Discraft Avenger Disc Review: Deliver Epic Drives

Have you been searching for a reliable, overstable distance driver for your disc golf game? Allow me to introduce you to the Discraft Avenger, sharing not just specifications but real-world experiences in this Discraft Avenger review.

I’ve been playing disc golf for over 13 years now. Driven by a passion for the sport, I’ve tried and tested countless discs, mastering how each one flies and fits into different scenarios on the course.

The Avenger is a disc that stood out to me — a disc rich in performance and versatility. Hence, I bring you an in-depth look into its flying prowess, how it feels in the hand, and who it might ideally be for. If you’re as excited about disc golf as I am, read on to discover if this disc could become your next secret weapon.

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 10
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3

Clocking a speed rating of 10, the Avenger is swift off the release and can achieve impressive distances. Even with a mild wind, this disc keeps its course.

The glide rating is at a perfect 5, meaning it can easily stay aloft, cutting through the air gracefully and maintaining its forward momentum. It’s not one of those discs that fall to the ground prematurely.

This disc is also known for its stability during flights. Its turn rating of 0 signifies its resistance against turning over or veering off to the right, which could be a common problem, particularly with drivers of higher speeds. This disc flies straight, which is a boon for those who struggle with aim.

Lastly, this disc has a fade of 3, meaning it will have a predictable left hook at the end of its flight. A warning: you might need to watch out for this if you’re playing on a tight course because the curve could get sharp.

A Closer Look

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 1.70 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.90 cm

The Avenger measures 21.20 cm in diameter — standard for a speed 10 driver. It’s nicely rounded without being too large, making it easier to throw for various players.

The disc’s height of 1.70 cm and rim depth of 1.20 cm contribute to a comfy grip and optimal control on the release. You’ll appreciate this spec very much if you’ve got an average-sized hand.

But where this disc shines is in its rim width, which stands at a hearty 1.90 cm — that’s some serious width! This design feature doesn’t just make for a good grip; it also contributes to speed and stability. No wonder this disc hits that speed 10 mark consistently!

If you’re used to playing with speed 7 or 8 discs, this disc’s rim might take some adjustment. But don’t fret; it’s well worth the learning curve.

Matching Skill Levels

Discraft’s Avenger is best suited for intermediate to advanced players. It’s not a disc for beginners or those with a weak arm — its speed and fade demand power and decent form.

This is a disc that rewards investment and patience. Many players mention how it becomes a reliable and dynamic workhorse disc the more worn-in it becomes. After taming the initial over-stability, you’ll have a disc that offers superb control, providing an ultra-straight flight and a reliable fade.

Remember to throw it a lot, knock it around a few trees, and let it find its groove. It won’t be an instant love affair, but over time, I guarantee the Avenger will become a can’t-live-without addition to your bag.

Disc Golf Versatility

Yellow Avenger Z Swirl Ledgestone 2022 with Black Stamp

The Avenger is an overstable distance driver, and as such, it’s perfect for an impressive, controlled flight that needs an extra push in terms of distance. With its resilience against turning over and the consistent fade at the end of its path, it’s a go-to for several situations on the course, especially if you’re aiming for straight, long shots that require a touch of precision.

Here are some of the shot types this disc is exceptional for:

Controlled Distance Shots

With its impressive speed and consistent fade, the Avenger is my go-to for long, straight drives when I need control over my shot. It maintains its line beautifully, and the predictable fade keeps the finish reliable.

Hyzer Shots

Given the stable nature of this disc, it’s excellent for hyzer shots as it will hold its line and follow through with a reliable fade.

Anhyzer Shots

The Avenger can handle an anhyzer throw well, thanks to its stability. This makes it perfect for trickier, non-traditional shots where you need the disc to take an unconventional path.

Remember, the Avenger isn’t just about distance but also precision and control. Whether you need to navigate through a dense wood or achieve a level throw for a moderate hooking motion, it’s an ace in the hole.

Comparable Distance Drivers

If you’re trying to compare the Discraft Avenger to other similar discs on the market, here are a few that come to mind:

Viking Discs Fenrir

The Fenrir is another well-regarded distance driver designed for serious throwers. Like the Avenger, it provides reliably straight shots and is well-suited for experienced handlers.

Discmania PD

Many compare the Avenger’s flight to that of the Discmania PD. It’s another excellent control driver, valued for its versatile use in various situations and conditions. Both discs let their thrower mold their throws, not the other way around!

Innova Starfire

The Innova Starfire is another close relative in terms of performance. Both discs are optimized for control, have similar rim dimensions, and exhibit a significant fade towards the end of its path.

Again, as with all comparisons between discs, individuals will have their own unique experiences, so it’s worth giving them each a toss! Better yet, don’t just select one or the other; try them all out and see how they enhance your game differently.

Discraft Avenger In Review

To sum it up, the Discraft Avenger is an overstable distance driver that has earned its reputation as a reliable and versatile disc, especially among intermediate and advanced players. Although not ideal for beginners due to its high speed and fade, it provides excellent control and a predictable line of flight for those with enough power and skill.


  • Reliable and predictable flight path
  • Adapts superbly as it gets beaten in
  • Excellent for both hyzer and anhyzer shots
  • Durable and available in multiple plastic types


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Over-stability might be challenging for some players
  • Rim width might require some adjustment