MVP Volt Review: A Versatile Fairway Driver For Disc Golf

I’m excited to share my comprehensive MVP Volt review with you today. This disc has been a reliable mainstay in my bag for quite a while now. From long accurate placement shots to subtle turns and reliable fades, it holds a special place in my disc golf experience.

I’ve played disc golf for over 13 years and have thrown many discs. Safe to say, I have a pretty good idea about what makes a disc perform well.

So, stick around whether you’re a rookie looking for your new go-to driver or a pro deciding on adding another disc to your collection. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

What The Flight Numbers Say

  • Speed: 8
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -0.5
  • Fade: 2

The Volt promises a balanced and consistent flight, thanks to its numbers. With a moderate speed rating of 8, the disc is fast enough to fly long distances but not so fast that it becomes hard to control. It’s perfect for players like me who love power throws but appreciate precise control.

The glide rating of 5 highlights its ability to maintain its path. When I launched it at my local disc golf course, the disc stayed in the air for a surprisingly long time, giving me that extra distance I needed.

Now onto my favorite bit. With a rating of -0.5 and 2, respectively, it offers a slight turn at the initial part of the path and a predictable fade towards the end. This adds more dimension to your strategy and makes it a versatile disc for different situations.

Its flight numbers connote a balanced and predictable throw. This disc can deliver whether you aim for a straight tunnel shot or a gentle curve. So if you’re after a disc that offers you control, distance, and strength, this could just be your ace in the hole.

Dimensions And Additional Information

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.00 cm

Now, let’s delve into the technical nitty-gritty, the physical characteristics of the MVP Volt. Measuring up at a diameter of 21.10 centimeters, it finds a sweet spot that’s slightly larger than the typical driver. This larger diameter gives that added control I usually seek in a driver.

It stands a bit low with a height of 1.60 cm. Compared to other discs I’ve played with, this lower profile results in less interference from the wind while providing a comfortable grip, especially for those with smaller hands like mine.

With a rim depth of 1.10 cm and rim width of 2.00 cm, it exhibits a semi-thick rim that allows the disc to maintain speed, ensuring a longer reach and resilience. The width might be challenging for beginners, but seasoned veterans would appreciate its extra stability.

It offers a unique synthesis in its dimensions and design that contributes to its reliable and controlled performance. It might need some adjusting, but you will appreciate what it brings to your game once you get the hang of it.

The MVP Disc Sports shop sells it in a variety of colors and molds as well, from cosmic neutron plastic to proton plastic. The electron version was also highly praised for its solid weight.

Either way, the price is clearly worth it for this disc, considered one of MVP’s best overstable fairway drivers.

What Customer Reviews Say: A Fairway Driver For Everyone

A pink/green marbled MVP Plasma Volt Fairway Driver with Silver Stamp and Black rims

What makes the MVP Volt a gem in my collection is its accessibility across different skill levels. Whether you are a beginner trying to improve your long drives or an advanced player seeking that perfect control-shot disc, this one fits right in.

Starters might find it initially challenging due to its slight overstability but trust me, as your game develops, so does the relationship with this disc. Its overstability is a bit daunting, but as your techniques evolve, you’ll learn to appreciate its consistency and control, especially on long water shots.

This disc golf fairway driver takes it up a notch for higher-arm speed. The slight turn on a power throw is beautiful and adds to your horizontal movement, gaining those extra yards. One round of disc golf on a windy day, and you’ll be amazed at how this resists turn.

What I cherish the most about it is its reliability. I turn to this disc for those tight fairways or when my game has completely run off track. It has never let me down in all these years, always offering that mild but consistent fade.

Furthermore, it serves brilliantly for both backhand and forehand throwers, making it a preferred choice in one-disc tournaments. The firm MVP plastic is durable and comfortable, and its slight gummy feeling only adds charm.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie, an armature, or a pro. It has something to offer to all. It’s like good wine; the more it ages in your disc golf bag, the better it gets.

Great For Tight Disc Golf Shots

The MVP Volt, at its core, is a long, accurate placement disc. It excels when precision is key, and you need to thread your disc down a tight fairway. Its exceptional balance between speed and control makes it an exemplary choice for fairway drives.

Straight Tunnel Shots

Need to cut through a densely treed area? Its forward-penetrating fade helps it cut through the air and stay on its path. My first round was on a course brimming with narrow ally ways. Whenever I had to shoot through those, it stepped forward to the occasion.

Anhyzer Shots

The slight turn on wrapping up allows the disc to turn smoothly on an Anhyzer angle before it levels out. Even when it’s beaten in, the stability it offers helps you get this disc around obstacles.

My go-to strategy for out-of-reach baskets is to create a gentle curve with it, beating the obstruction and landing close.

Fade Shots

This delivers a dominant and consistent fade, making it great for curvy shots around obstacles. Whenever my game needs a perfect shot under 300′, I count on it to close in on the basket every time.

If you desire a throw that affords you control and distance, or you’re seeking to introduce that Anhyzer angle, this could make a great addition to your bag. This disc has multitudes of use, whether for straight gut shots or to curve around obstacles. It will equip you with the versatility your toolkit needs to clinch those decisive shots.

Similar Discs And Other Info

The world of disc golf is crowded with a plethora of options. Let’s glance at some discs that perform similarly to the MVP Volt.

Innova Teebird

The Innova Teebird is another fairway driver that echoes the promise of control and solidity. However, a greater fade rating guarantees a more pronounced end-flight curvature. My Teebird had saved me multiple times when I needed that extra curve.

Discraft Mantis

From the realm of Discraft, the Mantis offers a similar turn and fade to the Volt, making it another popular choice for players seeking controlled throws.

MVP Tesla

Closer to the MVP family, the Tesla is like an elder sibling to the Volt— faster but with similar turn and qualities. Owning both, I can vouch for its ability to chew out more distance when required, but it requires more power than the latter.

These discs offer alternatives based on subtle variations in their flight paths and player preferences. Yet, the Volt holds its ground with its unique blend of precision and adaptability.

MVP Volt Review: Quick Summary

The Volt is a dependable and versatile fairway driver that caters to various skill levels and throwing styles. Its strength lies in its stability and control, making it a reliable choice in unpredictable conditions and for complex shots.


  • Consistent and controllable flight.
  • Trustworthy fade, even under windy conditions.
  • Comfortable and durable material with a slight ‘gummy’ feel.
  • Versatility across a broad range of skill levels and shots.


  • Overstability could be challenging for beginners.
  • The slightly larger rim width might take some getting used to.