Unleashing Hex-cellence: Axiom Hex Disc Review

When expanding my disc golf lineup, I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest options on the market. So when I got my hands on the Axiom Hex, I knew I had to put it through its paces and share my thoughts in this Axiom Hex review.

The Hex boasts a versatile and reliable design, promising to cater to players of all skill levels and elevate their disc golf game. But does it live up to the hype, and is it one of the best Axiom discs? That’s what we’re here to find out.

This in-depth review will cover everything about the Hex’s characteristics and potential. By the end, you’ll have a well-rounded understanding of what this unique midrange disc has to offer and whether it belongs in your bag.

Spellbinding Stability

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 1

The Hex has a flight that provides excellent control, evidenced by its flight numbers. With a speed of 5, it’s not the fastest disc on the market, but it’s certainly not the slowest. This moderate speed allows for controlled throws while still providing a good distance.

The glide rating of 5 means this disc stays in the air for a relatively long time, which can help newer players achieve more distance on their throws. The turn of -1 indicates that this disc has a slight propensity to veer to the right during the early part of its flight. However, this characteristic isn’t exaggerated, making it an excellent choice for players looking to master the art of controlled anhyzer shots.

Lastly, with a fade rating of 1, the Hex will only exhibit a minimal leftward fade as it slows down at the end of its flight path. This allows you to trust the disc to hold its line with minimal “dumping” to the left in the final moments of its flight.

Crafting Disc Golf Magic

Light blue Axiom Hex Special Edition with  orange/black/white stamp and red rims
  • Diameter: 21.40 cm
  • Height: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.30 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.40 cm

The Hex has a diameter of 21.40 centimeters, which falls into the standard range for most mid-range discs. With a height of 1.60 centimeters, the disc has a relatively flat profile, giving it a comfortable feel in the hand and making it easy to grip.

The rim depth of 1.30 centimeters offers a shallow and ergonomic grip, which tends to be favored by players with smaller hands or those who prefer a less bulky feel. The rim width of 1.40 centimeters is slightly narrower than some other mid-range discs, but it still provides enough surface area for a secure and confident grip.

This disc is most comparable to other relatively flat and shallow mid-range discs. It should be comfortable for many players, and its physical characteristics contribute to its stable and predictable flight path.

Exciting Versatility

The Hex is designed to be a straight-flying midrange that can fit into anyone’s bag. Its versatility makes it ideal for players of various skill levels, from beginners to advanced.

For advanced players and those with stronger arms, the Hex may show slightly understable characteristics, allowing for more controlled shaping of lines. However, for beginners or intermediate players with lower arm speeds, this disc will be quite stable, able to hold most lines with minimal effort.

Many players have praised this disc for its comfortable feel, as it has a shallower profile, making it easier to grip. This comfortable feel and its predictable path make this disc suitable for players looking to learn angle control and develop their technique.

The Hex will find a place in anyone’s bag; it’s an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced players.

Enchanting Fairway Dominance

The Axiom Hex excels as a versatile and reliable midrange disc suitable for many situations on the disc golf course. Its neutral characteristics make it perfect for wooded courses where control and shot shaping are paramount.

Given its flight numbers and user feedback, here are some shot types the Hex can be effectively used for:

Hyzer Flips to Straight

This disc can be thrown on a hyzer angle and will easily flip up to a mesmerizingly straight flight, providing an accurate shot with minimal side-to-side movement.

Gentle Right-to-Left Shots (For Right-Hand Backhand Players)

With its minimal fade at the end, this disc can be used for shots that require a controlled curve or gentle right-to-left movement.

Turnover Shots

When thrown with an anhyzer angle, this disc can be used for smooth, consistent turnover shots that hold their line throughout the flight.

Yellow Axiom Hex disc with Blue rims and silver stamp

Other Bewitching Discs

Here are a few discs that are similar to the Axiom Hex and how they compare:

Alfa Discs Apollo

The Alfa Discs’ Apollo is a straight-flying midrange that serves as a dependable workhorse in any player’s bag. Designed for all skill levels, this disc boasts impressive glide and can hold any line for that sneaky distance. Many players have praised the Apollo’s consistent flight across various power levels, making it a highly recommended option to those who can acquire one.

Discraft Archer

The Discraft Archer is another midrange disc that offers a similar level of control and versatility as the Axiom Hex. However, the Archer may be slightly more understable, making it more suitable for players with lower arm speeds or those who prefer to attempt more aggressive anhyzer shots.

Discraft Buzzz

The Discraft Buzzz is arguably the most similar disc to the Axiom Hex, offering a reliable straight path and similar dimensions. Many players have referred to the Hex as a more streamlined version of the Buzzz, with improved ergonomics and slightly more understable. While the Buzzz may be more stable, the Hex’s flight and feel have led some players to replace their Buzzz in their bags.

The Axiom Hex In A Nutshell

A pink Axiom Hex Special Edition with yellow/blue stamp and bright green rims

The Axiom Hex is a reliable midrange disc that caters to various skill levels. Its comfortable feel and neutral flight characteristics make it an excellent choice for players looking for control and shot shaping in various situations.

While the disc is most suitable for beginners and experienced players seeking a go-to midrange companion, it may not be ideal for those looking for a highly overstable or understable option. Overall, the Hex offers predictability and adaptability in a user-friendly package.


Comfortable and shallow grip
Predictable neutral flight
Versatile for various shot types and skill levels
Comparable to the popular Discraft Buzzz with improved ergonomics


Might not suit players seeking a more overstable or understable midrange