Innova Mamba Review: Extra Lethal Disc Golf Distance Driver

Welcome to my Innova Mamba review. As a passionate disc golfer with over 13 years of experience, I’ve seen countless discs hit the market. Some fly by quickly, forgotten by players as yet another hyped product.

Others, like the Mamba, stand the test of time and continue to captivate players, regardless of their skill level. Keep reading if you’re seriously considering this disc or just interested in how it performs.

Drawing from personal experience and credible customer reviews, I explore this intriguing disc in-depth, dissecting its flight characteristics, specifications, skill level suitability, and even comparing it to similar discs in the market. Let’s get started!

Flight Description: Nimble In The Field

  • Speed: 11
  • Glide: 6
  • Turn: -5
  • Fade: 1

With a speed of 11, the Mamba is pretty fast. This disc hugs the line and rips through the air, making it the perfect ally when seeking to go far in your drive. Its glide of 6 makes it a hang time champion. This disc loves to stay in the air, adding to its impressive reach.

A turn of -5 makes this disc seriously understable. It will turn hard to the right (for right-handed, backhand throwers) early in the flight. It’s amicable for beginners just learning to control their throws, and it can be quite fun for more experienced players on playful curving lines.

A minimal fade of 1 gives a predictable finish. The disc will gently curve back left (for right-handed, backhand throwers) as it slows, but not a whole lot, making it a sharp tool for shaping those rightward lines.

With these characteristics, this is a real game-changer, especially for those stepping up from beginner discs. Delivering the necessary shot shape is not overly complicated, and the dramatic understability can spice up any casual round.

Disc Info: Synergy In Your Plastic

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.70 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.10 cm

The Mamba has a conventional diameter of 21.10 cm. This typical size makes it comfortable for all hand sizes to grip and rip. Its height is 1.70 cm, making it moderately low-profile. This design keeps it sleek and fast while providing a comfortable, secure grip.

The depth of 1.10 cm means this disc is not too deep, which makes it easier to control, especially for folks with smaller hands. It’s nice and shallow, making your grip and release consistent and reliable.

Then there’s that width of 2.10 cm. This adds to the disc’s speed and range, allowing it to cut through the air swiftly while maintaining balance.

Overall, these dimensions make it a speed demon that’s still comfortable and controllable in the hand. Their synergistic effects on the disc’s performance and playability, combined with its impressive understability, make this disc a standout in its class.

The Distance Driver For Disc Golf Beginners

Blue/Orange Innova Halo Mamba Factory Second with Gold Stamp

The Mamba promises to be a game-changer for both beginners making their first foray into the world of high-speed drivers and intermediate players seeking to explore new distances and shot shapes. It’s positioning as the most understable driver in Innova’s line paints a fairly clear picture: this disc provides impressive results without demanding too much power.

It delivers delightfully easy reach for the newbies gearing up for their first high-velocity driver. The eminent turn and impeccable glide enhance the disc’s performance even when you don’t quite have that monster arm. It’s a forgiving disc, allowing room for growth while providing the thrill of achieving those longing, arching drives.

Intermediate users find a trusty partner in this regarding easy turnovers and teaching angle control. As corroborated by numerous reviews, its consistent under-stability offers creative opportunities for a variety of scenarios.

The highlighted caution against throwing this into headwind suggests apt precautions for those learning the sport. Yet its potential shines most brightly in a tailwind condition, where its design for minimal effort but maximum distance truly comes to life.

Remember that it offers a unique style, especially in the drawn-out turn into the fade. It might take a few throws to familiarize, but once mastered, this disc could become an indispensable companion on the course.

This is a fantastic addition to any beginner or intermediate player’s bag, helping improve arm speed, control, and understanding of disc mechanics. It’s a disc that brings fun to the game while subtly teaching you the sport’s nuances, truly earning its spot as one of Innova’s best distance drivers.

Primary Use

Primarily, the Mamba comes into its element as a distance driver. Its core strength lies in offering bombastic throws with manageable effort, aptly serving those stepping into high-speed throws or tinkering around the nuances of disc angles.

Its incredible turn and glide ratings make it a formidable force under tailwind conditions, effortlessly adding that extra range to your throws. It’s the kind of disc that thrives when let loose on wide-open fields, as it can bring a beautiful blend of glide and turn.

The variety of techniques you can create with this disc is impressive, and to give you a more practical overview, here are a few scenarios it excels in:


This shines bright in the field of Hyzer Flips. Just visualize tossing this beauty on a hyzer angle and reveling as it flips flat and sails straight down the fairway.


When you need that disc to go right, this is an ideal turnover disc. Its high level of understability ensures it holds its anhyzer line without straying.


Its fast roll and significant understability make it an exciting roller disc. Bringing this out might do the trick for adventurous tricks that must go far while hugging the ground.

Similar Discs

Discraft Avenger SS

The Avenger SS is another driver with less understability than the Mamba. It provides excellent control for power throwers and is user-friendly for beginners looking to break personal records. It’s an ideal go-to disc for similar, slightly more predictable games.

DGA Sail

The Sail from DGA is another incredibly high-speed understable disc. It delivers maximum reach with minimal effort and is slightly more stable than the Mamba, but it’s an excellent match-up if you enjoy the thrill of incredibly fast turnovers.

MVP Orbital

The Orbital from MVP is one of the more understable drivers in their line. Its design allows for easy control. However, it touts a lower speed rating, making it a good alternative for those finding the high speed of the Mamba a bit daunting.

It’s worth giving these discs a look if you’re intrigued by the Mamba. They each bring their unique flavor to the table while providing a similar flying experience.

Innova Mamba Review: Final Thoughts

To bring it all together, the Innova Mamba is a gem for beginners breaking into high-speed drivers and intermediate-level users seeking to advance their game. It’s an enticing disc that can help expand their repertoire.

Despite its dramatic understability, it’s a versatile disc that promises distance and fun without demanding monstrous arm strength. However, like any other disc, the Mamba has its limitations. It may not be the best choice facing headwinds and may require patience to master and appreciate its unique, extended turn.


  • Excels in tailwind conditions.
  • Can add distance without needing a massive arm.
  • Excellent for practicing and making hyzer flips.
  • Robust design that holds up well over time.


  • Not ideal for headwind conditions.
  • Might require some adjustment time to adapt to its extended turn.