Kastaplast Falk Review: Beginner Disc Golf Fairway Driver

Ever find yourself searching for that one disc that combines speed, glide, and accuracy with casual ease? The answer could very well be found in the Kastaplast Falk. I’ve had my hands on countless discs over my 13+ years of playing disc golf, and I’m always eager to test a product that promises high performance.

This Kastaplast Falk review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the disc’s characteristics and potential. As a disc golf enthusiast and seasoned player, I find it crucial to understand how a disc can either soar high or dive low, impacting your game considerably.

Stay with me as I tell you the various facets of this fairway driver, and let’s see whether the Falk is destined to carve a path into your golf bag.

A Combination Of Speed And Accuracy

Kastaplast K1 Glow Falk Fairway Driver with Green Sparkles Stamp
  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 6
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 1

The speed, sitting at 9, indicates that the Kastaplast Falk isn’t super fast, but it does have a respectable throw velocity. Its impressive glide rating of 6 ensures it will stay airborne longer, giving your throws extra distance.

The Falk’s turn is set at -2, signaling a slight inclination to curve to the right when released from a right-hand backhand throw. This makes it essential for those looking to navigate around obstacles. Lastly, the fade at 1 shows that the disc has a gentle finish to the left at the tail end of its flight path, keeping it predictable and easy to handle.

The Kastaplast Falk is wonderfully balanced in its flight. It comes in nice and grippy K1, K1 Soft, and K1 Glow plastic lines and is stable enough for straight shots yet offers enough turn and fade for skilled players to execute complex throws. 

Please note that the disc’s behavior could vary depending on arm speed and release angle, so take some time to get acquainted with this fella. There’s real potential for added precision and control to your game with the Falk.

Measured To Flight Perfection

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.80 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.90 cm

The Kastaplast Falk’s diameter of 21.10 cm is standard for a fairway driver, ensuring a comfortable grip and familiar feel. The disc stands relatively low at 1.80 cm height, contributing to its aerodynamic design. This feature allows the disc to carve through the air with reduced drag, enhancing its distance capability.

Diving into the rim specifics, the Falk has a depth of 1.10 cm and a width of 1.90 cm. The shallower rim depth ensures that the disc sits comfortably in the hand, offering a reliable and secure grip during launch. The wide rim plays a significant role in achieving speedy yet controlled flight.

While these specs may seem quite typical, the way they all come together makes the Falk special. It achieves a perfect blend of speed, glide, and control while being ergonomic enough for a wide range of players. The Falk is comparable to similar discs but stands out through its superior glide and comfortable grip. It strikes a unique balance that disc golfers of all skill levels can appreciate.

A Falcon In Your Hand

The Kastaplast Falk caters to a wide array of players—those just getting familiar with the game, intermediate disc golf aficionados looking for a straightforward throw, and even experienced players who want a disc that offers both predictability and flexibility. Its comfortable grip and manageable rim width make it an easy fit for most hands and styles.

The Falk feels slower than a typical 9-speed disc, which may charm beginners or intermediate players aspiring to advance to higher-speed discs. Potential users should remember that it treads the line between being beginner-friendly and still requiring some skill for optimal performance. It’s great for learning hyzer flips and perfecting straight tee shots.

However, due to the Falk’s understability, beginners should be careful when playing in windier conditions. It could easily turn over into a headwind if not thrown with proper control. This note isn’t meant to discourage but to inform new players of some technicalities.

The Kastaplast Falk is a disc that can serve many different skill levels. It’s rookie-friendly, offering a comfortable grip and manageable speed. Still, it really comes into its own with a more experienced hand behind it, providing ample control and distance for intermediate to advanced players.

Fly High And Glide

Kastaplast K1 Falk Red Color with Blue Stamp

As an understable fairway driver, the Kastaplast Falk navigates tricky paths, takes swift turns, and offers consistent, reliable flights. It’s brilliant for straight shots but also accommodates different releases and disc angles, making it highly adaptable to diverse situations.

The Falk is primarily suited for:

Hyzer Flip Shots

When executed right, a hyzer flip shot with the Falk results in a spectacularly straight flight. It provides the perfect opportunity to practice and dial in your sweet spot for this type of throw.

Turning Shots

Thanks to its -2 turn rating, forcing the Falk into an anhyzer angle won’t be a struggle. Once launched, it’ll follow a magnificent arc, curving right (from a right-hand backhand throw) smoothly and predictably.

Straight-Line Shots

The disc’s low fade and turn make it a reliable choice for those laser-straight shots down the fairway. The Falk is a trusty companion when you need to keep it direct and clear.

No matter the shot type, the Kastaplast Falk displays a splendid ability to hold your intended line. It puts you in the pilot’s seat, delivering the power and control needed to execute those strategic throws. You can trust the Falk to deliver whether you’re navigating through an obstacle-laden course or going for a controlled open-field toss.

Birds Of A Feather: Similar Fairway Drivers

Innova Roadrunner

The Roadrunner is an iconic understable disc, much like the Falk. It offers excellent control, especially for those mastering their turning shots. If you are familiar with the Roadrunner, you’ll find the Falk an agreeable companion with slightly more glide.

Discraft Heat

The Heat’s high speed and extra glide nudge it closer to a distance driver. However, its understable nature and relative ease of control keep it in the same playground as the Falk. The Falk might be a tad more beginner-friendly, while the Heat offers a small step up in speed and challenge.

Dino Discs Pterodactyl

This fairway driver is a direct competitor of the Kastaplast Falk. With its similar speed, glide, and understability characteristics, the Pterodactyl offers a slightly more beginner-friendly vibe due to the larger diameter and unique lightweight design. It’s another viable option, but I believe the Falk’s performance and plastic quality holds an edge.

Each of these discs shares elements with the Falk but offers a unique spin on the understable fairway driver. Depending on your preferred flight characteristics, one of these could potentially bring something unique to your game.

The Kastaplast Falk In Review

Ideal for a diverse range of players, the Kastaplast Falk steps in as a reliable, user-friendly, and versatile fairway driver that won’t disappoint. Beginners looking for an intro to faster discs, intermediate players wanting to dial in their control, and even seasoned pros seeking consistent delivery will all find value in the Falk.

The Kastaplast Falk is among the best beginner drivers in the market. It showcases a perfect combination of speed, glide, and accuracy, much like the bird it was named after. No matter your skill level, the Falk, with its reliable flight and comfortable grip, could become a go-to disc in your golf bag.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Balanced flight characteristics
  • High glide for extra distance
  • Great for a variety of throws


  • Not ideal for windy conditions
  • Requires some control to prevent turning over