Innova Lion Disc Golf Review: King Of The Mid-Range Jungle

Welcome fellow disc golfers to this comprehensive Innova Lion review. Fresh off my latest disc testing session, I’ve come up with insights about this magnificent mid-range disc piquing the interest of beginners and pros alike.

As an avid disc golfer with over 13 years of experience testing and playing different discs, I bring a wealth of expertise to this review. Rest assured, I’ve given this a thorough trial on the course, putting it through countless throws in varying conditions.

In this review, I’ll share how this earned its spot in my bag, providing a detailed look at its flight, stability, and versatility. So, whether you’re curious about this item or looking for your next reliable mid-range, grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable because you’ve come to the right place!

Flight Description: Stability In Your Driver

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 2

The flight numbers of the Lion do speak for themselves. The speed rating 5 indicates this is not the fastest disc, but it flies true and strong, facilitating accurate, reliable games. Boasting a glide rating of 4, it stays aloft nicely, contributing to its controlled pattern.

Next, the turn rating 0 implies a stable disc, resisting the tendency to veer off to the right when tossed by a right-handed, backhand (RHBH) player. This makes it a predictable disc, something I love in my arsenal.

Lastly, the fade of 2 tells us this disc likes to hook back to the left as it slows down, but the mild rating ensures it won’t veer too hard. This balance gives you a reliable finish and easily becomes a go-to for maintaining control of the course.

It offers an intuitive and predictable performance you’ll appreciate on the course. It won’t turn abruptly or fade too aggressively, making it a straightforward yet effective disc. This is also often compared to a Roc3, albeit with a bead on it.

Item Details & Specifications: Predictability With Ease

Purple-ish Innova Halo Star Lion Factory Second with Red Stamp
  • Diameter: 21.70 cm
  • Height: 1.70 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.30 cm

The Lion’s specifications make it sit beautifully in the hand. Its generous diameter of 21.70 cm offers substantial volume for a secure grip and influence over the disc’s flight. This specification also enables greater surface area exposure to air, enhancing its glide characteristics in line with its glide rating of 4.

With its height of 1.70 cm, this is designed to be relatively slim, reducing air resistance while flying and contributing to its predictable, stable path. I have observed that consistently when tossing it on the fairway.

Next, its rim depth clocks in at 1.40 cm. This factor defines how comfortably a disc sits in your hand during the grip. A moderately deep rim makes this easy to throw for many players like myself.

Furthermore, the Rim width of 1.30 cm befalls in the narrower range of midrange discs. This specification results in a disc that’s easy to grip and control, making it a reliable option for precision and controlled lines.

This amazing disc golf disc is also available in premium molds such as Halo Star, DX, and Champion plastic, making it a better experience for brand fans. The Innova DX Lion and Star Lion are particularly well-liked for their affordable price and incredible performance.

Customer Rating: Great Throw For All Skill Levels

The Lion is a moderately overstable midrange disc that, from my experience and player reviews, caters to a surprisingly wide range of skill levels. It’s a disc that knows how to adapt – it’s forgiving enough for beginners finding their way around the disc golf course and, at the same time, is sophisticated enough to reward the more experienced players with control and predictability.

The disc consistently garners praise for its stable, reliable flight. It rarely strays from the intended line, whether used with a hyzer, flat, or anhyzer release. Its resistance to turn, combined with the mild ending hook, sets it apart in my bag, making for an excellent choice when precision and control are of the essence.

New players will appreciate its forgiving nature – it doesn’t punish slightly off performance and maintains consistent yet predictable flight paths. It’s an excellent disc for those looking to improve their mechanics, as it doesn’t overreact to minor imperfections.

For the more experienced chuckers among us, its ability to maintain a specified line shines – it’s a disc that morphs to your style rather than dictating it. Like a Lion, it has enough fade to keep you going, giving you that chance to win those difficult lines.

That said, this may not appeal to everybody. Some players may find it too stable for long, straight drives or feel it lacks enough fade for certain approach shots. Others may not be fans of its microbead, which might feel foreign to those used to beadless designs.

In conclusion, this dependable workhorse could comfortably slot into any player’s bag, regardless of skill level. It’s a disc player from beginners up to pros can turn to when they need stable, controlled throws with a mild, dependable finish.

A Disc Golf Mid-Range Workhorse

By its numbers and numerous glowing user reviews, this is primarily used as a go-to disc, providing consistent accuracy. It’s at home on various holes and can be a game-changer when carving out controlled lines or navigating tricky fairways.

The disc’s dependable stability and resistance to turning over make it a perfect pick for attacking greens. Strikingly, it can even mimic an approach disc when settling on the greens, offering soft landings with minimal skips due to its control and lower speed.

It proves itself versatile enough to handle a range of styles with confidence and predictability:

Straight Throws

The disc maintains a steady line when tossed flat. Its stability ensures it doesn’t veer off from the intended line, making it a reliable choice for those 200-300ft direct approach shots.


Hurl this on a hyzer; it holds the line beautifully before ending with a mild, predictable hook. It’s my go-to disc when navigating obstacles or downhill lines where I want to control the descent.


It shines when tossed on an anhyzer. It fights its way back to a straight line before the hook at the end kicks in, allowing for controlled, long-lasting anhyzers, which can be useful in varied situations on the course.

Similar Discs

Discraft Wasp

The Wasp from Discraft offers similar stability, resisting turns and providing a predictable end path. However, the Wasp generally offers a stronger fade at the end, making it useful in different scenarios. If you need more turns at the end, the Wasp might be worth a try.

Dynamic Discs EMac Truth

The EMac Truth by Dynamic Discs is known for its reliability and predictability. It resists turnover well, though the EMac Truth has a touch more glide. It’s a great disc for those who want the stability of the Lion with an added boost in distance.

Gateway Prophecy

The Prophecy by Gateway shares close similarities, especially in terms of its comfortable grip and reliable lines. Both discs offer a predictable path and a mild fade. However, some players may find the Prophecy to be slightly more aggressive at the end of its path, depending on the style and power.

The Lion holds it while sharing the stage with these notable alternatives. Depending on how you toss and what you require out of your disc, it could be your new favorite or a stepping stone to discovering another gem in the disc golf world.

Innova Lion Review: Final Thoughts

To sum up, the Innova Lion is a reliable disc that easily finds its place in any disc golfer’s bag, regardless of skill level. Its hallmarks are its controlled, predictable flight and resistance to turn, making it a versatile choice for various styles.

While it’s perfect for players seeking a straightforward, stable disc that doesn’t overreact to minor throwing flaws, experienced players will also appreciate its trustworthiness on the course. It’s not ideal for long, straight drives or a substantial fade. However, beating it for precision and control on various holes is hard.


  • Highly predictable and stable
  • Can shape multiple lines on the course
  • Comfortable in hand due to its specifications
  • Forgiving for new players while being versatile enough for experienced players


  • The micro bead may feel uncomfortable for some players
  • Not ideal for long, straight drives or substantial fades