5 Innova Fairway Drivers You Need In Your Bag (2024)

Ah, the sweet smell of freshly cut grass on a crisp morning, the sound of chains rattling as a disc lands perfectly in the basket – there’s nothing quite like a great day out on the disc golf course.

As an Innova thrower for many years now, I’ve come to appreciate and understand that having the right discs in your bag can truly elevate your game. In my quest for fairway domination, I’ve discovered some true gems within Innova’s lineup of fairway drivers that have transformed my drives and helped me gain more control over my shots.

In this article, we’re going to take an exhilarating journey through the world of Innova fairway drivers – uncovering seven models that will potentially change your game forever. Whether you’re looking to shape lines through tight wooded fairways or need just a little extra distance while maintaining accuracy, these discs are sure to impress.

So sit back and relax, because it’s time to unchain ourselves from our old ways and embrace these innovative tools designed specifically for those who seek freedom on the course!

Innova Leopard3

An Yellow and White dye colored Innova Halo Star Leopard3 (Ohn Scoggins Champ Bottom Stamp) disc with Blue stamp

You’ll love how the Innova Leopard3 brings versatility to your game, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, making it one of the top fairway drivers in 2024.

The Leopard3’s versatility comes from its ability to provide excellent turn and glide while remaining beginner friendly. As you gain experience and improve your throwing technique, you’ll be amazed by the hyzer flip potential this disc offers.

With its impressive control and accuracy, the Leopard3 allows players to shape their shots with ease, making it an essential addition to any disc golf bag.

The beauty of the Leopard3 is that it can be used effectively for both sidearm and backhand throws. Its dependable performance makes it perfect for navigating tight gaps on wooded courses or executing smooth anhyzers that gracefully curve through open fairways.

Whether you are just starting out in disc golf or have years of experience under your belt, incorporating the Leopard3 into your arsenal will undoubtedly enhance your gameplay.

From laser-straight tunnel shots to controlled turnovers, this versatile fairway driver is designed to give you freedom on the course like never before.

Innova Teebird

A light blue Innova Champion Glow Teebird (Jennifer Allen Tour Series) with red stamp

When push comes to shove, you can’t go wrong with a classic like the Innova Teebird. It’ll be your go-to control driver for straight lines and steady fades. The Teebird’s durability is unparalleled, thanks to its availability in various plastic options such as Champion, GStar, Star, and DX plastics.

This wide range of choices allows players to select their preferred feel and flight characteristics while benefiting from this disc’s renowned flight consistency. When compared to rivals in the fairway driver category, the Teebird stands out due to its combination of easy-to-throw nature and reliable performance that has made it a staple in many disc golfers’ bags.

Not only does the Innova Teebird offer consistent flights for seasoned players, but it is also beginner-friendly. Newer players will find this disc useful as they develop their skills because it helps them learn how to throw with control while still providing enough stability for a dependable fade at the end of each flight.

Anyone who is more experienced with this sport can attest that there’s no better feeling than watching your favorite fairway driver carve through the air with precision – which is precisely what you’ll get from a trusty Teebird. There’s a reason that so many professional players use them, too!

So whether you’re a novice building up your arsenal or an advanced player seeking an OG workhorse disc that delivers time and time again, look no further than the Innova Teebird for all your controlled drives on the course.

Innova Hawkeye

A Black/Grey dyed disc  Innova Halo Hawkeye (Hailey King Tour)  with black stamp

If you’re seeking a versatile and beginner-friendly control driver, the Hawkeye is definitely worth checking out. This disc truly shines in its ability to accommodate various playing styles and situations, making it an excellent addition to any disc golfer’s bag.

Its unique flight path allows for precise control and accuracy when navigating tight courses or low-hanging branches. The Hawkeye’s stability ensures that it remains predictable even in windy conditions, making it a reliable choice for all skill levels.

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One of the standout features of this disc is its high-quality materials; the star plastic not only provides exceptional grip but also contributes to the disc’s overall durability.

The Hawkeye’s versatility extends beyond just being a great fairway driver; it can easily become your go-to disc for several alternative uses on the course. For example, this disc excels at hyzer flips, allowing players to throw with confidence knowing that their shot will maintain its desired line without flipping over too much. Additionally, due to its maneuverability and glide rating, the Hawkeye can be used effectively for rollers or backhand turnover shots.

The combination of its unique flight path characteristics and durable materials make this disc an essential tool for both beginners looking to develop their skills as well as more advanced players seeking a reliable and controllable option in their arsenal. Give the Innova Hawkeye a try – you won’t be disappointed!

Innova Eagle

An Innova Swirly Star Eagle (Gregg Barsby Tour Series) Purple/Blue disc with black stamp

Swooping into your disc golf game like a majestic bird of prey, the Eagle brings precision and power to every throw, elevating your performance to new heights. The unique flight pattern that the Eagle offers makes it an incredibly versatile disc for players at any skill level – from beginners just starting out who’ll appreciate its beginner-friendly nature to seasoned pros who can harness the full potential of this amazing fairway driver.

With a wide variety of Eagle plastics available, you’re sure to find one that suits your style and preference. Whether you’re looking for something more durable like Champion plastic or something with a bit more grip like Color Glow.

One aspect where the Eagle truly shines is its versatility across different throwing styles and situations on the course. Whether you’re trying to navigate tight wooded lines or seeking maximum distance on open holes, this disc has got you covered. For those who’ve had the pleasure of throwing a seasoned Eagle, they’ll know just how reliable and consistent this disc can be when thrown properly. Its ability to hold various lines while always providing a predictable fade makes it an invaluable tool in any player’s bag.

So if you haven’t already added an Innova Eagle to your arsenal, now’s the time – let this incredible fairway driver help take your game soaring higher than ever before!

Innova Teebird3

An Innova Star Teebird3 white color with rainbow stamp

You’ll be amazed at the precision and accuracy the Teebird3 brings to your disc golf game, making it an essential addition to any player’s bag.

With its unique combination of stability and flight ratings, this fairway driver can handle a wide range of shots, giving you the freedom to experiment with different throwing techniques.

The Teebird3 is available in several plastic variations, with each offering its own distinct feel and durability. If you’re new to disc golf or looking for a beginner-friendly option, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to throw the Teebird3 accurately even under less-than-ideal conditions.

As you gain experience and refine your skills, you’ll continue to find value in the Teebird3’s versatile performance capabilities. Its excellent stability allows for precise control over various shot shapes such as hyzers, anhyzers, and flex shots – proving that this fairway driver will remain a reliable choice throughout your disc golf journey.

Whether facing headwinds or navigating tight courses, the Teebird3 consistently delivers predictable results that will make every round more enjoyable.

So if you haven’t already added one of these fantastic discs to your bag, don’t hesitate any longer – pick up a Teebird3 today and discover newfound confidence on the course!


In my humble opinion, one can’t have too many discs in their bag, especially when it comes to these top-notch Innova fairway drivers. They’ve all got something different to offer, and I’m confident that you’ll find a perfect fit for your game amongst this stellar lineup.

So go ahead, give ’em a whirl! As the old saying goes: practice makes perfect. With these amazing Innova fairway drivers on hand, you’ll be well on your way to elevating your disc golf game to new heights.

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