MVP Orbital Review: The Beginner’s Disc Golf Distance Driver

Hello, fellow disc golfers! I’m super excited today to dive into an in-depth MVP Orbital review with all of you. Over my 13+ years of playing disc golf, I’ve had the opportunity to throw countless discs from various brands, and MVP certainly ranks among my favorites.

This is one of their more unique offerings and has been a disc of interest for many due to its unorthodox yet tantalizing flight characteristics. It’s one of those discs that aren’t afraid to dance around the typical disc golf rules and conventions.

Whether you’re new to disc golf, an intermediate looking to expand your shot arsenal, or an advanced player up for a challenge, there’s plenty to learn about this captivating disc. Let’s dive in and discover them!

A Weapon On The Field

  • Speed: 11
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -4.5
  • Fade: 1

If you’re familiar with these reviews, you know that a speed of 11 means the Orbital is quite fast. When thrown with power, it takes off like a jet. The high glide rating of 5 indicates that it’s designed to stay aloft for longer distances, making it perfect for a variety of lines across the fairway.

The extreme -4.5 turn rating tells me that this disc is enormously understable. When I release it with enough force, it curves markedly to the right before stabilizing.

Finally, the minimal fade of 1 implies it won’t hook back hard to the left at the end of its path. These characteristics make it a formidable weapon in the right hands—like a boomerang that cuts through the course with unparalleled precision.

Get The Perfect Grip

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.20 cm

The 21.20 cm diameter is pretty standard for a distance driver, which gives the Orbital a familiar feel, combined with its 1.40 cm height. The rim depth, for me, is perfect at 1.10 cm–not too deep, but just deep enough to get a good grip when making power throws.

The width of the rim at 2.20 cm classifies it as a wide-rimmed disc. It’s designed for power and distance, but this wider rim might not be ideal for smaller hands or those with less grip strength.

MVP strikes an effective balance with this product, it fits comfortably in the hand while packing plenty of power in different play situations. It won’t feel foreign to you if you’re used to similar-sized distance drivers!

Best For Beginners

Orange MVP Orbital Special Edition with Black stamp and black rims

The Orbital is designed as MVP’s most understandable driver in the acclaimed 21.5mm distance class, offering versatility catering to differing power levels.

It’s a great learning tool for beginners, especially for developing a hyzer flip. The disc’s nature maximizes distance even for those with a modest throw, making it a rewarding experience.

Intermediate classes can fully manipulate its unruly nature to develop trickier shots like rollers. I have personally seen those with a weak forehand effectively use it as a crutch to achieve a “pseudo” forehand path – something not easily achievable with more stable discs.

For the advanced, it can be a bit trickier. If you possess a power arm, the disc may flip or crash more than you’d like unless you use it for specific, specialized shots like tailwind drives, long turnover shots, and niche hyzer flip situations.

This is an excellent disc for beginners, intermediate classes, and anyone who has a specific need for an understable distance driver or wants to widen their arsenal of shots. Advanced classes might want to give it a pass unless they’re up for the challenge or need the specific, tailored functionality that it uniquely provides.

A Dedicated Disc Sports Roller

With its high-speed, under-stability, and ability to roll, the Orbital has emerged as one of the best MVP distance drivers. But where does it shine? Let’s talk about its primary usage.

Hyzer Flip

Throw it with hyzer and watch it flip up and sail straight. Use this shot when you need a long, straight shot through a tight fairway.


With its high turn rating, you can throw it flat and hard, and it will turn over and touch down for a roller. Use this shot when you are behind a low-hanging obstacle and want the disc to get on the ground and roll towards the target.


Great to turn over; it especially suits those RHBH throws that need to maintain a right curve throughout the path. Use this shot on a hole where the tee pad is on the left, the fairway bends right, and the basket is on the left.

This has found its niche in delivering specific shots like those mentioned above. This will have you looking like a pro, hugging tight corners and easily navigating tricky obstacles.

Similar Discs

Innova Mamba

Renowned for its extreme understability, it’s an ideal disc and serves well for those long anhyzer shots. However, the Mamba tends to fade more at the end, making it slightly less predictable.

Axiom Vanish

As another highly understable disc, the Axiom Vanish provides similar speed, glide, and a strong right-turning flight for right-hand back-hand throws.

Discmania Astronaut

The Astronaut is comparable in terms of speed and glide. The notable differences lie in the turn and fade. The Astronaut has slightly less of the former, making it a bit less understable, and offering a more robust finish to the left at the end (for right-hand back-hand throws).

Remember, while these discs share similarities with the Orbital, each will offer a slightly unique flight path and characteristics, and what works best will often depend on individual throwing styles and preferences.

MVP Orbital Review: Quick Summary

The Orbital is a disc that caters to many people, from the newbie seeking to perfect a hyzer flip to the advanced veteran looking for specialized shots. That being said, this takes finesse, and finesse comes with practice.

If you love the challenge, it presents possibilities in your disc arsenal.


  • Great for learning hyzer-flips
  • Excellent for rollers and long turnover shots
  • Ideal for players with a modest throw, helping them maximize distance
  • A high-speed disc that cuts through the air with minimal resistance


  • Highly understable, which might be problematic for players with fast arm speed
  • Can easily become a roller unintentionally if not handled correctly