MVP Teleport Review: The Ultimate Disc Golf Distance Driver

Welcome, fellow disc golf enthusiasts! It’s always exciting when I shed some light on the equipment that defines our beloved sport. On the cards today is the MVP Teleport review, and trust me, this one’s a real game-changer.

In my 13+ years on the course, I’ve had the chance to test many discs. But this is an opportunity to delve into a disc that has truly fascinated me for its balance between control and outrageous reach.

Let’s take a walk through this comprehensive review. By the end, you’ll be itching to get a Teleport in your bag and let it fly on the course, marking new personal records along the way. Buckle up; there’s a lot to unravel!

Speed And Reliable Flight

  • Speed: 14.5
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1.5
  • Fade: 2.5

To understand Teleport’s flight, we need to decode these numbers. A Speed rating of 14.5 suggests it’s one of the fastest discs on the market.

What I love about this is it requires less effort to achieve maximum spread. In my years of disc golf, I’ve found it perfect for those long, open fairways.

A glide of 5 means it enjoys staying in the air and covers a good span. Chasing those elusive birdies? This is your ally.

The turn, at -1.5, indicates a slightly complex behavior. It will initially deviate to the right (for a right-handed backhand throw) but not too sharply. A detailed explanation here: inexperienced throwers might find it tricky to control this slight unpredictability.

Finally, the fade of 2.5 shows that it curves back to the left end strongly as it loses speed. This disc can hold a line and has a reliable end-flight. I remember using this disc and being thrilled with the predictable flight pattern.

Feel Comfort And Balance In Your Game

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.90 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.50 cm

Examining the specifics, the Teleport boasts a fairly standard diameter of 21.10 cm. This is an ideal size for maintaining a comfortable grip and achieving a great throw.

It stands at 1.90 cm in height, giving it a low-profile aesthetics. I’ve seen that it facilitates producing aerodynamic throws. Moreover, it places less strain on my wrist, considering longer throws.

A rim depth of 1.20 cm perfectly balances control and spread. Your hand would struggle to release the disc smoothly with a too-deep rim. In the numerous games that I’ve played, it has always offered a trusty, clean release.

Finally, addressing the rim width of 2.50 cm, this is where all the velocity comes from. A wider rim contributes to higher momentum, and boy does this disc fly!

Do note, however, that a wider rim generally makes it more suitable for players with larger hands or those experienced enough to manage the grip.

A Distance Driver For Pros

Pulling from a wealth of user experience, the Teleport seems ideal for intermediate to advanced players looking to maximize their reach. This fact comes vividly to life with its middle-of-the-road stability and high-velocity rating.

It is wealthily devised with a straight-to-stable design. This means it’s not overly prone veering off course but retains enough flexibility, producing a tight S-curve at high speeds.

Skilled players can use this advantage to pull off some audacious maneuvers. You know those huge shots you’ve seen seasoned players execute? This can cater to that!

Many reviews, including my experience, suggest that it forgives enough to accommodate less-than-perfect throws, multiplying its appeal among average throwers.

It consistently offers manageable resistance and predictability. Sure, it doesn’t mind a good rip, but it doesn’t demand perfect torque every time.

However, it’s not all roses. Its class can be daunting for beginners. As such, they are encouraged to get a feel for slower discs before diving into such demanding waters.

Primary Use

A blue MVP Neutron Teleport Distance Drive with Black rims and black stamp

Teleport is primarily a distance driver. This is the kind you whip out at the tee as you stare down a long stretch of fairway. But the magic of this disc doesn’t stop there!

Let’s break down a few shot types this proves handy for.

Forehand Drive

One review reiterates my thoughts perfectly – this disc is a dream for forehand throws. Thanks to its stability and resistance, it handles the torque you give it beautifully, producing a sight to behold, an S curve that dances across the sky.

Anhyzer Shot

When you need a shot that curves to the right (for right-handers), this serves you brilliantly. Its subtle arc ensures the disc maintains an anhyzer angle for much of its flight before the end of its flight.

Hyzer Flip

It can also create controllable hyzer flips for more experienced players with a strong arms. You’ll roll it on an angle and watch it lift, shift right, and then stabilize.

The disc blends swiftness, glide, and stability, allowing for versatile lines, rewarding throws in open fairways, and trickier, tighter corridors. Whether you need a long straight drive that doesn’t lose its way in the wind or an extensive flex line that holds its angle before a hard fade, this product is a worthy choice.

Similar Discs

Axiom Tantrum

While I personally haven’t thrown the Axiom Tantrum, a few reviews note a similarity between the two discs in terms of flight. The Tantrum provides slightly more arc, but indeed, Teleport lovers would find it an engaging companion.

Legacy Cannon

Like the Teleport, the Legacy Cannon is revered for its quickness and distance but retains a notably understable flight path. Throwing the Cannon reminded me of executing throwing techniques like anhyzers and hyzer with ease. However, its slightly thicker rim takes some getting used to.

Dynamic Discs Sheriff

I’ve tried the Sheriff, and it’s indeed comparable to the Teleport. It’s a versatile disc rated for high velocity, but the Sheriff comes with a little more turn.

This makes it approachable for players to master their technique. It holds its line well before predictably finishing with a strong bend at the left.

Remember, your preferences and throwing style will determine your best disc. While these comparable discs may perform similarly, they each offer a unique flight character to explore.

MVP Teleport Review: Quick Summary

I highly recommend the MVP Teleport for players growing into their intermediate and advanced status in disc golf. Novices could try it but would likely benefit from starting with slower discs.

This disc’s high velocity and control balance rewards those who want a disc that can go the distance.


  • Can achieve substantial distance
  • Forgives less-than-perfect throws
  • Versatile for a variety of throwing techniques
  • Predictable fade


  • May be daunting for beginners due to its speed class
  • Rim width might be uncomfortable for smaller hands or less experienced players.