MVP Deflector Disc Review: Beefed-Up Brilliance

Interested in discovering a new favorite midrange disc golf disc? Then you’ll be thrilled with today’s focus in my MVP Deflector review. The MVP Deflector has proven to be a game-changer for many disc golfers.

With over 13 years of experience in disc golf, I’ve traveled through countless courses, thrown many disc brands, and witnessed the evolution of the disc golf game firsthand. My goal is to impart these insights to fellow players and enthusiasts alike.

For those ready to broaden their disc knowledge and possibly find a new favorite to add to their bag, stick around! Uncover the secrets behind this distinctive disc as I get into an in-depth exploration of this disc. Let’s get started!

Control And Stability

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 4

The Deflector delivers a consistently reliable and overstable flight pattern. A lower speed rating means it’s more accessible for beginners, while the high fade designates a strong, dependable hook at the end of the flight.

The 0 turn rating translates to stability, resisting any veering off course due to wind. Lastly, the glide value of 4 indicates this disc’s capacity to sustain desirable loft during flight. This disc may be perfect for you if you want to combat headwinds and produce powerful shots. It’s especially handy for some of my games down by the coast with unpredictable gusts.

Dimensions Decoded

  • Diameter: 21.50 cm
  • Height: 2.00 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.30 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.60 cm

These particular characteristics create the Deflector’s excellent disc shape. With a diameter of 21.50 cm, it fits well in just about any hand. The 2 cm height provides more surface area, which is excellent for gripping, throwing, and maintaining balance during flight.

The disc’s rim depth measures 1.3 cm, slightly shallower than others. This attribute makes for fast releases and enhances control—something I appreciate during those precision-required shots. Meanwhile, the 1.6 cm rim width falls into the mid-thickness category. This particular dimension favors the stronger and more experienced players due to its higher stability and resistance to off-axis torque.

Comparatively, this disc’s specs offer a balanced disc for a range of skill levels – from those just getting into the game to disc golf vets picking up a reliable addition to their bag.

Beefy Goodness

Pink MVP Neutron Deflector with Black Stamps and Black Stamp

The Deflector is lauded as an extremely beefy disc, a quality most appreciated by high-power throwers. It shines with strong forehand and backhand throws and is a controllable powerhouse of a disc that isn’t afraid of a headwind or a hard throw.

Although this disc offers incredible stability and predictability, beginners might struggle with its low glide and high fade. Someone still working on their distance and power might find it hard to keep in the air. That said, beginner forehand throwers find the overstable nature of the disc very supportive. It’s worth mentioning that patience is critical while figuring this disc out. It’s not for everyone, but when it works, it works wonders.

I firmly believe that it’s the type of disc that molds you as much as you mold it. It taught me a lot about my throwing style and control when I started using it and it always brought me back to learning the basics well. Anyone specifically looking to improve their forehand, or looking for a workhorse for windy conditions, might find this disc an ideal fit.

For the most part, I would recommend the Deflector to intermediate and advanced players. Still, truthfully, any adventurous player with a knack for disc exploration can benefit from testing out this fascinating disc first.

Elevating Performance In Every Throw

The Deflector’s design shines in three primary shot types:

Hyzer Shots

The sheer over-stability of this disc ensures that even on an anhyzer release, the Deflector will fight out of turn and flatten out before following a fade. A great example from my own game would be when I was stuck behind a bush, needing to take the disc left. With a pull-back and release, the Deflector executed a perfect hyzer line around the obstacle and towards the target—all to the applause of my buddies.

Forehand Utility Shots

This disc’s reliable over-stability makes it an excellent choice for forehand utility shots, especially since it can handle a lot of torque.

Shots Requiring Fade

This disc also consistently delivers in situations that demand a hard right-angle drop (for right-handed backhand throwers).

The Deflector’s hard fade and apparent gravity field make it a reliable choice in many disc golfers’ bags. It’s worth noting that this disc is not only about power; its versatility allows for some creative shot shaping, making it a valuable addition to your disc arsenal.

Similar Gems Worth Exploring

While the MVP Deflector is unique, there are a few discs out there with some common attributes.

Dynamic Discs Justice

The Justice is another meathook disc with significant overstability. Though it has a bit more glide, the reliable fade and how it handles wind feel similar to the Deflector. I’ve had the Justice in my bag for quite some time and see it as a slightly faster and more glidey cousin to the Deflector.

Clash Discs Mango

The Clash Discs Mango mirrors the MVP Deflector’s overstable characteristic. Boasting a consistently predictable flight path, even under windy conditions, the Mango, like the Deflector, is an excellent disc for those reliable hyzer shots. Furthermore, the Mango is a solid utility mid-range to get you out of tricky situations when a strong, dependable fade is required.

Discmania MD5

The Discmania MD5 and the MVP Deflector can almost be considered close relatives. Both are incredibly overstable mid-range discs designed for reliability and predictability. They’re both perfect for disc golfers who rely on accuracy rather than brute force. Differences? From my experience, the MD5 tends to produce a slightly softer fade, while the MVP Deflector is a hard-hitting overstable beast.

MVP Deflector In A Nutshell

The MVP Deflector brings excellent value to both beginners and veterans alike. It is especially advantageous to disc golfers looking to improve their shots in windy conditions and desire a disc that provides consistent overstability and predictable fade. The Deflector stands strong as a dependable meathook and one of the best MVP discs out there.


  • Reliable and consistent overstability
  • Durable MVP plastics
  • Offers a predictable fade that navigates with precision
  • Versatile in various conditions, particularly in wind


  • Might be too overstable for beginners or pros with lower arm speed
  • Low glide may limit distance potential for some.