MVP Nomad Review: The Ultimate Disc Golf Putter for Champs

If you’re an avid disc golfer looking for an excellent putter to add to your bag, look no further! I’m here with my take on an outstanding putter—the MVP Nomad. Having been in the disc golf scene for over 13 years, I’m excited to share my insights with you in this MVP Nomad review.

I constantly try to be a better player every day, leading me to try out numerous variants of discs. The one that stood out for its consistent stability and controlled flight is none other than the MVP Nomad.

Don’t let its initial impression of a standard putt & approach disc fool you. There’s more to Nomad than meets the eye. So, if you’re eager to diversify your disc golf game, join me as we delve deeper into what makes Nomad a worthy addition to your kit.

Aerial Dominance

  • Speed: 2
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 1

Experience the flight of the Nomad, a disc that sets a leisurely but purposeful pace. It may seem slow but don’t be deceived. With a speed rating of 2, this disc offers precision over power, allowing you to call the shots in the game. Imagine those tranquil, laid-back days on the course with no rush whatsoever. That’s the tempo the Nomad dictates.

With an impressive glide rating of 4, this is your albatross soaring skywards. It’s purpose-built for long-haul flights, seamlessly maintaining its line and maximizing your reach. Be it an open drive or minimal wind interference, you’ll find the Nomad handy, particularly when looking to clock up some serious air time.

Turn rating? Zero. This means the Nomad stays on a straight-line flight–no early turnovers, no wobbliness. The Nomad is your go-to if you’re shooting for reliable, unwavering flights.

It concludes its flight with a fade of 1. Not too much, just a light finishing curve to the left. It’s not a dramatic swoop but a gentle swerve, the perfect maneuver around obstacles at the end of a throw.

In essence, the Nomad’s flight numbers paint a picture of a disc that deftly balances control, glide, and stability.

A bluee MVP Electron Nomad with white stamp and black rims

Optimal Design

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 2.00 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.10 cm

21.20 cm in diameter means the Nomad nestles perfectly in your hand. It has a small bead and is neither too large nor too small—perfect for beginners and seasoned pros.

Checking in at just 2.00 cm, the height of the Nomad strikes that sweet spot between donning a snug baseball cap and maintaining functionality.

The rim depth of 1.40 cm lends the Nomad its controlled flight. It’s like clutching the steering wheel of a finely-tuned sports car, giving you precision at your fingertips.

Finally, its 1.10 cm rim width contributes to its balance, steady flight, and confident predictability.

The Nomad, armed with its unique dimensions, is a disc designed for anyone seeking to level up their play.

Novice To Pro

Designed by World Champion James Conrad, the Nomad shines as a versatile putter. It offers familiarity to beginners and reliability to seasoned pros.

New to the game? This disc offers a welcoming introduction. Its high level of control and neutral flight can give players a confident stride and consistent play. 

On the other hand, experienced throwers value the Nomad’s consistency. Its controlled and predictable flight makes it a trusted companion for drives under 250 feet. You can even boost your throws to nearly 300 feet. Clearly, the Nomad has won the hearts of many seasoned pros, becoming a versatile go-to disc.

The Nomad caters to a wide range of players, offering predictable flight and superior design. Understanding your skill level and how to maximize what the Nomad provides is essential. Let’s now delve deeper into situations where this disc truly shines.

Excelling In Every Aspect

A hot pink MVP Electron Nomad James Conrad Edition with black rims and stamp

The Nomad proudly serves as a disc well-suited for both putt & approach situations. With its neutral flight on drives, stable to overstable flight while putting, and impeccable ability to handle power, it quickly becomes a worthy companion in your disc golf arsenal.

The following shot types are where the Nomad truly shows its capacity:

Straight Shots

The Nomad shines incredibly well for straight shots. Whether on drives under 250 feet or putting within the circle, it exhibits consistent stability and a reliable fade. One reviewer mentioned that they specifically use the Nomad for straight shots under 250 feet for its predictability and control.

Curved Shots

The Nomad’s ability to maintain a characterized line throughout its flight makes it excellent for curved shots. For example, one reviewer stated that the Nomad was great for holding both anhyzer and hyzer angles when required.

Approach Shots

The Nomad isn’t just a solid choice for putting—the disc has also proven to be an outstanding option for approach plays, specifically when soft landing and accuracy are desired.

Discs Similar To The MVP Nomad

Clash Discs Butter

The Butter holds its own against the Nomad as a putter that boasts a straight flight and minimal fade. Its beadless, round profile creates a comfy grip, paralleling the Nomad’s user-friendly design. This flexible putter confidently flies straight and can be maneuvered to create hyzer or anhyzer shots, echoing the Nomad’s adept versatility in shot-shaping.

Discmania Link

The Link makes a worthy adversary to the Nomad in terms of high control and balanced flight. While the flight paths might slightly differ, both discs appeal to various players in their performance.

Discraft APX

The APX is renowned for its straightforward approach to putting, with a comfortable hold and predictable fade. It aligns closely with the Nomad in these characteristics.

Unleash Your Winning Potential

The MVP Nomad has asserted itself as a reliable, versatile disc, especially in putt & approach plays, making it one of MVP’s best putters. The Nomad carves a space for itself in the bags of a diverse array of players—from beginners testing the waters to established players who appreciate the blend of control, glide, and stable finish.


  • Exceptional glide
  • High control
  • Predictable fade
  • Ease of use across all skill levels
  • Good grip (especially for Electron firm plastic)


  • Electron plastic prone to cosmetic wear
  • Less optimal for forehand flicks due to rim depth