Here’s The 10 Best Innova Distance Drivers In 2024

Over time, I’ve come to rely on Innova’s impressive lineup of discs to consistently improve my maximum flight distance and accuracy.

In this article, we’ll dive into the 10 best Innova distance drivers that have not only earned their place in my personal arsenal but have also garnered rave reviews from players around the world.

Each driver offers unique characteristics that cater to different skill levels and playing styles while delivering exceptional performance.

Innova Tern

You’ll find the Innova Tern to be an excellent choice for intermediate players seeking maximum distance. It’s understable nature and unique flight path allow for versatile shot shaping and impressive results.

The Tern’s durability is evident in its Champion plastic construction, offering a comfortable grip and long-lasting performance. Its design features a 2.3 cm wide rim that isn’t quite as broad as the Dominator, Vulcan, or Katana, making it easier to handle for those who may not have the strongest arm speed.

As my personal experience has shown me, this disc quickly became one of my favorites due to its ability to achieve an S-turn flight path and provide me with great distances.

In terms of tern comparisons with other discs on the market, I can confidently say that the Tern stands out thanks to its distinct flight paths and suitability for various skill levels. For those who can throw about 400 feet consistently using a midrange disc like myself, the Tern is a fantastic driver that can help push your limits even further.

It offers different options for shaping shots depending on your needs – whether it’s navigating narrow fairways or working your way around obstacles – giving you that sense of freedom you crave on the course.

Overall, if you’re looking to explore advanced techniques with a reliable and versatile distance driver in 2024, look no further than the Innova Tern!

Innova Wraith

Don’t be fooled by its humble appearance; the Innova Wraith will glide through the air with such grace and precision, making you wonder how you ever managed without it. The Wraith’s versatility allows me to use it in various situations on the course, from tight wooded shots requiring control to open fields where I need maximum distance.

Having experimented with different disc stability and optimal throwing techniques, I can confidently say that the Wraith’s flight ratings are spot-on, allowing me to shape a variety of lines depending on my needs. With numerous Wraith plastic options available, like GStar for a grippy feel and added understability or Halo for a more overstable finish, I’ve been able to fine-tune my bag to suit my play style.

What truly sets the Wraith apart is its ability to cater to players of all skill levels while still providing a sense of freedom as your skills progress. As my arm speed has increased over time, I’ve found new ways to utilize this disc effectively – from controlled hyzer flips in dense woods to powerful forehand throws that capitalize on its impressive glide.

The Innova Wraith has become an indispensable part of my arsenal as both a backhand and forehand workhorse. With each throw, I’m reminded not only of my growth within this sport but also of the boundless possibilities that lie ahead when wielding such an adaptable tool as the Innova Wraith.

Innova Beast

Unleash the power of the Beast and watch as it effortlessly glides through the air, carving its way around obstacles and reaching impressive distances with ease.

The Beast’s versatility is unmatched, making it an essential addition to any disc golfer’s bag. Its flight consistency allows for a predictable path, whether you’re navigating tight wooded courses or wide-open fields.

As a beginner-friendly disc, the Beast can help improve your accuracy while also providing advanced techniques for more experienced players. The various Beast plastic options cater to all skill levels and preferences.

From durable Champion plastic that can withstand rough conditions, to grippy Star plastic that offers exceptional feel in your hand – there’s a Beast for everyone.

In my experience, this disc has not only helped me refine my throwing technique but has also given me the freedom to explore different shot shapes and angles on the course.

The Innova Beast is truly a must-have distance driver for anyone looking to elevate their game and unleash their full potential on the course.

Innova Firebird

When you throw the Innova Firebird, it’s like harnessing the power of a hurricane in your hand. This disc fearlessly tackles headwinds and delivers amazing control for forehand shots. The Firebird’s stability is truly impressive; even on steep anhyzers or powerful flicks, it always fights its way back to provide a predictable finish.

