MVP Energy Review: Disc Golf Power Unleashed

Ever wondered how to select the ideal distance driver that can handle headwinds while offering speed and control? Well, here’s my MVP Energy review! I’m here to share my insights and experiences on this powerhouse disc that promises to put some serious oomph into your throws.

As a disc golfer for over 13 years, I’ve tested countless discs to bring you reliable and unbiased reviews. I hold nothing back as I dig into the nitty-gritty of what makes a disc stand out in this crowded market.

This comprehensive review will dive into the characteristics that make this disc one of MVP’s best distance drivers. If you’re considering adding this to your arsenal, read on—this could just be the reliable, overstable disc you’ve been looking for.

Unstoppable Force

  • Speed: 13
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 4

The speed of 13 indicates that the Energy is a fast, high-speed disc. It demands arm speed and power to unleash its full potential, which is typical for distance drivers. Concurrently, the glide rating of 4 suggests a decent capacity to stay in the air, giving you with good distance on your throws, provided the power is there.

The absence of any turn, denoted by the ‘0’, signifies a highly resistant disc against turning over in the wind or due to high-speed release. This factor gives you control and accuracy in more challenging wind conditions.

Finally, the fade of 4—the end of flight characteristics – tells us that this disc has a strong hook or ‘fade’ at the end of the flight. It ensures your disc will curve left (for right-handed, backhand throws) reliably at the end of its flight, making it predictable and trustworthy in your hands.

So, the MVP Energy balances high speed and control with a strong, reliable fade. It’s a powerhouse disc with serious stability, designed to combat headwinds and offer consistent, dependable flights. This disc is perfect for those looking to shape shots or go-to in windy conditions.

Precision Craftsmanship

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 2.10 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.40 cm

Now, let’s decipher what these numbers really mean for this disc’s performance.

With a diameter of 21.10 cm, the Energy falls into the average range for a distance driver. This standard size, coupled with a modest height of 2.10 cm, offers a comfortable grip and ensures a predictable release from your hand during throws.

A key component in this disc’s design is the rim. The slim, shallow rim depth of 1.20 cm contributes to the disc’s aerodynamic profile, enhancing its ability to slice through the air quickly. However, the true highlight of this disc lies in its wide rim. With a width of 2.40 cm, it’s distinctly on the larger side. Wide-rimmed discs like the Energy are designed to achieve greater distances but require more power to get the most out of them.

The MVP Energy’s specifications depict a high-speed distance driver with a design that promises a comfortable grip and incredible distance if you have the arm strength to handle it. Its wide rim may pose a challenge for players with smaller hands or less power, but for those who can manage it, the Energy offers a fantastic performance.

Harnessing The Force

The MVP Energy has been designed with advanced players in mind. No beating around the bush here; this is not a beginner disc. If you’re seeking a docile, easy-handling disc to finesse down the fairway, the Energy might not be your ally.

This disc craves intense power and will show its full potential to those who can provide it. The high speed combined with its substantial stability makes it a disc that is well-suited for players who can hit distances upwards of 400 feet.

From this experience, the Energy stands out as the titan amongst MVP’s series of 23mm high-speed discs. It certainly lives up to its name. It demands energy, the kind of strength and high-speed release that comes from a well-practiced arm. For these ‘big arms,’ the Energy shows its charm by resisting the harshest winds and maintaining a long, straight flight before predictably fading.

One thing to note is the wide rim size which could be uncomfortable for some. A few throwers with smaller hands have raised concerns over this. But if you can handle it, the Energy makes an excellent addition to your disc arsenal if you’re looking for a reliable, overstable, wind-fighting beast. This disc, though, is no pet; it’s a wild creature that demands respect and rewards those who can truly tame it.

Orange MVP Neutron Energy with Black stamp and rims

Ignite Your Throws

Designed as a high-speed distance driver, the MVP Energy firmly stands as a go-to choice for those specific situations when you need maximum stability and wind resistance. This is the inherent charm of the Energy: it thrives under pressure. Here are some specific shot types that this disc excels in:

Headwind Drives

This deliverable line I pulled out on a particularly gusty day. The relentless headwind would have turned lesser discs, but not the Energy. I hurled a powerful drive straight into the wind, and it held cleanly, remaining remarkably stable throughout, before executing a strong fade toward the target.

Skip Shots

The overstable flight and hard finish of the Energy make it a brilliant choice for skip shots demanding a large lateral deviation. I’ve used this disc to splendid effect on downhill doglegs needing just such a shot to get within putting range.

Forehand Throws

The hefty stability of this disc proves beneficial for forehand shot types. I’ve tossed this disc almost vertically on a forehand, and yet it fought its own angle, managing to provide a dependable flight path.

Powerhouse Showdown

The disc golf market is filled with a multitude of discs, each with its unique flight characteristics and properties. And while the MVP Energy stands out in its own right, it does bear semblance to a few other discs in terms of performance:

Discraft Nuke OS

A disc well known for its high speed and significant fade, much like the MVP Energy. The Nuke OS also demands substantial arm speed to maneuver and provides excellent wind resistance. If you’re familiar with throwing a Nuke OS, the Energy’s performance won’t come as a surprise.

Lone Star Disc Bowie

This is a monster disc that’s designed for power throwers seeking significant distance. Its beefy fade and high-speed stability make it a good comparison to the Energy. It also demands strong arm speed and power to reveal its potential best.

DGA Hypercane

The Hypercane is another disc that shines in the hands of powerful throwers. Designed for consistency in high speed and windy conditions while providing a stable to overstable flight, it draws a close parallel to the MVP Energy.

Harness The Force Of The MVP Energy

The MVP Energy is a disc designed for power and precision, offering a unique blend of speed, stability, and ferocious fade. It’s an excellent fit for advanced players looking for a reliable, wind-fighting, overstable distance driver that caters to long straight throws, headwind drives, and flexible utility situations. However, its wide rim and high-speed requirements may prove challenging for beginners or players on the lower end of the power scale.


  • Outstanding wind resistance
  • High speed and excellent stability
  • Strong, predictable fade ideal for fit use in multiple scenarios
  • Utility role player for a variety of specific shots


  • Not suitable for beginners or those with lower arm speed
  • Wide rim may be uncomfortable for some