Kastaplast Berg X Review: Your Best Disc Golf Partner

Welcome, everyone! Today, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the Kastaplast Berg X. This disc, hailing from its proud Scandinavian roots, wraps precision and reliability in an attractive package, becoming an essential pick in your disc golf bag.

Having over 13 years of experience in disc golf, I’ve seen many discs sashay, twist, and pirouette through the air. But Berg X steals the limelight with its distinctive flight pattern and consistent control, which make it worth investigating.

Sit tight and prepare to plunge into our thorough examination of the Kastaplast Berg X. We’ll discuss the disc’s stability, precision, and overall performance in detail. Are you ready to embark on this journey?

First Run Analysis: Control In Your Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 1
  • Glide: 1
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 2

With a speed rating of 1, the Kastaplast Berg X leisurely takes its time, promising better control as it doesn’t rush the basket.

Its glide, too, mirrors its speed, standing at a single digit, which is not a downfall but an advantage. For those not au fait with disc golf, the glide is about the airtime a disc gets. This is a low-glider, so it offers precise targeting, even when the wind hinders it.

Zero on the turn scale means the disc maintains its initial course like a pro; a stray path due to significant turns is not a concern here.

The fade of 2 sends a tender but discernable pull toward the left near the end of the flight for right-handed backhand players. I found it quite handy when faced with obstacles or aiming for precision.

It is a stable and predictable disc, perfect when hitting the mark, and it is prioritized over covering distance.

Product Specification: Aerodynamic Plastic Profile

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.90 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Width: 0.90 cm

Coming to the physical features, equipped with a comfortable grip and a diameter of 21.10 cm, the Berg X is precision engineering embodied.

The 1.90 cm altitude of the disc hits the sweet spot—neither too low nor too high, rendering an aerodynamic edge.

Similarly, the 1.40 cm rim depth and the 0.90 cm rim width strike the right balance for most people. It pulls off a match between a firm grip and a smooth release, especially for those with hands on the smaller side.

I’ve found it to be a well-rounded disc, combining precision, control, and comfort.

A Disc For All Players

Carved with consistency as its central quality, the Kastaplast Berg X is an equally reliable disc for seasoned pros and beginners. It’s a disc that’s easy to understand, easy to use, and retains its stability irrespective of the power put into it.

I was pleasantly surprised when I used this with more power. It resisted the turning more than the original Berg and faded more prominently due to its enhanced stability. This durability is perfect for approaches, especially forehand ones, an opinion that several users agreed with.

This makes me believe that the Kastaplast Berg X caters to a broad skill spectrum, handling both tender touches from beginners and powerful throws from professionals with unswerving consistency. It becomes a convenient disc when the winds get wild or fearless putts are required. 

So, whether you’re a novice working on your technique or an expert fine-tuning your game, this could be the steadfast companion you need on the course.

Unwavering Approach Disc

Kastaplast K1 Berg X with Gold Stamp

The Kastaplast Berg X is primarily known for its unwavering predictability and control, like a trusted co-pilot in your disc golf journey. Its leisurely speed and steadfast stability make it a favorite for numerous scenarios where precision is critical.

Here are some nice examples you can execute with it:

Approach Shots

I’ve often used this as a go-to approach disc. Its controlled speed and reliable fade allow you to consistently shape the shot and land near the basket.


It also shines while putting. Its low glide metric ensures your disc doesn’t overshoot the basket and reduces the possibility of long comeback putts.

Tricky Windy Shots

I remember a particularly windy day and was doubtful about which disc to play with. This came through as a savior. Its lower glide and zero turn allow it to handle windy conditions better than most.

Similar Discs

Innova Polecat

The Innova Polecat is another disc that revels in its predictability. Known for its straight flight and slow speed, it feels very similar to the Berg X. I’ve played with the Polecat several times and found that it offers an equivalent level of control.

Reptilian Disc Golf Serpent

The Serpent boasts a consistent flight pattern, making it a reliable disc for precision games. It can handle much power without flipping over. While they have the same uses, the grip on the latter feels more comfortable, thanks to its beaded edge.

Loft Hydrogen

The Loft Hydrogen came to mind immediately as it’s famous for being a very slow and controlled putter, much like the Berg X. Both discs allow you to approach and putt with phenomenal precision. However, I found the enhanced stability of the latter more suited when dealing with windy conditions.

While these discs come close, the Kastaplast Berg X stands out for its exceptional stability, consistency, and feel. It truly is in a class of its own in terms of control and predictability. While comparable, each of these discs offers a different playing experience, and finding the right fit is a journey every disc golfer undertakes.

Kastaplast Berg X Review: Final Thoughts

The Kastaplast Berg X is a strong contender if you’re after an overstable line, consistent control, and relentless precision. With its inclusive appeal to rookies and experts, this disc can face windy conditions, deliver a spot-on approach, and much more.


  • Incredible control and predictability
  • High torque-resistance, ideal for powerful throws
  • Performs well under windy conditions
  • Comfortable hand feel and grip


  • It is not ideal for distance throws due to its slower speed
  • Beginners may need some time to adjust to its low speed and glide