Discraft Athena Disc Review: Channel Your Inner Olympian

If you’re looking for an all-around reliable fairway driver, the Discraft Athena may have crossed your path. In today’s Discraft Athena review, we will delve deep into this excellent disc’s flight characteristics, specifications, and suitability for different skill levels and compare it with some similar discs.

I’ve been playing disc golf and testing discs for over a decade and have seen how a tool like the Athena can change your gameplay. With its stability, control, and adaptability for different shots, this disc can have you re-evaluating your game strategy.

So, let’s stop trifling around and dive deeper into what makes this disc adored by both beginners and intermediate players alike. Shall we?

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 7
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 2

The Discraft Athena’s speed rating of 7 indicates that this disc is reasonably fast. It’s not the speediest on the market, but it notably crosses a fair distance with a smooth throwing motion. On the other hand, the glide rating of 5 assures that the Athena can sustain its loft during flight, making it easier to cover distances with minimal effort.

This disc is rock-steady with a turn rating of 0. That means it resists turning over in the wind and typically flies straight after the initial throw. The fade rating of 2 ensures a predictable, mild end-of-flight curve to the left (for right-hand backhand throws), but it’s soft enough not to turn your disc completely off your planned path.

A Closer Look

Blue Discraft Big Z Athena with Purple Stamp
  • Diameter: 21.30 cm
  • Height: 1.50 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.80 cm

The Discraft Athena sports a diameter of 21.30 cm and a height of 1.50 cm, marking itself as moderately sized and, in turn, suitable for various hand sizes.

This disc presents an easy-to-grip profile with a rim depth of 1.10 cm and a rim width of 1.80 cm. The slightly wider rim width allows for a firm, comfortable grip, which is essential when discussing accuracy and control over the flight path.

The Discraft Athena strikes a healthy balance between size, comfort, and performance compared to similar discs. Its unique blend of specifications not only makes it stand out but also makes it more adaptable for various playing styles and preferences.

Matching Your Skill

This disc offers benefits for players of various skill levels. The Athena proves to be an excellent tool for those just dipping their toes into disc golf. It holds its own against slight winds and holds a straight line quite well. This disc’s clean and consistent flight path is forgiving for beginners.

However, don’t assume this is a disc only for newbies. Seasoned and intermediate players will also discover much to love in the Athena, especially those who like forehand throws. Throwing this disc at around 80% power sends it straight for about 225 feet, making it ideal for technical woodland courses. This disc shows its true colors in the control it provides, particularly on straight forehand throws and tight wooded holes.

However, its predictability and easy control also make it a fantastic disc for those needing to improve accuracy. Whether you’re trying to thread through narrow fairways or execute precision flex shots, the Athena will not disappoint.

In summary, the Athena is an all-around player. It is ideal for beginners wanting to learn the ropes and intermediate players seeking control and flight consistency. Big arm throwers might find it less helpful in heavy winds but will appreciate its reliability on various shot lines.

Unleash The Power

Black Discraft Paul McBeth 6x Claw ESP Athena with Holo Stamp

The Athena shines as an all-purpose fairway driver. Thanks to its predictable flight, it’s not just about the distance; it’s about landing in the right spot with excellent control. Use it when you need to thread the needle between trees or land in a specific area on the fairway, and the Athena won’t let you down.

The disc provides versatility and is incredibly useful for a variety of shots:


This disc offers a straight flight with a reliable finish, perfect for those crisp 250-300 foot throws down open fairways.

Forehand Throws

The Athena is a great go-to option for intermediate players who love a good forehand. Thrown at 80% power, this disc flies straight for around 225 feet, perfect for navigating those tight woodland courses.

Hyzer Shots

The Athena can hold a steady hyzer line for players with faster arm speeds, even in windy conditions. Just remember that while it can maintain a straight line, it’s not the best for true hyzer shots; it truly excels at flat, straight throws.

The diversity of these shots and impressive control make the Athena a must-have in your bag, especially for those tricky situations where precision is critical.

Comparable Fairway Drivers

Birdie Disc Golf Supply Strike

The Strike is a steady fairway driver with a similar speed to the Athena. Although it differs in some flight characteristics, both discs offer excellent control on the course.

Clash Discs Cookie

The Cookie operates similarly to the Athena in speed and reliable straight flight. However, the Cookie may provide a slightly different feel to the hand.

Discmania Instinct

The Instinct shows off a solid, predictable flight path with a similar speed to the Athena. This disc also offers a smooth glide and a trusty fade at the end of the flight, much like our Athena.

Discraft Athena In Review

Pink Discraft ESP Athena with Green Stamp

The Athena is an all-around player in the disc golf space. It’s beginner-friendly, offering latitude for learning the ropes, and it’s loved by intermediate players for the control, accuracy, and reliability it brings to the game. Its predictability allows players to efficiently execute sleek straight throws, reliable forehand throws, or hold a mild hyzer line. Though it might not be the disc for aggressive headwinds or stronger arm speeds, it offers a trusty performance for various skill levels.


  • Highly controllable for straight, forehand, and mild hyzer throws.
  • Beginner-friendly while also suitable for intermediate players.
  • Works excellent for shot precision, especially on tighter fairways.
  • Comfortable feel in the hand and decent grip.


  • Might not perform optimally in heavy winds.
  • Glide might not be as expected, affecting maximal throwing distance
  • Fade becomes more prominent over time