MVP Tesla Review: Pick This Driver For Your Disc Golf Needs

Over the past decade, I’ve flung my fair share of discs down the course. Today, it’s time for my MVP Tesla review. I hope to illuminate the nuances of this popular topic among disc golf circles.

With over 13 years of actively playing the sport, my insights are steeped in on-field experience, careful observations, and deep-seated love. Coupling this knowledge with a critical eye for detail, I aspire to help refine your experience on the green.

Lauded for its balanced flight and wide-ranging appeal, does it perform as well as everyone says? Join me in this comprehensive review to uncover if the Tesla could become your new go-to disc.

Stability In Your Flight

  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 2

The Tesla comes out swinging in the speed category with a solid 9. Exhibiting ample zip for moderate to high-speed throws, it navigates the course swiftly yet effortlessly, ideal for those extended straight shots.

An impressive glide rating of 5 indicates its knack for staying airborne. The disc sails smoothly and covers admirable distances when thrown right, never dropping prematurely.

A negative turn value, -1 in this case, implies a mild resistance against a right turn (formulated for a right-handed, backhand throw). This feature makes it appealing to beginners or to those tactical enough to use it in windy conditions.

A moderate fade of 2 conveys that it naturally veers to the left towards the end of its path. Not too drastic but just enough to curve subtly, resulting in a well-discerned, predictable finish.

It shines with its sensible speed, generous glide, mild turn, and balance. The result? A stable flying performance that disc golfers across skill levels can bank on. Its reliability cements it as a premier, all-round disc in your bag.

A Deceptively Efficient Distance Driver

  • Diameter: 21.00 cm
  • Height: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.00 cm

A diameter of 21.00 cm is standard for any driver, making it a familiar companion in the hand. But this disc’s got more than meets the eye.

A height of 1.40 cm specifies a relatively low profile, hinting towards its aerodynamic efficiency. Such a design minimizes drag, enabling the disc to slice through the air effortlessly, enhancing its witness and glide.

A rim depth of 1.20 cm and rim width of 2.00 cm denotes a disc primed for a comfortable grip, especially for those with average to large hands. This results in secure and comfortable throws, even at higher powers.

It is a comfort-fit disc designed for efficiency. It’s tailored to appease disc golfers who enjoy a well-known feel with an adventurous performance.

What Customer Reviews Say: Best For Experienced People

The Tesla stands out as a versatile game-changer on the course. Its balanced turn and consistency breed trust and reliability, marked attributes as evident from various testimonials.

A Teal/Orange-ish dyed MVP Plasma Tesla with black rims and white stamp

It promises and delivers from high-power throws and penetrating fades to pinpoint accuracy. Though positioned as the big brother to the widely-acclaimed Volt fairway driver, it suits more than just power throwers. Low to average-power throwers will also find a dependable wind fighter in its performance.

Key to note, it’s not only a darling for backhand throws. It also cradles the heart of many for its performance with forehand throws. Whether scoring distance, going for a straight shot, or soliciting tight S-curves, it does them all.

It’s been commended as a stepping stone from mid-range and slower fairways, offering similar precision or flying pattern. Even better, it appeases players of different hand sizes, providing a comfortable grip and control.

It has a broad appeal, with its sweet spot seeming to lie with players possessing some experience. While it’s not daunting for beginners, I believe mid-level players and beyond could better harness its potential. So, if you value a reliable disc imbued with a mix of flight controls, set your sights on this item.

An All-Rounder Disc on the Course

The Tesla truly flourishes as a versatile driver. It lends itself splendidly to a robust range of shot types, delivering unwavering control and trustworthiness.

Distance Drives

When thrown flat, it unravels like a dream, clocking impressive distances and making it efficient for such shots.

Controlled S-Curves

This is fine-tuned for controlled S-curve shots due to its subtle turn and reliable fade. This leads to compelling performance on tight woodland trails or around tricky obstacles.

Forehand/Flick Throws

This has gathered unanimous praise for its performance with forehand throws. Its secure stability and predictable path herald an excellent choice for those confident flicks.

Whether facing a tricky tee-off or aiming to outshine competitors on an elongated fairway, this has got your back. It’s a reliable tool to transport you from Point A to Point B. And believe me; it can surprise you with its abilities.

Competing Contenders

The world of disc golf is teeming with variety. Let’s see how these discs compare with the MVP Tesla.

Dynamic Discs Escape

The Escape ranks in the same speed range and shares its reputation for an easy release and comfortable glide. However, its lesser stability makes it more prone to turns at high velocities but renders it a good option for those after a more understable drive.

Discraft Undertaker

The Undertaker mirrors a similar flight path, promising a predictable finish and considerable stability. Its distinguishing trait lies in its slightly stronger fade, making it marginally more overstable.

Infinite Discs Dynasty

The Infinite Discs Dynasty is a stable driver, offering consistent “S-curve” flight and versatility for various lines. It’s highly controllable and provides good distance for players of all skill levels.

Remember, familiarity breeds comfort, and by testing different discs, you can perk up your understanding of your strengths and preferences. The Tesla, however, does stand out on long drives. Maybe with exploration, other discs might resonate equally well!

MVP Tesla Review: Quick Summary

The MVP Tesla puts forth a compelling argument for itself. Coupling a balanced flight with a sure grip, it adapts to various shot types and accommodates players across different skill levels.

Distinctly beneficial for the moderately experienced, it doesn’t deter beginners. It commands versatility and shows up well on distance drives, controlled S-curves, and forehand throws. Its subtle turn and dependable fade maintain a constant performance, irrespective of the shooting scenario.


  • Reliable and predictable flight path
  • Comfortable grip courtesy of favorable rim depth and width
  • Versatile performance
  • Gracious towards different skill levels, especially those with medium experience


  • Might hold lesser appeal for absolute beginners
  • May fall short of expected distances for low-power throwers