MVP Nitro Review: Best Pro Disc Golf Distance Driver?

Have you been trying to elevate your disc golf game and wondering if the MVP Nitro could be the right fit for you? Well, you’re in luck! This MVP Nitro review will pull from my 13 years of experience playing and testing disc golf discs to provide a detailed look at this high-speed driver.

In the world of disc golf, having the right gear is crucial to improving performance. As a seasoned player, I’ve tested a plethora of discs, exploring the unique nuances each one offers.

Every throw, every course, and every wind condition holds a lesson, and my goal is to pass that knowledge on to you. Now, let’s dive into the details and see if the MVP Nitro could be the innovative disc you’re looking for!

Revving Up

  • Speed: 13
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: -0.5
  • Fade: 3

The MVP Nitro boasts a speed rating of 13, making it one of the speedier entries in the sport of disc golf. This means it can cover great distances but also requires quite a bit of strength and technique to control.

The disc has a glide rating of 4, which is not the glidiest disc out there. But don’t be fooled; it more than makes up for it with extended flight times and overall stability.

Here’s where things get interesting. The MVP Nitro has a turn rating of -0.5, which indicates a slight turn to the right when thrown backhand by a right-handed player. However, its negative turn rating isn’t too dramatic, and players with significant power might even experience this disc as slightly understable.

Equipped with a fade of 3, the Nitro is programmed to finish its flight with a strong left hook (when thrown backhand by a right-handed player). This substantial fade gives the Nitro a predictable finish, especially appreciated in windy conditions.

In Pursuit Of Velocity

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 1.90 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.40 cm

The MVP Nitro comes in at a diameter of 21.20 cm. This is pretty standard for most disc golf discs and fits comfortably in most hand sizes.

The height of the Nitro sits at 1.90 cm, lending itself to a more streamlined and aerodynamic design that ultimately contributes to its high-speed rating.

As for the rim depth, it’s 1.20 cm. It might not be the shallowest, but it’s still shallow enough to maintain a firm grip, which is crucial for strong throws.

Finally, the Nitro’s rim width measures a beefy 2.4 cm. This substantial rim width is largely responsible for the Nitro’s high-speed rating, allowing it to slice through the air easily. This spec will appeal to players with larger hands or who prefer a thicker grip.

Built For Pros

A bright green MVP Neutron Nitro disc with black rims and stamp

The MVP Nitro is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Positioned as a stable-overstable distance driver from the high-speed 23mm class, it easily challenges even the most seasoned players. Honestly, the Nitro isn’t for the faint-hearted novices. It comes with a demanding high-speed requirement and a wide rim width, demanding a comprehensively strong and controlled technique to make it sing.

On one hand, power throwers have found a level of shallowness to the Nitro that is workable and responsive, lending itself to extended flights given sufficient power. On the other hand, average throwers may need lighter weights or headwinds to achieve the turn promised by this disc.

As a beginner, this disc will challenge you with its overstable nature and can be unforgiving if you don’t bring your A-game. If you’re a new player eyeing this disc, be ready to rise to the challenge. But for the seasoned players, those with refined skill and who can appreciate a well-made overstable disc, the Nitro could be a worthy addition to your arsenal.

Burning Through The Course

As its position on the high-speed 23mm class indicates, the MVP Nitro is a disc designed for distance. This isn’t something you necessarily turn to for short, precise throws. Instead, its forte lies in covering significant ground and delivering a guaranteed fade finish.

Some commonly used shot types with the Nitro include:

Long-Distance Drives

That’s where the Nitro shines; it’s a distance machine. Remember, it demands strong throws for the best results.

Hyzer Shots

MVP golfers applaud Nitro’s suitability for long hyzer shots. It tends to maintain impressive stability throughout its flight.

Forehand Throws

As odd as it might be for such a high-speed disc, beginners and seasoned players have found success when utilizing the Nitro for forehand throws. Use this to your advantage.

Similar Distance Drivers

Axiom Panic

The Panic, like the Nitro, is a high-speed, overstable distance driver. But it’s more grossly overstable, while Nitro has a more slight and workable overstable nature. If you’re looking for something that’s just a tad more uncontrollable but can handle the highest wind conditions, the Panic might be your choice.

Dynamic Discs Raider

The Raider provides lots of speed and has similar demands on the thrower’s power, like the Nitro. But the Raider tends to be more forgiving to average players, leveling out to be a bit more usable in broader scenarios. If you want a disc that’s a step down in terms of difficulty level, Raider is a good bet.

Latitude 64 Halo

The Halo is another speedy overstable disc. It has been praised for its wind-fighting capabilities, quite like the Nitro. However, the Halo is known for its heavy skipping potential, and it tends to be more suitable for players with an intermediate skill level. If the Nitro feels too challenging and you still want something to help with windy conditions, consider the Halo.

MVP Nitro Disc In Review

The Nitro is one of MVP’s best distance drivers. While it can be challenging for beginners due to its demanding high-speed requirement and wide rim width, it proves rewarding for players who can harness its power. Therefore, it’s particularly well-suited for more experienced players looking for predictable stability with a slight and controllable turn.


  • High-speed distance coverage
  • Reliable and controlled finish with fading
  • Excels in windy conditions
  • Good option for forehand throws, even for beginners
  • Durable and comfortable grip due to thick rim width


  • High-speed requirement can be daunting for average or beginning players
  • Slightly overstability might create a challenging learning curve for beginners