MVP Atom Disc Review: A Stellar Powerhouse of Precision

Have you ever wondered which disc could potentially perfect your disc golf game? You’re in luck as today, I’m sharing my expertise to give you an in-depth MVP Atom review.

With over a decade of experience in disc golf and extensive time spent putting various discs to the test, I’ve gathered quite a reservoir of knowledge in this field. It’s all about finding the right disc that enhances your abilities and keeps you at the top of your game.

The MVP Atom is a straight-stable putt and approach disc that has been making waves among disc golfers of all skill levels. Could this be the game-changing disc you’ve been searching for? Let’s dive in and unlock its potential!

Mastering Flight

  • Speed: 3
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 1

With its moderate speed rating of 3, the Atom adopts a reasonable pace that demands less power to reach an optimal speed. Consequently, it’s not a swift disc, but that doesn’t subtract from its appeal.

Glide indicates the disc’s flight duration, with the Atom scoring 3 in this attribute. This number translates into the disc offering a solid balance between distance covered and control.

Turn touches on the disc’s early-flight rightward curve (assuming a right-handed, backhand throw). With a turn score of 0, the flight path of the Atom is mostly a straight flyer with enormous potential off the tee, providing predictable patterns when thrown correctly.

The fade measures the degree of leftward arc at the flight’s end. A rating of 1 means this disc is less likely to veer harshly toward the left but maintain a smooth wrap-up trajectory. This trait is particularly beneficial for accurate fairway approaches.

Gripping Design

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.90 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.10 cm

The Atom boasts a standard putter diameter of 21.10 cm giving it its comfortable feel and confidence-boosting grip.

Its 1.90 cm height contributes to a more sleek profile than other putters, aiding wind resistance for improved precision and consistent releases.

A 1.40 cm rim depth strikes an outstanding balance for those who prefer a putter that does not feel excessively cumbersome, allowing for natural, relaxed gripping.

Lastly, a rim width of 1.10 cm makes the Atom relatively easy to grip and throw, particularly for smaller hands. A rich benefit of such compact rim width is the clean release it promotes with minimal effort—a perfect fit for those crucial putts or short, precise upshots.

Ideal Disc For All

The Atom’s impressive stability, combined with a mild fade, can withstand powerful throws. As the Atom catches more airtime, it morphs into an extremely straight and floaty putter. Players report that whether thrown slowly for a delicate upshot or off the tee with power, the Atom remains steadfastly stable, accurate, and controllable.

For advanced or professional players seeking to expand their range or accuracy, the Atom’s median rim depth and relatively large plate diameter provide a long-gliding line and a reliably straight trajectory with a subtle fade. Consequently, the Atom is a fabulous choice as a throwing putter and can be a compelling addition to any disc golf bag.

The Atom also shines as an ideal starter disc for rookies, thanks to its neutral stability and straight flight profile. It empowers beginners to fine-tune their throwing form and grasp disc control’s rudiments.

However, it’s worth noting that not all might find the Atom fits their bill. Players preferring deeper rim styles or a disc with excellent wind resistance may find the disc falling short on these components. Some reviews also suggest that the disc may not be perfect for forehand shots.

But, in essence, the Atom will likely meet the mark if you’re looking to nail your approaches, polish your putting, or simply need a straight-flying putter off the tee. The Atom is a versatile performer, rendering it an excellent choice for players looking to supercharge their game across various arenas.

A Yellow MVP Electron Atom Putter with Black Stamp and Black Rim

Unparalleled Stability

The uniqueness of the MVP Atom lies in its versatility. It’s a disc that serves various purposes, from a reliable putter to acting as a superb approached tool and even as a straight-flying off-the-tee disc.

It’s handy at maintaining its line even in the face of winds, usually due to its thicker rim and relatively low profile design. Moreover, it’s excellent for shot shaping in densely wooded areas, hitting the gaps, or for pure straight shots.

Whether you’re executing short, accurate drives, precision up shots, or nailing those all-important putts, the Atom can be a trusty companion. Below are some specific shot types that you can execute:

Straight Shots

The Atom is exceptionally good at straight shots. It pulls off great, even with a powerful throw, and usually results in a straight flight with a subtle, predictable fade at the end.

Hyzer Flips

The Atom is perfect for executing hyzer flip shots for advanced players due to its relatively stable nature. With the right power and angle, the disc can turn a bit but remain on a straight path for most of its flight, providing distance and control.


The Atom shines when it comes to approach shots, thanks to its straight flight and moderate speed. Whether making short par three approach shots or targeting the basket from a fair distance, the Atom offers consistency and control.

The Atom caters to most shot types and, due to its mixed bag of features, can serve as an all-rounder, making it a helpful tool regardless of your situation on the disc golf course.

Comparable Discs To The MVP Atom

Infinite Discs Alpaca

The Alpaca from Infinite Discs can be seen as a competitor to the Atom. It, too, offers a blend of controlled, straight flights with a bit of fade at the end. If you’re familiar with the Atom, transitioning to the Alpaca wouldn’t pose much trouble, as they have similar flight characteristics.

AquaFlight Peace Frog

The Peace Frog from AquaFlight is another similar disc to the Atom. Characterized by its straight flight with a moderate fade, the Peace Frog might be a good choice for those who appreciate the Atom’s flight pattern but want to try something from a different brand.

Clash Discs Popcorn

The Popcorn from Clash Discs is also a straight-flying putter, much like the Atom. It has similar flight characteristics, and users of the Atom might observe quite comparable results while using the Popcorn. Again, the choice between Atom and Popcorn may come down to player preference and which brand they feel the most comfortable with.

Despite being similar in many aspects, the choice between these discs and the Atom often boils down to personal preferences, throwing style, and comfort with the brand. The MVP Atom holds its own when matched up against these alternative discs.

To Review

If you’re looking for a stable, versatile putter, the MVP Atom is definitely worth checking out. It is an excellent disc for players of all skill levels and thrives in delivering straightforward, precise flights with a subtle and predictable fade. It’s arguably one of MVP’s best putt & approach discs.


  • Stable, straight, and predictable flight
  • Versatile usage ranging from pure putting to precise upshots and off-the-tee
  • Comfortable grip, thanks to its moderate dimensions
  • Suitable for both beginners and professional players
  • Resistant to turning over on power throws


  • Not ideal for forehand shots
  • Might not work well for players who prefer deeper-rimmed putters