My 2024 MVP Octane Disc Golf Distance Driver Review

The MVP Octane is a stable distance driver that I’ve been eager to review. I’m a 13-year veteran of this fantastic sport and can’t wait to share my thoughts on this disc. As a hobbyist and an experienced player, I promise you an MVP Octane review that comes directly from my personal throws and observations.

Having played countless games and tested numerous discs in different conditions, it takes something special to truly grab my attention. And let me tell you, the Octane delivered.

Stay with me as we delve into the nitty-gritty of this impressive disc. From its flight numbers to visuals, from its suitability for different skill levels to its most efficient use—I’ll discuss everything in this comprehensive review!

Into The Fast Lane

  • Speed: 13
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 2

The hallmark of the MVP Octane is its blistering speed, with a rating set firmly at 13. This disc is engineered to devour distance, making it a first-rate choice when you need a disc that slices through the air with grace and speed.

Boasting an exceptional glide rating of 5, the Octane suspends beautifully in mid-air, making the most of every ounce of force behind your throw. This little boost of hang time could be the game-changer that spares you an extra throw.

Don’t be thrown off by the negative turn of -1. This slight rightward veer at the beginning of its flight (for right-handed, backhand throws) indicates the Octane’s understable quality, which intermediate and advanced players can manipulate for certain throw types.

Lastly, the fade. With a rating of 2, the Octane assures a moderate curve to the left at the end of its path—a predictable finish that’s particularly valued when navigating course obstacles.

Combining distance, glide, a controllable turn, and a predictable fade—the MVP Octane delivers superior performance. No wonder it’s become a favorite among players, especially on courses that require a powerful yet precise instrument.

Sleek Speedster

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 1.70 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.40 cm

The generous diameter of 21.20 cm of the Octane reinforces its consistent flight and stability. Generally speaking, a larger diameter disc often results in more predictable throws, allowing you to maintain control over your shots.

Neither too tall nor too flat, the Octane sits perfectly in the sweet spot with a height of 1.70 cm, providing an exceptional grip that caters to a wide range of players.

The Octane also flaunts a rim depth of 1.20 cm and a rim width of 2.40 cm, measurements that often correspond with potential for distance. Teamed with its high-speed rating, this disc becomes a go-to for distance seekers. But remember, the wider rim might not be suitable for players with smaller hands or those fond of a thinner grip. Moreover, a stronger throw is necessary to tap into its capabilities.

Precision Velocity For Disc Golf Pros

A blue MVP Fission Octane with Black stamp and rims

The MVP Octane is founded on years of design innovation, resulting in a flight behavior crossing between stable and understable. This makes it a versatile disc for a broad spectrum of players. However, the high-speed requirement may not be well-suited for beginners.

Power throwers will find joy in hyzer flipping the Octane for maximum distance, while average throwers should see straight flights with some shallow turn. With its ability to handle wind and perform in various conditions, the Octane truly stands out.

The Octane provides a fair challenge to intermediate to advanced players aiming to refine their control. Capable of maintaining its line until the end fade comes into play, this disc demonstrated consistency in multiple throws over 300 feet.

While the Octane might not be the perfect fit for everyone, those with some experience will find it to be an invaluable addition. With its unparalleled distance and control, it could carve out a permanent spot in your disc golf bag sooner than you think.

Blazing Through The Course

The MVP Octane shines when a remarkable blend of distance and stability is the need of the hour. Consider this disc your long-haul friend that’s capable of impressive air time without straying off its trajectory.

It is handy when taking on long, open holes on the course where you need the perfect balance between distance and control. Moreover, its fade at the end ensures you land just where you wish to. On a calm day or with a tailwind, the Octane can go the extra mile and help you cover great swathes of the field.

Here are some shot types where the Octane comes into its own:

Anhyzer Shots

The Octane is ready to offer reliable distance even on anhyzer shots. Release it with a bit of anhyzer and some power, and the Octane turns enough but always comes back.

Hyzer Flip Throws

Power throws can flip it into a hyzer for max distance. The Octane can reach great lengths on a hyzer flip line.

Straight Shots

Throw it flat, and the Octane maintains a straight line for a good course before fading at the end. Thorough execution of this shot type can result in optimal performance.

Comparable Distance Drivers

A few discs are reminiscent of the MVP Octane’s flight behavior and could serve as good alternatives if you’re exploring options: 

Disctroyer Starling

A go-to disc for many, the Starling offers similar high-speed performance. Its stability, coupled with an impressive glide, makes it an excellent competitor to the Octane.

Axiom Tenacity

The Tenacity is known for its understable nature, offering great distances, especially for those with moderate arm speed. If you’re familiar with the Octane’s unique flight pattern, you’ll likely find the Tenacity appealing.

DGA Tempest

While slightly slower, the DGA Tempest holds its own when it comes to covering distances. Comparable in terms of glide and turn, the Tempest also offers reliable straight flights, much like the Octane.

MVP Octane In Review

A glittery red-ish MVP Proton Octane Distance Driver with black stamp and rims

The MVP Octane is a high-speed disc designed for distance, offering admirable stability. By merging speed, balance, and control, this disc has become a reliable companion for disc golfers who aren’t afraid to uncork their throws. Get one now and see why it’s one of MVP’s best distance drivers!

Intermediate to advanced players would benefit from adding the Octane to their collection. On the contrary, beginners might find its high-speed and wide rim demanding and may benefit more from starting with lower-speed discs.


  • Excellent for maximum distance throws
  • Reliable stability
  • Suitable for a variety of shot types
  • Excels in various wind conditions
  • Ideal for both backhand and forehand throws


  • Wide rim might not be comfortable for everyone
  • Requires some experience to fully exploit its potential