Innova XCaliber Disc Review: Unleash Legendary Throws

Do you want to up your game with a disc built for power and precision? A disc that can handle windy conditions yet still make those breathtaking anhyzer shots? If you answered yes, then this review of the Innova XCaliber might just be your stepping stone to greatness.

As someone who’s thrown disc golf discs for over 13 years, I’ve seen many discs hit the market. But there’s something unique about the Innova XCaliber that I can’t resist returning to. This disc joined my arsenal years ago, and it’s been stealing the spotlight ever since.

Here’s my in-depth and tried-and-true review of the Innova XCaliber. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty details of what could potentially be a game-changing disc for you. Trust me, you need to see what this beast can do!

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 12
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 4

The Innova XCaliber’s flight numbers don’t lie; this disc packs a punch! With a speed rating of 12, you’ll need a powerful throw to get the most out of this beast.

In terms of stability, this disc is on the overstable end of the spectrum. This means it’s resistant to turning over in the wind and has a predictable fade (a significant 4) towards the end of its flight.

With 0 turn, this disc keeps its line impeccably; every throw goes precisely where you intend. Its dependable, beefy stability makes it prime for windy conditions.

Now, let’s not forget about the glide. With a glide rating of 5, the XCaliber does more than just stay in the air; it glides effortlessly through it.

A Closer Look

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.30 cm

The Innova XCaliber has a diameter of 21.10 cm and a moderate height of 1.60 cm. The relatively deep rim depth of 1.20 cm allows for a secure grip, providing the oomph necessary for those big drives.

The significant rim width of 2.30 cm adds a degree of stability that’s particularly appealing to players with strong throws. This wideset design also contributes to the disc’s extraordinary speed, as it helps the disc cut through the air more efficiently.

Compared to similar discs in its class, the XCaliber stands out with its excellent balance of speed, stability, and grip. Its design is meticulously crafted to maximize distance while maintaining consistency and control.

Built For Legends

Blue Innova Glow XCaliber Kat Mertsch with Red Stamp

The Innova XCaliber is a disc that caters to the pros. Perfect for those players equipped with strong, confident throws, this disc can handle power behind it. With my maximum forehand drive coming in at 350, I can confidently say the XCaliber is a force to be reckoned with when thrown with gusto.

But this isn’t just a disc for power players. Its performance, once embraced, can be utilized for stunning and precise anhyzer shots and S-Curves.

I wouldn’t recommend this disc to beginners or players with a slower arm speed. This isn’t a disc you get the hang of overnight. It’s one for those who have honed their skill and deeply understand their throw. A raw recruit wouldn’t find the XCaliber an easy beast to tame.

A word of caution, though, is that a disc as overstable as the XCaliber can be misleading as a training aid, especially for novices starting with forehand throws. It’s so forgiving that you won’t notice if you’re rolling your wrist and won’t have the chance to perfect your form. To each their own, beginners may want to mature their skills with less challenging discs before graduating to the XCaliber.

Harnessing Disc Golf Might

The Innova XCaliber is akin to a Swiss army knife when it comes to its usage in a disc golf game, and it doesn’t shy away from windy conditions. Here are some shots the XCaliber shines in:

Hyzer Shots

Given my experience playing in windy conditions, throwing a hyzer shot with the XCaliber feels incredibly comfortable. The fade and low turn make it a powerhouse for spike hyzers. Just a little flick, and it shoots off, rocking a steady line before making a forceful downturn.

Anhyzer Shots

You might not believe it, but this disc is surprisingly versatile with its anhyzer capabilities. Throw it with an anhyzer release on a forehand flick, and watch it carve an exquisite S-Curve in the air.

Skip Shots

With strategic angle control, you can squeeze out flair skips on command. It’s a move I relied on several times when the terrain was tough, and it’s never let me down.

Alternative Distance Drivers

Discraft Venom

The Discraft Venom shares a lot of similarities with the XCaliber. It’s a fast and overstable disc favored by power throwers. However, it has a slightly lower speed rating and tends to be a bit more understable, making it a potentially friendlier option for those with less arm strength.

Prodiscus Razeri

Next up, we have the Prodiscus Razeri. This speed demon is also particularly popular among forehand players, with a similar design aimed at easily cutting through the air. However, it has a bit more glide than the XCaliber and requires a fair bit of control to harness effectively.

Dynamic Discs Enforcer

The Dynamic Discs Enforcer is another strong contender. It’s a high-speed disc known for its stability and consistency. In my experience, though, the Enforcer lacks a bit of glide, falling out of the sky quicker than the XCaliber.

These are all worthy discs in their own right, but the XCaliber stands out because of its blend of speed, control, and predictability. It’s the disc I’d recommend for anyone with a strong arm and a love for consistent, high-performing discs.

Innova XCaliber In Review

The Innova XCaliber is a rugged disc that delivers consistently in a game. Its high speed and excellent stability make it a hot favorite among players with strong throws and a love for the thrilling S-Curves. However, it may be daunting for those new to the game or those with a slower arm speed.


  • Amazing speed and stability
  • Exceptional handling in windy conditions
  • Versatility in throwing hyzer, anhyzer, and skip shots
  • A reliable disc for forehand-dominant players


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • May be overpowering for players with slower arm speeds