As a predominantly forehand player myself, I can’t emphasize enough how crucial the Firebird has been in my development and consistency. It’s not just about distance, either – the disc flight paths are so reliable that you can shape your shots with precision and confidence.

One of the things I love most about the Firebird is its versatility. While primarily known for its prowess in windy conditions and as a go-to option for forehand throws, you’ll be surprised by how many different types of shots you can execute with this disc. From big hyzer bombs to low skips or even flex lines through tight gaps – there’s hardly any situation where the Firebird won’t come in handy.

When comparing various discs in terms of utility and performance under pressure, few other drivers can match what the Firebird brings to your game. So if you’re looking for a trustworthy companion out on those blustery days or simply want to dial in your flick game, don’t hesitate to give this exceptional disc a try!

Innova Sidewinder

Imagine the thrill of effortlessly gliding through tight gaps and carving your way out of tricky situations with the reliable Sidewinder in your arsenal. The Sidewinder’s versatility is truly remarkable, providing unique flight patterns that adapt to various playing styles and skill levels.

As a beginner-friendly driver, it offers impressive distance potential even for those with slower arm speeds. Disc selection tips for new players often include this gem because of its ability to help you develop advanced techniques like hyzer flip throws while still being forgiving.

The more I play with the Sidewinder, the more I appreciate its subtle nuances and exceptional performance in different scenarios. Whether you’re looking to add extra distance to your drives or shape precise shots around obstacles, this disc delivers time and time again.

Once you’ve mastered hyzer flips and other advanced techniques with this dependable driver, you’ll find yourself reaching for it consistently on a variety of courses. It’s no wonder that the Innova Sidewinder has earned its spot among the best distance drivers in 2024; it offers unparalleled freedom on the course thanks to its extraordinary capabilities and undeniable charm.

Innova Destroyer

You’ll be amazed to know that the Destroyer is the #1 selling driver of all time, and for good reason. This versatile driver offers exceptional control and accuracy, making it a favorite among professional disc golfers and intermediate players alike.

The Destroyer’s durability is top-notch, as it’s available in all major plastics, which not only enhances its lifespan but also provides beginner-friendly options. The disc stability is perfect for those who want consistent performance at high speeds without sacrificing distance.

Read my in-depth Innova Destroyer review here.

Furthermore, there are several Destroyer variants to choose from, each presenting unique flight paths that cater to players with different skill levels and throwing techniques.

As an avid disc golfer myself, I can attest to how valuable the Destroyer has been in my own game. After getting comfortable with my arm speed and reaching distances of 400+ feet, the Destroyer transformed my ability to handle various course conditions confidently. Its advanced design allows me to exploit its potential for maximum distance while maintaining incredible glide and precision.

Additionally, I’ve found success using the Destroyer for both backhand and forehand throws, making it an indispensable tool in my arsenal. If you’re looking for a reliable high-speed driver that grants you freedom on the course by unlocking new possibilities in your game—look no further than the Innova Destroyer!

Innova Shryke

It’s no wonder that the Shryke has quickly become a favorite among disc golfers seeking maximum distance and control. Its easy-to-throw design and impressive glide open up a world of possibilities on the course, empowering players to reach new heights in their game. The Shryke stability is beginner-friendly but still offers advanced players the ability to shape shots with precision.

I’ve seen players of various skill levels succeed with this disc, and it truly shines when thrown with confidence. In addition to its performance capabilities, the Shryke also boasts an array of color options and plastic variations to suit any player’s preferences.

In my own experience, I found that the Champion plastic variation offered me more predictable flights compared to other plastics like GStar or Star. The added stability helped me trust my throws in different wind conditions while still maintaining an incredible amount of Shryke glide for maximum distance potential.

If you’re looking for a disc that can bomb down fairways but still offers some level of control, I highly recommend giving the Innova Shryke a try – especially if you don’t quite have the arm speed necessary for faster discs like Destroyers or Wraiths.

