Putter Masterpiece: My MVP Anode Disc Review

Welcome to my MVP Anode review! I’ve been a disc golf veteran for years and flung many discs down the fairway. Today, I’m focusing on one that has seen plenty of rounds in my disc bag: the MVP Anode.

I pride myself on giving reviews from real-life experience, not just the numbers and specs. After all, understanding how a disc performs under various conditions and scenarios is as, if not more important, than knowing its flight numbers or dimensions.

Whether you’re sizing up your first putt or your thousandth, the Anode stands ready to deliver a reliable, consistent performance, making it one of MVP’s best putters. So let’s dive deep into understanding what makes this disc a worthy contender for your disc golf bag.

Pinpoint Precision

  • Speed: 3
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 0.5

Meet the MVP Anode, a beadless straight putter with a charm that lies in subtlety rather than speed. With its speed rating of 3, it may not outpace every disc in the game, but its consistency will leave you smitten. Less speed equals less variation, translating to unwaveringly accurate shots. Imagine the delight in witnessing your disc follow your planned trajectory—it’s a sight to behold!

Boasting a glide rating of 3, the Anode holds its own in the altitude department. Toss it across an expansive course and delight in its fulfilling journey. It has an uncanny knack for sustaining flight.

Does your disc tend to deviate from the intended path? You can rely on the Anode’s zero turn rating to keep accidents at bay. It holds true to its course, never faltering, even if your throw veers a touch off course (we’ll keep that secret between us).

Lastly, the Anode’s fade is a humble 0.5. This makes for a smooth, graceful finish that doesn’t divert your shot too drastically as the disc loses speed. Perfect for critical shots that demand precision. Let’s just say the Anode has helped more than a few players shave strokes from their game, a testament to the disc’s steadfast reliability.

Behind The Numbers 

  • Diameter: 21.00 cm
  • Height: 2.10 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.10 cm

Let’s look closer at the MVP Anode, a physical embodiment of efficiency. With a diameter of 21.00 cm, it’s nestled comfortably within the PDGA-approved standards for disc golf putters. This optimal diameter is what gifts the Anode its consistent, dependable trajectory.

Next up is the Anode’s height of 2.10 cm, a common dimension in most of your putters resulting in familiar handling and comfort during every throw. This intuitive design frees you to focus on technique rather than adapting to an unconventional disc shape.

Dive a little deeper into the rim depth, standing at 1.40 cm. This feature caters to fans of deeper disc putters, which provides a secure grip for every throw, even under challenging weather conditions.

Finally, the Anode boasts a rim width of 1.10 cm, slightly thinner than the competition leading to a straight flight and heightened accuracy. Confidence comes easy when you have a reliable trajectory, especially when tackling tricky greens. All these features combine to create the MVP Anode—a disc delivering dependability, control, and a user-friendly experience.

From Novice To Ace

A black MVP R2 Putter Anode Disc with White Stamp

The MVP Anode is a gem for all skill levels, but it’s especially perfect for those players with a smooth, flat release. It’s a beadless point-and-shoot putter for straight drives off short tees and finesse approach shots. The deep profile ensures it holds a straight line with minimal fade, whether you’re a high-power or lower-power thrower.

Beginners can benefit from the Anode’s user-friendly features and stable, predictable flight. The softer plastics increase grip and help newer players develop confidence in their putting. As someone who’s played disc golf for over a decade, I’ve always appreciated a disc that can improve with you and adapt to your evolving style.

More experienced players will notice how well the Anode adapts to different putting styles and throwing techniques. It has been my go-to putter during many spirited games, reliably hitting the chains from various distances and angles.

Even if you’re a disc golf veteran, you might find that the Anode has something unique to offer, just like I did. Whether it’s the way it holds the line you gave it or the gentle fade toward the basket, this disc offers up a consistency that’s hard to beat.

Remember, a disc’s usefulness is not always about speed and power but sometimes the ability to deliver shots accurately and consistently. That’s where the Anode truly shines. Even during my worst rounds, this disc has come through, giving me that boost of confidence when I needed it the most.

Maximizing Performance

The Anode’s calling card is its ultra-straight flight, making it an ace for both putting and approaching. It’s a versatile disc that excels when you need a straight, predictable throw—a gold standard trait for any serious disc golf player.

Every course has those tricky shots where hitting a particular line is crucial. With the Anode, you can confidently execute these shots. It shines in situations where precision and control are a must. And trust me, it’s a saving grace on those narrow forest courses where a small mistake can snowball into a large number of strokes before you even reach the basket.

A few shot types this disc excels at:

Jump Putts

Its glide and straight flight make it the perfect disc for a longer jump putt. I recall a few memorable putts where the Anode danced right into the chains.

Approach Shots

The Anode’s dependable flight makes it an ideal choice for approach shots. Throwing this disc at the basket feels unforced and natural.

Short Drives

The Anode provides a lot of stability for short drives, making it a reliable tool for maintaining a straight line off the tee.

Beyond The Axiom Anode

Axiom Proxy

The Axiom Proxy is another ultra-straight flying disc. It shares similar flight characteristics with the Anode but exhibits a little more turn at higher speeds. The Anode outshines it in low-speed stability, making it my preferred putter for those challenging shots in the wind.

Divergent Discs Narwhal

The Narwhal is another beginner-friendly disc that boasts a slightly faster speed. This results in potentially longer putts or approaches. However, something about the Anode’s predictable flight grabs my attention every time I reach into my disc bag.

Prodiscus Sparta

The Sparta is renowned for its straight flight, much like the Anode. It’s somewhat faster, which might make it more suited for drives off the tee. However, I’d still reach for my trusty Anode when it comes to those clutch putts or dependable approach shots.

Wrapping Up

The MVP Anode is a reliable all-around disc catering to beginners and experts alike. With its ultra-straight flight, deep profile, moderate glide, and minimal fade, the Anode can bring finesse and consistency to any player’s game.

Players seeking a disc that can help improve consistency and accuracy should give the Anode a chance. Seasoned players angling for that reliable go-to putter for their rounds won’t regret quality time with the Anode. It may not be the best choice for those seeking a faster, more aggressive putt and approach disc, but its dependability more than compensates.


  • Ultra-straight flight delivers consistent results
  • User-friendly for all skill levels
  • Excellent for putting, approach shots, and shorter drives
  • Available in several plastics to suit preferences and weather conditions


  • Not suited for players seeking a faster putter
  • Grip might be less than ideal in wet conditions with specific plastic types