Discmania Method Review: Versatility On The Disc Golf Course

Excitement always bubbles up within me with the release of a new disc golf disc. Today, I’m more than thrilled to share my personal experience and insights through this comprehensive Discmania Method review. This addition to Discmania’s Evolution line has certainly piqued the interest of disc golfers worldwide.

My expertise in reviewing disc golf products is backed by over 13 years of playing disc golf and testing various discs. I make it a point to throw each disc extensively to get a genuine feel of its flight characteristics, stability, and how different skill-level players might respond.

The Method showcases an exciting blend of reliability and versatility worth exploring. Stay tuned to find out if this mid-range disc is the missing piece in your disc golf bag.

What The Flight Numbers Say: Consistency And Balance

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3

The Method proves to be a very reliable mid-range disc, primarily owing to its balanced flight numbers. With a speed rating of 5, it doesn’t fly at a blistering pace but provides control which is great for certain techniques.

Its glide of 5 signifies that the disc sustains flight longer than other discs, adding distance to your game. This a brilliant characteristic for those picture-perfect approach shots where you need to gain a few additional yards.

The Method boasts a zero turn, reinforcing the disc’s straight path- even in windy conditions, thus adding a good measure of consistency to your game.

Finally, the fade of 3 means that as the disc slows down, it tends to hook to the left (for right-hand backhand), offering a predictable finish to the path every time. This feature is something I’ve found helpful while trying to maneuver around obstacles near the basket.

A Natural Feel And Beautiful Rim

  • Diameter: 21.90 cm
  • Height: 2.10 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.30 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.30 cm

Physical stats can often be overlooked when discussing a disc, but knowing how the dimensions can affect your play is crucial. The Method has a diameter of 21.90 cm, which is pretty standard for discs of this class, ensuring a comfortable grip and familiar dynamics.

Sitting at 2.10 cm, the height gives it just the right amount of loft while flying without making it feel unwieldy in hand. Personally, my throws have always felt very natural with this disc.

The rim depth and width of 1.30 cm showcase its balanced design. It provides an adequate grip for power and finesse shots while ensuring smooth release. I vividly remember pulling off some beautiful anhyzer due to its well-built rim.

Compared to similar discs, it tends to stand out with its reliability and consistency while flying, resulting from its calculated dimensions. Essentially, it’s a disc that abides by the mantra, “Design is not merely what it looks like but how it works.”

A Disc For Advanced Throwers

The Method is, in many ways, a midrange disc that can comfortably fit into the disc arsenal of a wide range of players. However, given its slight learning curve, I would recommend it more for intermediate to advanced throwers.

Its predictability might prove overwhelming for beginners due to its evident balance, which most customer reviews echo. When thrown with less force, it tends to fade quicker than expected, which might not be ideal for newer players still trying to understand disc control.

Its ability to handle pro-level power on both forehand and backhand shots only elevates its value. It transitions beautifully from a glidey, overstable midrange disc out of the box into a straight flying disc with a consistent finish.

A few reviews particularly highlight its uncanny similarity to the classic Roc3 but with better glide and even the capacity to replace it entirely! This capacity of being a ‘workhorse’ by adapting to various techniques makes it a choice for those wanting greater versatility in their options.

Whatever you need, the Method is an overstable midrange that can handle your expectation and make a valuable addition to your disc set. However, as always, remember to play within your skill level, as it can take a bit of practice to entirely harness its power.

Take Your Shot: Straight, Anhyzer, Forehand & Backhand

 Brown Discmania Method with Teal Stamp and Black rims

The Discmania Method is your “go-to” disc for various gameplay situations. Whether you want to stay straight and true down the fairway, navigate a tricky pathway, or make a controlled, predictable finish, this has got you covered.

It can primarily be used for the following:

Straight Shots

This disc can hold a line beautifully. What’s fascinating is how it also manages to retain a consistent fade toward the end of its path, providing a controllable finish.


If I strongly flex this disc on an anhyzer, it would hold for most of the time it flies before it subtly flexes out and comes back near the end. It’s a thing of beauty when pulled off right.

Forehand & Backhand

It is designed to handle a lot of torque, making it perfect for both forehand and backhand. Additionally, you can be confident that it finishes hard on its intended line.

Similar Products

Discraft Buzzz OS

The Buzzz OS is another reliable disc. It handles power throws well, though it doesn’t have as much glide. It’s still a great disc, but in my opinion, the Method’s higher glide gives it a slight edge, especially in long fairways.

Innova Roc3

The Roc3 is probably the most comparable disc of the three. It’s a go-to for many, praised for its predictability. It’s an excellent disc, but from my experience and customer feedback, the Method offered a touch of extra glide and a smidge more resistance to turnover, making it a more versatile option.

Dynamic Discs Verdict

The Verdict is another trustworthy disc with similar high-speed stability in the market. However, its left-finishing touch is less pronounced, and its ability to withstand wind conditions is also slightly inferior.

Each of these discs has unique strengths and could be a worthy companion in your bag, depending on your throwing style and specific game requirements. That being said, the Method stands out with its overall performance and consistency.

Discmania Method Review: Final Thoughts

The Discmania Method is an excellent overstable mid-range disc that speaks to many players. While it would perhaps be better suited to intermediate and advanced players due to its stability, it can provide a consistent, reliable pattern for techniques.

Again, it’s crucial to highlight that this is a workhorse disc due to its versatility in the game, displaying a balanced mix of controlled speed, high glide, zero turn, and a reliable fade. This winning combination can give you the confidence to take those calculated risks on the course.


  • Superior glide
  • Reliable overstability
  • Adapts to a variety of shots
  • Great for shaping shots


  • Might not be ideal for beginners
  • Takes some time to beat in