Unleash Limitless Distance: MVP Inertia Disc Review

As someone who has been immersed in disc golf for over 13 years, I consider disc reviews more than casual data sharing; it’s a chance to help fellow players find their perfect disc.

If you’re on the hunt for the MVP Inertia, then you’re likely serious about the game. This distinguished disc is a genuine stand-out in the world of disc golf, thanks to its commanding control, versatility, and understable nature, and well, it’s just an absolute pleasure to play with.

In this MVP Inertia review, I’ll delve into the specifics of this disc, its pros and cons, and how it may or may not fit your game style. So, grab your passion for disc golf, and let’s dive in!

The Numbers Speak

  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 2

True to its flight numbers, the Inertia is a well-balanced disc with dependable stability and decent speed. It boasts a speed rating of 9, meaning it’s a somewhat fast disc but not too excessive, perfect for controlling your throw without compromising distance greatly.

With a glide of 5, the disc remains in the air longer, offering more distance even when thrown at lower speeds. The high glide makes it perfect for handling wind situations, and will be a dependable asset in your disc golf bag.

Onto the turn and fade, the disc showcases a -2 turn and a 2 fade. The -2 turn allows for a slight degree of high-speed turn, which aids in producing a beautiful s-curve in your flight path, excellent for various types of throws. Coupled with the 2 fade, the Inertia reliably comes back at the end of its flight. The fade is virtually perfect for those aiming for a straight-flying disc that exhibits just enough fade to ensure precision.

So whether you want to execute controlled straight shots or aim for those lovely curves, this disc is remarkably versatile. No wonder it’s earned a reputation as one of MVP’s best distance drivers

Perfect Formula

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2 cm

Examining the PDGA specifications of the MVP Inertia, it’s easy to understand why this disc feels so great in hand. With a diameter of 21.10 cm, it has a solid size that fits nicely in various hand sizes and shapes.

With a height of only 1.40 cm, the low-profile nature of the Inertia makes it feel sleek and fast upon release, giving throwers increased control for those precision throws.

Moving onto the rim, the 1.20 cm rim depth and 2 cm rim width strike an exceptional balance between easy gripping and speed. The rim depth is shallow enough to make it comfortable for disc golfers with smaller hands, and the rim width is wide enough to give the disc its speed but not so thick that it becomes awkward.

The Inertia’s dimensions and specifications are comparable to its class’s finest. If you’ve thrown a Discraft Undertaker or an Infinite Discs Dynasty before, you’ll likely find the Inertia to have a familiar yet distinctive feel. 

Elevate Your Game

In disc golf, the Inertia is revered as the inaugural distance driver from MVP. It’s frequently described as a “controllable distance driver,” getting its renowned reputation from its GYRO Push that bestows throwers with unparalleled control for distance drives. It is very popular among pros and less experienced players for its unique understable profile.

For those powerhouse disc golfers amongst us, the Inertia presents an excellent opportunity to achieve tremendous distances on hyzer flip throws. Thanks to its under-stabilized nature, it’s perfect for executing consistent drives that carry far and accurately.

Don’t let this dissuade you if you’re just starting out in disc golf though. Newcomers to the sport will quickly get to grips with this disc and find its unique design delivers a neutral flight with a reliably straight distance. It’s the ideal driver for a novice looking to up their game.

But be warned, while this is an excellent disc for most, it may not suit the style of disc golfers who prefer overstable drivers or those looking for high-speed options.

Versatile Distance Driver

The Inertia is capable of fulfilling a variety of roles, including:

Hyzerflip Drives

This disc flips up from hyzer to flat beautifully. It’s responsive, obedient, and delivers plenty of distance, perfect for golfers who love consistent hyzerflips.

Tunnel Shots

The Inertial has a reliable and straight flight, making it perfect for tight tunnel shots. Throw it flat and watch as it holds the line you put it on with a slight right drift and a dependable left fade at the end.

Turnover Shots

This disc shines with its capacity for natural turnover shots. It has a beautifully consistent turnover rate, without any issues of uncontrollable flipping, becoming a go-to for golfers who need this shot in their arsenal.

Comparable Discs

Dynamic Discs Vandal

The Dynamic Discs Vandal is a fairly understandable disc, similar to the MVP Inertia. It offers an excellent level of control and accuracy. The substantial difference is the Vandal’s stability, which plays better for less experienced golfers. The Vandal can seem less predictable than the Inertia but can provide surprising distance with its added glide.

Discraft Undertaker

The Discraft Undertaker shares similarities with the MVP Inertia in that it offers a straight flight with a reliable finish. It provides a slightly more stable flight, meaning it’s ideal for disc golfers looking for more predictability in their throws. However, compared to the Inertia, the Undertaker might fall short in offering the same level of control at higher speeds.

Infinite Discs Dynasty

The Dynasty is comparable in specs and flight to the Inertia; it’s a dependable driver with predictable turn and fade. It’s slightly faster than the Inertia, meaning it’s an option for those seeking more distance. However, it may not offer the same spectacular control featured by the Inertia, especially for hyzer flips.

MVP Inertia In Review

The MVP Inertia is a performance-packed distance driver that brings a unique blend of versatility and control to the table, solidifying itself as an asset to any disc golfer’s bag. With its controllable flight path and understable profile, it is an ideal disc for an extensive range of players—be it power throwers seeking exceptional hyzerflips or those newer to the sport aiming for accurate straight-distance drives.


  • Exceptional control at high speeds
  • Versatile—performs numerous types of shots well
  • Offers significant distance without sacrificing control
  • Its understable nature suits it perfectly for those tight, technical courses


  • Might not be ideal for players who heavily prefer overstable discs
  • Not considered a very high-speed option