.60 cm. This combination leads to what I always found to be a solid grip on the disc, creating a sensation of control when sending it soaring down the fairway.

When set side by side with similar discs, one thing becomes clear: thought has been put into these dimensions. The disc is not overly bulky or intimidating — a characteristic that often deters beginners from fairway drivers. Yet, despite its friendly measurements, the Innova Leopard does not compromise an iota on performance. It’s a beautiful balance that makes this disc stand out in my book.

Unleash Fairway Excellence

Light Blue Innova Champion Leopard with Black Reaper Logo Stamp

This disc’s superpower truly lies in its accessibility. The Innova Leopard is every beginner’s best friend on the green — lightweight, reliable, and oh-so-forgiving, making it one of the best beginner fairway drivers in the market today.

Even when your form is a little off, this disc promises a long straight shot, generous hyzers, and impressive turnover shots. I’d recommend the Leopard with my eyes closed for anybody dipping their toes into the exciting world of disc golf.

But don’t think for one second that this disc can’t cater to intermediate players just as effectively. Based on my experience and hearing more experienced disc golfers than myself, the Leopard will surprise you with its versatility as your game progresses.

You can weave the Leopard effortlessly between narrow lines of trees, flip it into a roller, or use it as a turnover driver. It’s a fun, rewarding disc that grows with you on your disc golf journey.

However, it’s worth noting that this disc might feel a bit simplistic if you’re an advanced player with strong arm speed. It’s not designed for high-speed throws; you might find its predictability more of a drawback than an advantage.

Catlike Versatility

The Innova Leopard, with its dependable flight path and minimal fade, has ample applications in the disc golf world. Here are just a few of them:

Hyzer Flips

Due to its inherent stability, the Leopard is an excellent option for Hyzer Flip shots. For instance, start with a hyzer angle, give it a good throw, and watch the Leopard flip to flat mid-flight. This can generate some serious distance while keeping a straight flight.

Turnover Shots

With its turn rating of -2, executing turnover shots with the Leopard feels almost effortless. Throw it flat, and it’ll naturally curve to the right (if you’re an RHBH player), making it great for overcoming obstacles on the field.

Roller Shots

One of my favorite tricks with the Leopard is throwing it as a roller disc. When thrown with the disc tilted, it tends to land on its edge and roll instead of flying through the air. Thanks to its predictable turn, I found it easy to control the direction of the roll, making it a particularly potent weapon on open fairways.

Other Disc Options

MVP Signal

Like the Leopard, the MVP Signal is an understable fairway driver that allows beginners easy entry into the game. However, it has a smaller rim that might suit players with smaller hands. While having slightly different flight numbers, its forgiving nature and effortless glide make it comparable.

Discraft Zombee

If you’re looking for a disc with more speed and stability, you might want to consider the Discraft Zombee. It’s a great fairway driver popular for its straight flight with only a subtle fade, similar to the Leopard. Like the Leopard, the Zombee excels at controlled shots and is usable at all skill levels.

Millennium Polaris LS

The Millennium Polaris LS is another excellent option for those who love the Leopard. It has similar speed and glide with a touch more stability, thus making it a bit more beginner-friendly. It’s excellent for long, straight shots, like the Leopard, with more forgiveness during windy conditions.

Innova Leopard In Review

In summary, the Innova Leopard is an incredibly versatile disc that has cemented its place in beginners’ and intermediate players’ bags. Its rewarding glide, predictable turn, and just-right speed make it the perfect tool for mastering refined, controlled shots. But while it’s an undeniably fun disc, advanced players with stronger arm speeds might crave something more challenging and less forgiving.


  • Beginner-friendly for its predictability and forgiveness
  • Excellent glide that facilitates distance shots
  • Versatile in usage — from hyzer flips to roller shots
  • High-quality build that stands the test of time


  • Might be seen as overly simplistic for more advanced players
  • Not designed for high-speed throws