Discmania Magician Review: Magic On The Disc Golf Green

Get ready to be enthralled by the challenger, the Discmania Magician. As part of Discmania’s Active Line, this disc is on track to add a sprinkle of enchantment to your game. Let’s dive into the riveting dynamics that render this disc a must-have in your collection.

I present this review, drawing from my 13 years of intimate relationship with the sport, countless laps across various courses, and having unleashed hundreds of discs in search of the perfect throw. My love for the game and ceaseless passion for assessing discs translate into well-rounded insights for seasoned professionals and rookies.

Let’s dive into the mystical world of this disc and explore if it is the ultimate accomplice you’ve set your heart upon!

Flight Numbers Decoded: Control And Stability

  • Speed: 6
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 2

These figures signify that the Magician exhibits a moderate speed and commendable glide, making it a trusted midfield driver. What these numbers also highlight is the stability of Magician’s flight pattern.

With a turn and fade of 0 and 2, respectively, it can hold a straight path with a foreseeable, mild fade at the end. This is necessary for accurate and controlled shots or for the disc to stay true to its route.

While the fairly modest speed rating does not offer extra flight power, it is perfectly crafted for those who prefer a steady, dependable disc resilient to strong winds or powerful throws. In my experience, a disc with such flight features is a favorite for consistent outcomes.

While it doesn’t have the charisma of high-speed, high-turn discs, sometimes, predictability outshines flamboyance on the fairway.

Comfort And Versatility In Your Plastic

Clear/Blue Discmania Active Premium Magician with Blue Stamp
  • Diameter: 21.00 cm
  • Height: 1.50 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.60 cm

The Magician maintains a sublime yet effective design. The 21.00 cm diameter is typical for most mid-range discs, ensuring the disc feels good in the hand. The height, 1.50 cm, is comfortably average, thus accessible for every kind of player.

The rim depth, 1.10 cm, and the rim width, 1.60 cm, contribute to its unshakable resilience. Coupled with its manageable rim thickness, it is an apt choice for those with smaller hands or those who just like their discs sleek.

Boasting a blend of comfort and performance within PDGA-accepted specifications, I’ve found that discs with these traits always find a way back to my good graces. Designed to cater to a broad range of users, this should be what you’re reaching for, game after game.

Customer Reviews Breakdown: For Pros And Newbs Alike

The Discmania Magician provides the perfect balance to accommodate a wide spectrum of users. The general sentiment presents it as a reliable disc that consistently ends its flight with a predictable fade, making it an exceptional asset in varied conditions.

Equally apt for rookies and intermediate players, it has evolved into an excellent choice for both forehand and backhand throws. But no disc can fit all situations. Some found the Magician prone to turning over when pushing the velocity.

However, styles vary, and I’ve found that this is like that steadfast friend you can always lean upon when things get tricky – reliable, dependable, and always poised to perform.

Throw It Like You Mean It: Straight, Hyzer, And Controlled Shots

The Magician is a trusty all-rounder. Excelling as a fairway driver, it never shies away from standing its ground in varied conditions and tricky situations.

When precision is a must and a reliable fade at the end is desired, this is a perfect pick. It is also commendable for maintaining hyzer lines, even when flung hard, for both backhand and forehand approaches.

Its magic can be witnessed in the following shot types:


With low fade and turn, it delivers an impressively straight trajectory. Ideal for narrow fairways or threading through tightly spaced obstacles.


Its reliable fade is tempting to tackle those sharply inclined hyzer shots. It has the knack for staying on track even when thrown at a tilted angle.

Controlled Distance

With a speed rating 6, it does not outpace high-speed drivers but can still pull off impressive distances when accuracy precedes distance coverage.

Similar Discs

Innova Cheeta

Shares the same controlled pace as the Magician, albeit with greater turn, and offers more maneuverability and less stability.

Kastaplast Kaxe Z

A pricier counterpart to the Magician, but with similar traits. It outshines in terms of an enduring plastic composition.

Innova Teebird

Along with Teebird, the Magician shares consistent and steady features. The Teebird offers slightly more speed and flexibility in terms of paths.

Discmania Magician Review: Quick Round-Up

Clear-ish Discmania Glow Premium Magician with black stamp

The Magician is an unwavering mid-range disc appealing to various players. From novices to intermediates, the Magician’s balance of speed and control churn out steady outcomes. But remember, enhanced power might lead to unintended flipping.

Over the years, with my countless trials of discs, this stands out with its combination of control, reliability, and adaptability. Its capabilities make it a debutant from backhand to forehand shots and a versatile addition to any bag.


  • Stable and predictably consistent flight
  • Suits varied skill levels
  • Ideal for backhand and forehand throws
  • Provides high value for its price


  • May flip over when thrown with increased power
  • May not cater well to advanced players who prefer higher speed and turn