Discmania Mentor Review: Distance Driver for Disc Golf Newbs

Hello, Disc Golf Devotees! Welcome to my comprehensive Discmania Mentor review— featuring a distance driver that has certainly made a mark in my experiences.

As a passionate player with over 13 years of experience trialing countless discs, I can vouch that it’s keeping pace with the toughest competitors. Its flying dynamics, endurance, and distinctive performance garner praise.

This review aims to delve into the nuances of this item, honing in on how it could be a valuable addition to any player’s array of discs. So buckle up, folks. This is one journey you won’t want to miss!

Flight Numbers Breakdown

  • Speed: 11
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 2

These stats speak volumes about the Discmania Mentor. The robust speed of 11 implies that this disc genuinely soars when tossed by a player armed with strong technique. Expect precision, distance, and reduced effort to yield results.

With a glide rating of 5, it exhibits a commendable ability to remain airborne for extended periods. High glide discs typically translate to substantial distances on my throws, which I thoroughly enjoy.

With a turn rating of -2, the disc affords a substantial turn as it starts flying, doubling down on its versatility for effortless curve shots. The fade, at 2, means a consistent left-end finish (for right-handed backhand throws). After hundreds of throws, I appreciate this reliable trajectory.

This disc is designed to optimize the distance players can get by combining a high speed turn and slow speed stability. I found this equilibrium rather delightful—it meant the disc wasn’t overly complicated to navigate yet offered enough challenge to keep it far from monotonous.

Consistency With Control

  • Diameter: 21.00 cm
  • Height: 1.70 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.10 cm

The Mentor, with a diameter of 21.00 cm, feels hefty and solid. Roughly the standard size for most distance drivers, it nestles comfortably in my hand, bestowing the confidence I need for those epic shots.

Its height of 1.70 cm allows for a streamlined profile that helps it to cut through the air and gives it consistent fade at the end. This minimal profile makes it simple to achieve the speed necessary to maximize distance with minimal effort.

The rim depth, at a comparatively shallow 1.10 cm, appeals to players (myself included) who veer away from bulkiness. At a width of 2.10 cm, it’s considered a wide disc, a factor beneficial for achieving maximum speed and enhancing your power-to-distance ratio.

Mentor features the widest rim currently made under the Discmania Active lineup, meaning you can throw harder for more distance or throw softer for a more controlled stable shot. It possesses a shallow and comfortable rim to make a distance driver that can be used by all players.

What Customer Reviews Say: A Plastic For Beginners

The Mentor is a slightly understable distance driver with promising prospects for players with slighter arm speeds. To my surprise, it’s not only the fact that colossal strength isn’t required to enjoy its characteristics but watching my skills elevate was another bonus.

It has been hailed as a beginner-friendly disc that retains its own and doesn’t hyzer out too swiftly. In my experience, it allowed me to refine my technique without harshly punishing errors.

Customers admire its versatility, from effortlessly transforming from a control driver to a distance driver. But remember, every player is unique. Some players find it more accurate for forehand use, while others, like myself, lean towards backhand.

Experienced customers pointed out a slight variation between different runs, with newer versions tending to be more understable. However, this could benefit beginners seeking an easier disc to manage.

While some disc golfers may argue that its stability makes it a bit burdensome for backhands for novices, I credit this feature for enabling me to up my game. Therefore, it’s fair to say that it caters to less experienced players and those with slower arm speeds while offering plenty of room for advancement as your skills develop.

Application: Turnover, Hyzer, And Straight Shots

A clear-ish pink Discmania Mentor Distance Driver disc with black stamp

The Discmania Mentor is a versatile distance driver crafted to enhance the distances players can reach with their throws. Its unique combination of high-speed turn and low-speed stability makes it adaptable and invaluable in various situations.


Favoring understability, it excels at executing turnover shots where it transitions from a hyzer angle to a flat or even to an anhyzer angle while flying. I recall an early game when I executed a smooth, sweeping turnover with it.


Despite the natural lean towards understability, it can maintain a steady hyzer line, making it a versatile go-to disc. Numerous shots started off going left (as a right-hand backhand thrower), holding its hyzer line throughout the flight path and resulting in dependable outcomes.

Straight Shots

When released flat, it exhibits its inherent bend before gradually fading back, providing an overall straight flight. It has become my default disc for tight, straight fairways where precision is key.

Regardless of whether you’re weaving through dense forests or launching down expansive fairways, its adaptability shines. Its unparalleled multiplicity undeniably contributes to its appeal across varying skill levels.

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The charm of disc golf lies in its enormous variety. Although every disc provides something unique, the Mentor is quite similar to some other notable distance drivers:

Discraft Scorch

The Scorch is designed to maximize distance with minimal effort. The Scorch offers similar speed but with a bit more understable flight path. If desire a bit more high-speed turn, consider the Scorch!

Innova Mystere

The Mystere holds a soft spot for me. It mirrors the flight characteristics of the Mentor, but is a bit faster with a tad more turn and is a solid step-up disc.

Latitude 64 Flow

Sharing distance and speed potential similarities, the Flow narrowly outdoes the former’s stability. After craving a more overstable challenge, I found the Flow, a worthwhile opponent.

Discmania Mentor Review: Final Thoughts

Shining as a beginner-friendly distance driver, the Discmania Mentor offers fantastic distance potential and versatility. Its unique blend of high-speed turnover and low-speed stability carves a niche that slower arm-speed players can fully exploit.

Remember, mastering a disc has its learning curve. This product complements arms of varying power and awaits your command to unleash its potential fully.


  • High-speed understability for easier distance
  • Consistent flight pattern enhancing predictability
  • Comfortably ergonomic rim design
  • Durable premium plastic quality


  • Backhand might be slightly challenging for beginners
  • Potential discrepancies between different runs of the disc could confuse beginners.