Top-notch Distance Driver: MVP Dimension Disc Review

Does throwing massive distances get your adrenaline pumping? Are you after a disc in the ultra fast speed class but with stability and a predictable fade? Welcome to my MVP Dimension review.

I’ve been an avid disc golfer for around 13 years and have tested many discs. One of those that caught my attention is the MVP Dimension, but is it worth keeping in your bag?

If you’re anything like me and your ears prick up at the mention of a fast, distance driver, you’ll want to stick around. Today, I’ll walk you through my in-depth experience and how this disc could potentially improve your disc golf game!

Fast And Furious

  • Speed: 14
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3

The Dimension boasts a whopping speed of 14. This translates to a high-speed disc. Without a doubt, you need to provide it with some serious horsepower for it to reach its max potential.

Moving on to glide, the disc measures up to a rating of 5, indicating that this baby soars beautifully and has a considerable hang time in the air. On the other hand, the zero turn rating implies that this disc is relatively stable and doesn’t deviate to the right (or left, for left-handers) when thrown hard. It’s perfect for dead-straight power throwers.

Last but not least, for the flight numbers, the disc’s fade lands at 3 on the scale. In other words, it tends to hook left (or right for left-handed players) at the end of a full flight, especially when you’re firing high-speed shots.

A Closer Look

  • Diameter: 21.00 cm
  • Height: 1.80 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.50 cm

Starting with its diameter, the Dimension sits at a standard 21 cm. This makes the disc comfortable and familiar to hold due to its typical size for drivers.

Onto the disc’s height, at 1.80 cm, I couldn’t help but notice how low-profile it is. This means less air resistance, making the disc even faster.

As for rim depth, we’re talking about 1.20 cm. This creates a shallower feel which often proves better for those with smaller hands or who prefer a slimmer grip.

The rim width clocks in at 2.50 cm, showcasing its high-speed heritage. Such a thick rim suggests the disc’s capacity for longer distances and can take a heavy power throw.

Considering these specs, this disc is a fast, low-profile driver tailored for power throws. Its wide rim and slim depth make it perfect for players looking for speed and distance advantage while ensuring a comfortable fit in hand.

Are You Ready?

A Yellow MVP Dimension with Black rims and stamp

The Dimension is considered an overstable distance driver for experienced players. It has a particular skill set requirement—power. Those with powerful throws will genuinely appreciate this disc’s sweet spot; this disc won’t show its magic without some oomph behind it. It has been proven capable of long, stable flights with a good amount of control in the hands of high-power throwers.

It’s important to note that while its speed, glide, and overstability are lauded, these features are not typically friendly to beginners. New players or average throwers should stick to slower classes for better results.

Overall, between its demands for power throws and its overstable profile, the MVP Dimension is best suited for intermediate to advanced players. If you’re among the high-power throwers looking to add a reliable, long-distance driver, this disc golf disc is well worth a spin.

Going The Distance

Max Distance Drives

No surprise here. Thanks to its high speed and good glide, the Dimension can attain impressive distances when fired with full power. You can throw it on a flat line, and it will fly straight long before showing its fade.

Controlled Long Stable Flights

This is where the Dimension’s overstable nature shines. With enough power or headwind, the Dimension offers highly controlled extended flight paths.vOn an open 475ft stretch, throwing it into a headwind with a slight hyzer (RHBH) can send it cruising beyond the target!

Skip Shots

The geometric design of the rim and its strong fade could aid in achieving big skips for those tricky approaches. Using this disc on low sidearm (RHFH) shots where you’re aiming for a big skip toward the basket can be game-changing.

So what is the Dimension’s role in your arsenal? Well, it’s there to step up when you need a disc that’ll maintain a stable path on long flights, endure headwinds, or pull off precise skip shots.

Remember, the Dimension requires power throws to unlock its full potential. For those less powerful players, you’ll find it valuable as a utility driver where the fade can be an asset. But for the big arms, this disc screams pure distance!

Exploring Alternatives

While the MVP Dimension falls into its own unique category, some other discs bear similarities in flight characteristics and purpose:

Axiom Tantrum

The Axiom Tantrum is another high-speed distance driver that might be compared to the MVP Dimension. It offers a straight or slightly turned flight path, followed by a reliable fade. However, it’s worth mentioning that despite being similar, the Tantrum is generally classified as less overstable than the Dimension.

Westside Destiny

The Westside Destiny is known for its tremendous speed and significant high-speed turn. Its flight path is distinguishably more understable when compared with the Dimension, which might suit players who don’t have massive arm speed but still want the thrill of triple-digit speeds.

Latitude 64 Ballista Pro

The Ballista Pro has a hint of high-speed turn and a more predictable fade, aligning its flight characteristic somewhat close to the Dimension. Advanced and pro players love it for its manageable high speed and consistent fade, which resonates well with what the Dimension offers.

MVP Dimension In Review

The MVP Dimension is a beast of a driver that seeks power throwers ready to enjoy its high velocity, controlled stability, and impressive fade. It can cut through the air like a knife and is best suited for intermediate to advanced players. It’s no surprise that’s one of MVP’s best distance drivers.

Its usage extends beyond pure distance throwing to controlled, stable flights and effective skip shots, making it an invaluable member of your arsenal in the right circumstances. Check one out now from your favorite disc golf store or website and give it a spin to see what I mean!


  • Exceptional distance potential
  • Strong and predictable fade
  • Excels in headwind conditions
  • Useful even to those who can’t maximize its distance-driving potential


  • Requires high power throws to utilize fully
  • Not beginner-friendly