Axiom Virus Review: Quality Distance Driver For Disc Golf

After trying this disc for a while, I finally decided to share my thoughts in this Axiom Virus review. This impressive understable distance driver has caught the attention of many disc golfers and for a good reason.

With a unique blend of flight characteristics, it caters to a wide scope of skill levels, making it a versatile addition to any disc golfer’s bag. Throughout this review, I’ll share my experience and observations, diving deep into its specifications.

If you’re searching for an honest and reliable opinion on this popular disc, look no further, and let’s get started on this in-depth review of one of Axiom’s easiest-to-throw distance drivers.

Flight Information

  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -3.5
  • Fade: 1

The Virus boasts a unique flight number combination that translates to an understable and versatile disc for various shot types. With a Speed of 9, it is categorized as a fast disc that cuts through the air effortlessly. This speed allows the disc to cover more ground, making it suitable for longer distances.

The glide of 5 indicates its impressive ability to stay airborne, maximizing distance potential for those who can’t generate as much power in their shits. Average throwers can easily throw this weight with its turn of -3.5, as it is highly understable.

It will naturally shift to the right for right-handed backhand throws and left for left-handed ones, allowing for some fun and creative shot shaping on the course.

Lastly, with a straightforward fade of 1, it minimally tends to hook back at the end of its path. This gentle fade results in smoother landings and can be beneficial for finessing shots around obstacles or threading tight lines through wooded courses.

This disc showcases a reliable and predictable path that offers outstanding control and distance potential for various players and situations.

Built For Consistency And Comfort

A Red-ish glittery Axiom Proton Virus disc with yellow rim and white stamp
  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2 cm

The Axiom Virus features a comfortable and streamlined design thanks to its dimensions. With a diameter of 21.10 cm, this disc falls within the average size range for driver discs, offering a familiar feel in hand and a consistent release for a broad spectrum of players.

The height of 1.40 cm is a relatively low-profile, giving the disc a sleek and aerodynamic form that further contributes to its impressive speed and ability to maintain its course in variable wind conditions.

The rim depth of 1.20 cm is somewhat shallow, allowing for a comfortable grip and easy release for players of all skill levels, especially those with smaller hands or who may struggle with deeper-rimmed discs.

It has a rim width of 2.00 cm, which falls within the wide-rim category, typically denoting faster, more advanced discs. However, its nature balances this characteristic, making it accessible to less experienced players, while power throwers will find its stability to be a huge benefit.

This blend of dimensions gives it an excellent balance of distance, control, and versatility for diverse course conditions and playstyles.

Maximum Reach For All Skill Levels

The Virus is an understable distance driver that caters to various skill levels. Boasting a profile that is easy to throw and lends itself to excellent distance potential, beginners and average throwers will be able to use this perfectly.

Power throwers will be able to use it for tailwind shots, rollers, and long turnover shots, while its glide and responsive understability can help extend and shape lines for all players.

Despite being wide-rim, its nature makes it accessible to newer players. Meanwhile, more experienced throwers will find the Virus useful for its gentle turnover tendency and forward fade for creative shots and maneuverability.

It is perfect for stand-up forehand and backhand shots that remain straight and create beautiful turnover lines. A favorite for hyzer-flips, it provides a steady turn and slight fade at medium arm speeds, making it great for beginners looking to increase their distance.

Some players may find the disc less flippy than expected, but I still highly recommend giving it a shot. Minding angles and torque is essential with this disc due to its floppiness, but it provides effortless distance once mastered.

The Virus is recommended for any arm speed, offering a simple yet effective option. This certainly makes it one of the best Axiom discs to date. There’s little wonder why manufacturers can create a fraction of brand loyalty among their customers.

Primary Use

The Axiom Virus is primarily meant for distance shots, whether it’s straight down the fairway or navigating a diverse range of course layouts. This disc allows for versatility and adapts effectively to a variety of situations.

Let’s delve into the different shot types that the Virus can be used for:

Hyzer Flip

Utilizing this shot, the disc is released with a slight hyzer angle, causing it to flip up to a flat position and glide forward. Its stable nature and gentle fade make it ideal for executing hyzer flips, which yield impressive distances without sacrificing control.

Turnover Shots

Its unique turnover tendency allows you to create sweeping right-to-left or left-to-right curves (depending on your throwing style) that navigate obstacles and tight fairways. By taking advantage of the disc’s understability, you’ll be able to flex huge turnover shots for maximum distance.


For those who have mastered the art of the roller, its high turn rating and forward fade will provide an excellent weapon for these ground-based shots that can forge new paths and achieve unexpected distances. Its ability to flip and curve makes it well-suited for low, rolling shots to avoid low ceilings or tight gaps.

The Virus serves as a versatile distance driver that can be used for various shots in various situations on the course. Its nature, easy throwing capabilities, and wide range of applications make it an outstanding addition to any disc golfer’s bag.

More Options: Other Available Discs Like Virus

The Virus shares some characteristics with other distance drivers in the market. Comparing these similar discs can help players decide which one may suit their preferences best:

Aquaflight Swift

The Aquaflight Swift is designed for easy throws and maximum distance. It also offers excellent glide and turnover capabilities. However, Swift may not be as widely available as the Virus, making it more challenging to find and test out.

Discraft Heat

Discraft Heat is a popular option in this category. Known for its easy release, the Heat has a similar path to the Virus. It provides excellent glide, a manageable curve, and a controllable fade.

The Heat is available in a variety of plastics, giving players the option to choose based on their preferred feel and durability.

Gateway Assassin

The Gateway Assassin strikes a balance between stability and understability. This disc offers great distance potential with a speed rating similar to the Virus.

While the Assassin’s turn rating isn’t quite as pronounced as the former, it still provides ample shot-shaping opportunities. The Gateway Assassin is known for its comfortable grip and consistency, making it an alternative worth considering.

Comparing these options’ characteristics can help players determine the best choice for their preferences and throwing style.

Axiom Virus Review: Quick Summary

The Virus is a versatile and understable distance driver that caters to a wide range of skill levels, making it an excellent addition to any disc golfer’s bag. With its unique combination of speed, glide, turn, and fade, this disc can achieve impressive distances while maintaining control and precision.

Virus is Axiom’s easiest to throw distance driver, enabling beginners to become long-distance throwers at their own pace. Meanwhile, experienced players will be able to extend and shape lines using its consistent turn and gentle fade,


  • Understable flight path for easy throwing
  • Excellent glide and distance potential
  • Wide-rim design for increased stability and control
  • Suitable for various skill levels and throwing styles


  • It might be too understable for some players, particularly those in the high-arm speed class.
  • Flight characteristics may occasionally vary depending on the specific disc purchased.