Innova Wombat3 Review: A Magnificent Disc Golf Revelation

Welcome, my fellow disc golf aficionados. I couldn’t be more thrilled to share my years of disc golf knowledge with you today. I’m bringing you an Innova Wombat3 review, a disc that caught my eye in a sea of mid-ranges and one I’ve spent many enjoyable hours without on the course.

With over 13 years of disc golf experience, I’ve had the fortune to see many products fly across countless terrains. This wealth of experience allows me to bring you an in-depth, thoroughly tested review of each disc I write about.

This disc defies convention, offers surprises, and can be a true game-changer in the right hands. Whether you’re a seasoned armor-bearer of the fairway or a curious beginner, there’s something for everyone in this review. Buckle up, and let’s traverse the exciting experience that this offers.

Flight Info: Promising Performance

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 6
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 0

With a speed of 5, this might not be the fastest disc in your bag, but it can cover more ground than you’d expect. Thanks to its above-average glide rating (6), the Wombat3 can stay aloft, and travel distances rival those of higher-speed discs.

A negative turn rating (-1) indicates the natural tendency of the disc to move to the right during the initial part (when used backhand by a right-handed user). In contrast, the fade (0) indicates it will maintain its line and not veer back left at the end.

The combination of these numbers makes this a go-to disc for hitting those tight lines in wooded areas and a reliable weapon for executing smooth turn-overs and straight drives.

In essence, this rewards skill and finesse over pure power. It offers a unique combination of speed, glide, turn, and fade, setting it apart from the herd of mid-range discs. This disc can introduce new dimensions to your game, providing a versatile addition to any disc golf bag.

Built For Control

  • Diameter: 21.80 cm
  • Height: 2.20 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.40 cm

When you first grip the Wombat3, the disc feels entirely comfortable. With a diameter of 21.80 cm, it leans toward the larger side for mid-range discs but does not feel too bulky. The height of the disc is 2.20 cm, fairly standard for a mid-range, ensuring it meshes well with various grips and styles.

The rim depth and width at 1.4 cm make for a delightful grip experience. Generally, deeper rims provide more control, especially for those with large hands, and this caters to that preference without neglecting those with smaller hands. The disc sits perfectly in the palm, giving the thrower increased control, which is crucial for this disc type.

Compared with similar discs, this is easy to grip and release, making it an excellent choice for experienced players and those new to the game. I don’t believe you’ll suffer from grip issues with this disc. The specifications and design of this create a perfect balance that allows for optimal release and control.

Made For All Skill Levels

Blue Innova DX Wombat3 (Reaper Edition) with Reaper Stamp

The Wombat3 is a versatile midrange disc with a special appeal to users from various skill categories. Given its VTech design, the disc caters to an adaptable playing style while still providing a great deal of control and shape to your game, which beginners can profit from in disc golf.

I should mention a special characteristic: it rewards good form and punishes throwing too hard with poor form. If you start and get a feel for the game, this disc could be your best teacher. Mistimed throws and bad release angles will result in a noticeable curve away from the desired flight, making it obvious when you’ve missed a beat.

This characteristic also adds an interesting learning curve to the disc. From the reviews, it seems like novices found it relatively overstable while, for more seasoned users, it held a straight line incredibly well. I would argue that this is this disc’s inherent “teaching” aspect at work!

For experienced players, its soft finish, consistent straightness, and commendable resistance to torque make it a reliable choice for tight tunnels and precise line-shaping. The soft landing is a considerable advantage when navigating tricky terrain without the fear of overshooting. It truly seemed to hold any line you put it on.

That’s not to say the disc doesn’t come without its risks. I’ve found it’s not the best choice when dealing with substantial headwinds. And too much power coupled with poor form can send the disc veering off in directions you didn’t intend.

Whether you’re a seasoned thrower looking to hone your shot-shaping skills or new to the game and looking for a challenging yet rewarding disc, this offers an intriguing and unique addition to your arsenal.

A Trusty Mid-Range

The Wombat3 is ideally suited for the role of a versatile mid-range disc within your disc golf arsenal. It excels in tight spaces, offering steady and reliable straight-line flights even in the thickest woods. Its consistent performance has put it on the list of best Innova midrange discs in the market.

It shines when you’re looking to perform anhyzers that require a certain degree of curvature to get around obstacles. It can hold an anhyzer line firmly and adds an aesthetically pleasing style element to any throw.

Here are a few common situations where this disc can come into its own:

Hyzer Flips

Releasing on a hyzer, the disc can flip flat, delivering unmatched accuracy and desired distance coverage. This is particularly useful when using precise angles is crucial.


When released flat, the disc will consistently turn over throughout its path, making it perfect for plays that require a slow but persistent curve. For the right-hand backhand thrower it provides a trusted right-turning mid-range shooting solution.


This can also be a dependable choice for executing rollers. Its design and characteristics let the disc travel before tipping over and rolling, making it perfect for longer, winding fairways.

Similar Discs

Dynamic Discs Warrant

The Warrant is an understable mid-range disc that can be used effectively in various situations. Its stability makes it a great choice for newbies while offering a degree of control pros can utilize for finesse shots. However, the Wombat3 offers more glide, and its VTech design provides more torque resistance.

Kastaplast Svea

The Svea shares similarities in its understable nature and is another great option for those searching for an easy-to-throw disc that can handle many shapes. The Svea does bring its unique Kastaplast plastic to the table, which offers excellent grip and durability. But remember that Wombat3’s glide and shape-holding characteristics set it apart.

Latitude 64 Fuse

The Fuse and the Wombat3 share similar ratings and, indeed, a similar path. Both discs can be utilized effectively for plays requiring straightness with minimal fade. Where the Fuse stands out is its more pronounced turn, which may make it a touch more challenging to control for novices.

Though each disc has merits, the Wombat3 caters to a spectrum of skill levels with its unique characteristics of superior glide, dependable hold on the line, and added torque resistances.

Innova Wombat3 Review: Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, the Wombat3 is a versatile mid-range disc that caters to various styles and skill levels, from beginners picking up their first discs to experienced players looking to perfect their finesse shots.

Its above-average glide, unique stability, and ability to hold any line make it a compelling choice for those seeking precision and control in their throws.


  • Its high torque resistance makes it a great choice for finesse throws.
  • Even beginners can enjoy the consistent, straight-flight path this disc offers.
  • It can hold any line, providing adaptability.
  • Its remarkable glide delivers distances against the odds, surprising and delighting users of all skill levels.


  • It may not be as effective in strong headwinds.
  • Overpowering the disc with low accuracy might create unpredictable flight paths.