MVP Glitch Review: The Glidiest Putter Ever?

Introducing the MVP Glitch, a hybrid catch disc that beautifully merges the thrilling world of disc golf and the timeless fun of catch. Ideal for players with Ultimate frisbee backgrounds, this lightweight wonder is soon to be an essential addition to your disc golf collection.

So, what makes this putter so extraordinary?

Let’s dive into my MVP Glitch review.

The Diameter Dazzler

Versatile Design

With the diameter of a putter, the Glitch is not just a catch disc; it’s PDGA-approved and perfect for the golf course too. Boasting flight numbers of 1 | 7 | 0 | 0, the Glitch is the first MVP putter with 7 glide, allowing for effortless play when catching on the beach or approaching the green.

Neutron Soft Plastic

The Glitch’s Neutron Soft plastic makes it quite catchable without sacrificing its performance as an approach or scramble disc. This plastic ensures that when thrown, the Glitch will stay put, ideal for high-stakes games of catch or precise approaches on the green.

An Ideal First Disc

Neutral Flight Path

New to disc golf? Look no further than the MVP Glitch. Its neutral flight path makes it an excellent choice for beginners, helping them perfect their throws and understand disc golf dynamics with ease. Trust us, it won’t be long before the Glitch becomes a favorite in your disc golf arsenal.

Lightweight and Stable

Available in weights ranging from 140-154g, the Glitch might appear too light at first glance, but rest assured, its aerodynamic stability and glide make it a formidable disc on the course. Get ready to wow your disc golf buddies with impressive lines and long-lasting flights!

A white MVP Neutron Soft Glitch disc with blackstamp

Gateway to the Disc Golf World

Gateway Disc

Not sure how to get friends and family interested in disc golf? The Glitch is a proven crowd-pleaser. Customers have praised it for its ability to introduce loved ones to the sport, creating memories and bonding experiences for everyone involved.

Practice Factory

Glitch is not only entertaining to throw around while waiting for your crew, but it’s also perfect for practicing your wrist snap and understanding different nose angles’ effects on flight. Get ready to level up your disc golf game with this fantastic practice companion.


Windy Conditions

While the Glitch excels in many aspects, it’s important to note that it’s not designed for windy conditions. As a lighter disc, it may struggle in heavy winds and could be unpredictable when thrown. However, the Glitch is still excellent for learning how wind affects disc flight — just save it for calm days on the course!

Not a Workhorse

The Glitch is incredibly enjoyable and versatile, but it’s not intended to be the backbone of your disc golf game. It serves as an amazing tool for practice, playing catch, and short approaches, but may not be your go-to option in every situation.

In Conclusion

The MVP Glitch is perfect for beginners, players with Ultimate frisbee backgrounds, and those looking for a fun, lightweight disc to add to their collection. Its glide, stability, and approach performance make it a one-of-a-kind addition to your bag. However, if you’re a high-level player looking for a workhorse disc, the Glitch might not be your first choice.

Overall, the Glitch is an enjoyable and versatile disc that can create memorable moments and improve your disc golf skills. Don’t miss the opportunity to add this gravity-defying wonder to your collection and experience the fun for yourself!