Innova TL Review: The Disc Golf Fairway Driver Experience

Welcome to my Innova TL review. It’s time to cast those throwing woes aside and propel your game to the next level with this trusty fairway driver. If smooth, straight flights with minimal fade are what you’re after, this might be your next best friend on the course.

With over 13 years of playing disc golf, I’ve had my fair share of discs—great and not-so-great. Some stood the test of time, and some fell short of expectations. Among the ones that stood out is this.

Have you ever noticed your disc veering too far left or right when you only wanted a straight, controlled flight? Can you recall that sinking feeling when your throw flies off into the rough, at the mercy of unpredictable fades? Worry no more, and let’s dive into this amazing disc!

Flying With Effortless Grace

  • Speed: 7
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 1

Once I let the TL take to the air, I could tell these numbers were accurate. With a lower speed, it was manageable for my moderately powerful disc golf arm. Achieving a successful path didn’t require massive power.

The glide gave this disc a long reach. It’s ideal for those long, straight fairway shots where you need the disc to glide effortlessly down the course.

The turn is subtle, meaning it terries slightly to the right (for a right-handed, backhand thrower) early in its path, but not too much to make it unpredictable. This feature makes it fantastic for finessing those delicate shots.

Lastly, the fade is minimal—allowing the disc to settle smoothly instead of hooking aggressively to the left at the end. It makes the disc dependable when you’re going for that precise shot. Its predictability will give you confidence in the course.

Comfort In Excellence

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.80 cm

The TL is a fairway driver with specs that provide comfort and ease of use. With a diameter of 21.1 cm, the disc falls within the average size, giving it a familiar feel in the hand. The height pegged at 1.60 cm, adds stability —it is not too shallow or too steep, making it easy to grip.

The rim depth is 1.20 cm. This measurement plays a huge role in the perceived stability of the disc. I like its rim depth as it gives the disc a comfy, secure feel in my palm without feeling too deep or shallow—a difficult balance for many items like it.

The TL has often been considered the brother of the reliable TeeBird, albeit a bit straighter flying with less fade at the end.

Finally, boasting a rim width of 1.80 cm—it is narrower than other discs. This makes it a breeze to use, ideal for players focusing on perfecting their technique. These combined dimensions create a user-friendly disc that doesn’t compromise power and precision.

For All Disc Golf Players

Pink Innova Star TL (Reaper Edition) with Gold Stamp

The TL is a disc that comfortably fits across skill levels—from beginners to advanced disc golfers. It gives dependability and precision as a moderately overstable disc with a straight finish.

Beginners find this especially useful due to its fit and ease of use. The disc shows a consistent flight with minimal fade at the end, which can be quite appealing for those still working on their technique. Additionally, as the disc gradually becomes more ‘broken-in’, its characteristics will naturally adjust to the thrower’s style.

More seasoned players would find this useful for pinpointing those straight shots with moderate distances – typically around 300 to 400 feet. Its consistent straightness makes it a dependable tool for tunnel shots or navigating tight fairways. Those with stronger arm power can manipulate its path, making it an excellent choice for precision and power.

Finally, users can slightly alter their characteristics based on the plastic type. For example, the Star and DX Glow plastics tend to be a tad more understable, suitable for those with less power or for those seeking to nail those perfect anhyzers. On the other hand, the Champion plastic maintains its stability a tad better, making it a go-to option for seasoned users or those with more robust arm power.

This flexible disc can be a part of any player’s arsenal. Its stability, low fade, and comfy grip make it a dependable disc for any condition. No wonder it quickly climbed to be my absolute favorite!

An Adaptable Fairway Driver

The TL shines as a fairway driver. It is meant for those moments on the course when you’re looking for an intermediate range with a straight finish—particularly useful when navigating through narrow corridors or low ceilings, thanks to its stable performance and minimal fade. Other situations include:

Straight Shots

Straight as an arrow, that’s how this one flies. I’ve found it my go-to disc when I need that laser-precision straight throw. It holds the line well and provides a predictable, effortless distance that can take the guesswork out of your play.


Hyzers are another area where this excels. The disc can handle much power and gives a dependable, sweeping arc perfect for maneuvering around obstacles. I’ve used mine for hyzers more times than I can count, and it rarely disappoints.


Although it leans more towards stability, it is not rigid. With the right touch, it can pull off smooth anhyzers. Give it a slight, controlled angle, and watch as it gracefully cuts to the right before straightening out.

Similar Discs

Discmania FD

The Discmania FD is similar to the TL in its straightness and user-friendliness. It offers excellent glide and is a versatile fairway driver, making it a great alternative for those who enjoy the latter.

Discraft XL

The Discraft XL is another disc with characteristics reminiscent of the TL. It is known for steady, deliberate paths, making it great for beginners and pros alike. If you love control, the XL could be an appealing addition to your bag.

Gateway Sabre

The Gateway Sabre fares nicely as an alternative to the TL. It provides reliable, straight paths on the fairway and includes various plastic options. The Saber could be worth trying if you’re looking for another well-rounded driver with minimal fade.

Every disc has unique aspects, even when similar in several ways. So whether the TL remains your trusted go-to or you decide to branch out and experiment with these alternatives, remember what fun and, ultimately, a love for the game is all about. Happy throwing!

Innova TL Review: Final Thoughts

Whether shaping shots through thick woods or aiming for those straight fairway drives, the Innova TL promises a dependability that can raise your confidence on the course. This disc shines with its adaptability, catering to beginners and pros alike by changing roles as the player’s skills grow.

While it is ideal for a wide range of skill levels, it may not be the best for those seeking extremely overstable or understable performance.


  • Consistent straightness
  • Adapts to a range of skill levels
  • Reliable in various playing conditions
  • Comfortable grip and size


  • May not offer enough fade for some players
  • Durability and characteristics may change based on the plastic type