Discraft Anax Review: Precision Power Disc Golf Disc

As someone who has poured over 13 years into the exhilarating game of disc golf, it’s safe to say I’ve seen, held, and thrown my fair share of discs. I bring this very personal and comprehensive Discraft Anax review today. As a staple in many bags, I feel it’s high time it was put under the microscope for a thorough inspection.

Few brands in the disc golf world command the kind of respect Discraft has earned, and their disc is a testament to this reputation. Touted for its predictable flight and stability, I’ve found it a real asset on the course.

So, if you’re searching for a new distance-driving companion, read on. This review might convince you that this is that trusty ally.

Flight Info: Wind Fighter

  • Speed: 10
  • Glide: 6
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3

My extensive experience playing disc golf taught me that Numbers matter. With a speed of 10, the Discraft Anax is designed to cut through the air quickly. This high-speed rating is especially beneficial for advanced players as it requires plenty of power to harness the full potential of this disc.

Next, we’ve got the glide, landing at a solid 6. This superb glide ratio equates to exceptionally long-flying discs which are highly effective for achieving maximum distance, especially downhill. Whether you’re placing a long shot or simply enjoying the flight, its extended glide is beautiful.

It is sitting pretty at 0 regarding turn. And while a zero turn might not make it the most forgiving disc in the arsenal, it offers tremendous predictability in flight. That means you won’t have to worry about the disc veering off too far left or right after you release it – perfect for those precision plays!

Finally, we have a fade rating of 3. This characteristic makes the disc ideal for navigating tricky doglegs and pesky obstacles. For strategically-minded disc golfers, that kind of control sets you apart.

Built With Balance

Red Big Z Anax with Black Stamp
  • Diameter: 21.40 cm
  • Height: 1.70 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.90 cm

The Anax comes in a standard diameter of 21.40 cm, which fits comfortably in the hand. This is about average amongst the drivers – providing a good middle ground that makes this disc suitable for a wide range of skill levels.

Standing at 1.70 cm, the height is towards the lower end compared to other discs. This sleek, streamlined profile helps give the disc its quick, aerodynamic flight characteristics.

At a measurement of 1.20 cm, the rim depth strikes a balance between stability and comfort. The modest depth allows for a secured grip while promoting a clean release – essential factors for accurate and powerful throws.

And lastly, the rim width comes in at 1.90 cm. A wider rim often correlates to speed, and this is no exception. This wider rim can be a little intimidating for beginners, but this would feel right at home for experienced users who are used to handling high-speed discs.

So, while this may have measurements similar to many discs in its category, combining these specifications lends itself to creating a well-balanced and predictable disc. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just venturing into disc golf, this provides both performance and comfort – a hugely beneficial combination that’s difficult to ignore.

Best For Experienced Hands

The Anax is a phenomenal all-rounder. As Paul McBeth’s new signature fairway/power driver, it impresses many experienced disc golfers, but don’t be mistaken – it’s not exclusively built for the pros. While seasoned players will relish its speed, there is plenty here for the intermediate disc golfer.

You’ll find this disc to be wildly reliable on shorter fairway drives. In the hands of a big arm, though, this can achieve considerable distance. There are no surprises here – with Paul McBeth’s stamp of approval, you can be sure that this disc is a strong, overstable fairway driver that packs quite the punch.

Interestingly, the responses from those who’ve already put this to the test underscore how this disc can be somewhat unforgiving if tossed incorrectly. This isn’t a disc that caters to idiosyncrasies in technique. But if you can use it well, the flat glide before it fades to the right can be a real treat.

Several users pointed out that it requires a good arm speed to not “dump” right after the throw. That’s something to keep in mind, especially for beginners. On the flip side, proficient users will be able to craft smart, accurate plays and appreciate the considerable distance this disc can cover.

This is ideal for intermediate to advanced players who can control the disc’s overstable nature and capitalize on the stable fairway drives. It may appear fairly intimidating for beginners, especially with a bit of wind. However, given time and practice, it could become a brilliant first overstable driver as you progress in your disc golf journey.

Primary Use

The Anax is designed as a high-speed fairway/power driver, making it a versatile disc that can be used in various situations on the course. It performs precisely and predictably whether you want to make a long straight shot, an S-curve, or even a Hyzer flip.

Here are some techniques it is particularly well suited for:

Long-Straight Shot

I gravitate towards this if I need to cover much distance without veering off my intended line. It’s perfect for those moments when I need to keep my disc on the straight and narrow.


It practically shines when you’re aiming for an S-curve. Aim a little to the right, give it a good toss, and watch it carve an S-shape across the sky before landing right where you intended. It’s things like this that remind me why I love disc golf.

Hyzer Flip

This is reliable for Hyzer Flips, primarily for skilled throwers looking to get the most distance possible. With just the right wrist flick, you can get this to travel up to 350 feet and maybe even more.

Similar Products

Discmania PD

The Discmania Power Driver, or PD for short, can be seen as a mirror to the Anax regarding speed and stability. However, it has a slightly lower glide and a higher turn rating. You’d need a stronger arm to manage the PD effectively, but it shows promise for incredible distance if you can control it.

Innova Orc

The Orc is another moderately overstable distance driver quite similar to the Anax. What sets it apart is its wide rim — this makes it harder to grip for those with smaller hands. The Orc has a good degree of high-speed turn, making it a favorite among many for left-to-right ‘S’ turn shots.

Westside Fortress

The Fortress from Westside has eerily similar flight characteristics to the Anax – fast, durable, and overstable. But its strong end-of-flight fade makes it uniquely different from the latter and others on this list. This can be utilized for creative plays to navigate tight corners or land with precision.

Of course, the disc you choose boils down to your preferences and style when push comes to shove. Whether you prefer the Anax to its counterparts will depend on how it fits your hand, accommodates your technique, and helps you achieve your targets.

Discraft Anax Review: Final Thoughts

Purple/Aqua Discraft Paul McBeth 6X Claw ESP Anax with Holographic Stamp

The Anax is all about precision, performance, and power. It caters predominantly to intermediate and advanced players due to its less forgiving nature and requirement for solid arm speed. However, the rewards are tolerably high for those who can control their flight.


  • Fast and durable
  • Offers predictable overstable flight
  • Excellent for long straight and precise ‘S’ turn throws
  • Handles wind very well


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Requires good arm speed to prevent early dumping