MVP Wave Review: Distance Driver For All Disc Golf Players

Hey there! It’s a pleasure to have you join me as I dive into my expert MVP Wave review. Having played and tested a multitude of disc golf products over my 13+ years of experience, I know a good disc when I see one. And let me tell you, the MVP Wave is a disc that has truly caught my eye.

In this review, we’ll delve deep into the world of this item, dissecting its every twist and turn. We’re not talking about mere stats and numbers; we’re discussing real-world performance.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for a new disc or a curious beginner ready to upgrade your game, this review is for you. Let’s start and discover the magic this brings to the field.

Control In All Weathers

  • Speed: 11
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 2

The Wave showcases a captivating blend of speed and stability, which makes it a reliable choice for a broad range of disc golfers. With a speed rating 11, this disc is quick enough to cover impressive distances while maintaining predictable flight patterns.

The glide value 5 means it stays aloft longer, allowing you to squeeze out extra yards on your drives. The negative turn rating of -2 indicates this disc has a moderate tendency to turn right in the initial part of its flight (for right-handed, backhand throws).

Now, what keeps its flight balanced is the fade rating of 2. This stands for the disc’s predictable leftward drift towards the end of the flight (again, for right-handed, backhand throws), ensuring the disc won’t flip over too easily. It lends a sense of control when carving lines in medium to high wind conditions.

A Distance Driver For Maximum Performance

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.20 cm

The specifics of a disc can speak volumes about its performance, and the Wave is no exception. With a diameter of 21.10 cm, it falls within the standard range, consistently providing great distance coverage.

The height of the disc is quite moderate at 1.40 cm. This aspect keeps the disc’s nose down, helping it cut through the wind with less resistance and stay more stable during the flight.

It has a rim depth of 1.10 cm, which is comfortable for various grip styles. This characteristic caters to those with different hand sizes and grip preferences, making it a versatile choice for many.

The rim width is where it starts to stand out. At 2.20 cm, it is a bit larger than many other drivers. This wider rim allows the disc to spin faster, giving it that extra “oomph” for longer throws.

Good For All Skill Levels

A green MVP Fission Wave Distance Driver with black stamp and black rims

The Wave is not just another wide-rimmed high-speed driver in MVP’s lineup; it’s a disc that compels users to think beyond their comfort zone, offering a performance hard to resist irrespective of their skill levels.

The Wave might seem a bit intimidating if you’re new to the sport due to its wide-rimmed design. The ability to control and leverage the power of a wide-rimmed disc typically comes with some experience and a bit of arm strength.

If you’re a beginner, you might find this disc more overstable, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. If anything, it can provide you with the much-needed training to handle high-power requirements, preparing you for more advanced gameplay.

Moderate power throwers can find this disc incredibly versatile, extending various lines from simple anhyzers to headwind-assisted turnovers. The consensus is that you would get more distance from it relatively easily, even with a slower arm speed.

At the higher end of the skill spectrum, advanced throwers will appreciate the balance of turn and fade that the Wave delivers. It’s not too aggressive on the turn, yet the fade is reliable enough to accurately create and land shots, even in conditions that do not favor its class type.

If you want to play with the Wave’s full potential, maxing out on the weight could be a cool experiment. It tends to gain a slightly more stable characteristic that could be fun to handle.

Primary Use

The Wave is primarily designed to help you easily cover large distances. Its slightly understable nature allows it to perform and maneuver in a way that maximizes the distance potential of your throws.

It’s the kind of disc that can be flung in a variety of lines and shot types, making it incredibly versatile and adaptable useful according to the situation on the field.

Given its unique characteristics, here are a few types it excels at:

Hyzer Flip

This disc has ample turn to easily flip up from a hyzer release and glide straight for a long distance. This is very useful in navigating tight fairways.


Thanks to its understable nature, it holds the right-turning anhyzer angle well throughout the path, perfect for getting around obstacles on the left.


This is the go-to type for maximum distance. It can create a gentle S-shaped path that’s beautiful to watch and highly efficient regarding distance coverage.

This disc adapts to serve you the way you want. Its ability to mold itself according to the player’s needs and course demands accounts for its extensive popularity and effectiveness as one of the best MVP distance drivers.

Similar Discs

Discmania DD1

This disc is quite similar in its ability to cover the distance with high speed. The DD1, however, tends to be a bit more overstable, so its flight path might differ slightly depending on your style and power.

Discraft Scorch

The Scorch is often compared to the Wave due to its speedy and long gliding capabilities. Both discs provide impressive distance, but the Scorch offers slightly less turn, making it potentially more controllable for some players.

Innova Mystere

Another high-speed driver, the Mystere is a bit less stable than the Wave. If you love the Wave but are seeking a bit more turn in your game, the Mystere might be an excellent pick for you.

Bear in mind while these discs share some commonality with the Wave, they each have their unique characteristics and feel. Remember that the best disc is often the one you feel the most comfortable with, so these suggestions are simply a starting point for your exploration.

MVP Wave Review: Quick Summary

The Wave impresses with its wide coverage of players, from beginners to seasoned disc golfers seeking a consistently reliable choice for their long-distance reach. It’s a disc with commendable adaptability that comfortably fits various shot requirements, making it a versatile addition to any player’s bag.

It stands out for its balanced turn and fades, offering predictable paths despite its high speed and long glide. If the distance is your endgame, then this would inevitably lift your spirits.


  • Versatile across various shot types
  • Excellent for long-distance throws
  • Suits a wide array of players, from intermediates to advanced
  • Great for transitioning from fairway to distance drivers


  • Wide-rimmed design requires experience to control efficiently
  • It can be unpredictable in strong headwind conditions.