With its blend of accessibility for beginners and versatility for seasoned pros, there’s no doubt that this versatile distance driver will continue to be a popular choice among disc golfers in 2024 and beyond.

Innova Mamba

With the Innova Mamba, you’ll experience a disc that’s perfect for those seeking an understable high-speed driver. It effortlessly glides through the air and provides impressive distance on every throw. The Mamba versatility is truly exceptional. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first 11-speed driver or an intermediate to advanced player seeking angle control, this disc has something to offer everyone.

I’ve personally witnessed the Mamba flight path ‘hyper drive’ out to 410-420 feet on a rope when thrown with a high hyzer flip to flat technique. Its highly underrated nature means that many players may overlook this gem in favor of other distance drivers, but once you’ve experienced its unique flight characteristics and potential for massive distance gains, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

One of the things I appreciate most about the Innova Mamba is its availability in various plastics suited to different skill levels and preferences. From more affordable DX plastic options for beginners still honing their skills to premium Star and Champion plastics providing increased durability and consistent performance, there’s a Mamba option out there for everyone.

When it comes to Mamba comparisons with other distance drivers like the Shryke or Tern, I find that while these discs have their merits, nothing quite matches up to the drawn-out turn of the Mamba followed by its dependable fade back – making it incredibly satisfying both to throw and watch fly.

For those who love freedom on the course and crave that extra edge in terms of distance and maneuverability regardless of skill level, look no further than the Innova Mamba – your new go-to understable high-speed distance driver.

Innova Valkyrie

The Innova Valkyrie‘s popularity is well-deserved, as this versatile disc held the world distance record for an impressive 10 years. Its versatility makes it perfect for players of all skill levels, whether you’re a beginner just learning the ropes or a seasoned pro looking to refine your disc golf technique.

Turnover shots and hyzer flips are made easy with the Valkyrie, providing advanced players with more opportunities to shape their lines on the course. For newer players, this beginner-friendly disc offers a great introduction to driving with its stable flight and predictable fade.

In my decade of playing disc golf, I’ve consistently relied on the incredible performance of the Valkyrie in various situations. Its ability to navigate through tight tunnels and low ceilings while maintaining a straight finish has been invaluable in achieving success on many courses.

The freedom it provides in shaping shots allows me to push my creative limits and experiment with different techniques – something that I believe is essential for any player looking to improve their game.

If you’re seeking both distance and versatility in your arsenal, look no further than the Innova Valkyrie – a tried-and-true staple for disc golfers everywhere.

Innova Roadrunner

As you explore the world of disc golf, you’ll find the Roadrunner to be an invaluable companion in your journey. It offers a high glide rating and control for players with slower arm speeds or those just starting out. Its versatility allows for a variety of shots like turnover shots and hyzer flip mastery.

As a beginner-friendly driver, this disc will help you gain confidence in your throws by providing consistent distance while still leaving room for growth as your skill level advances. The smooth transition from dome to wing makes it comfortable to hold, and its roller disc performance is something that even advanced players can appreciate.

Speaking from personal experience, I’ve found that my trusty Star Roadrunner has helped me immensely on the course. Whether I need a slight turn to the right before gliding out slightly left or if I’m looking for a flat flight with a little more left finish, my Roadrunner delivers consistently.

It’s not only great for beginners but also lends itself well to advanced techniques such as controlled rollers or tight turnovers – perfect for navigating tricky courses with ease. Embrace the freedom that comes with mastering this versatile distance driver; let it accompany you on your path toward becoming an accomplished disc golfer!


Well, there you have it, folks. I’ve just spilled all my secrets and given you the ultimate list of the 10 best Innova distance drivers in 2024.

I guess I’ll have to find a new edge on the disc golf course now that everyone’s armed with this knowledge.

But seriously, these discs are no joke – they’ve helped me crush my drives like never before.

So go ahead and give ’em a whirl; maybe we can share a laugh as we watch our discs soar past our card mates!

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