Discraft Impact Review: Disc Golf Midrange & Fairway Fusion

Are you looking to level up your midrange disc golf game? If so, you have come to the right place! Welcome to my in-depth Discraft Impact review. This all-rounder from Discraft may be the game-changer you need.

Having spent over 13 years playing disc golf, I have tested nearly every disc. Megastars, hidden gems, you name it; it’s likely graced my hands at some point. Today, I’m turning the spotlight to the Discraft Impact. It is a disc that I believe deserves more attention than it gets!

In the following review, I’ll dive into its specifics, discussing its flight, stability, specifications, and more. No matter where you might be in your disc golf journey, there is something valuable here. Let’s get started!

Flight Info: Driving With Stability

  • Speed: 6
  • Glide: 6
  • Turn: -3
  • Fade: 1

As I played with the Impact out on the course, these numbers stood to their name. The speed of 6 indicates it is not the fastest disc out there, but it certainly doesn’t lag. The medium speed combined with a high glide of 6 gives it a gentle yet consistent lift in the air, allowing the disc to sail smoothly through the course.

Regarding under-stable discs, it excels with a turn of -3. This means it initially veers off to the right before gradually correcting its path. This predictable turn and the light fade of 1 ensure a soft end to the left, an excellent option for carving smooth lines.

In a nutshell, its flight and stability are versatile tools in the arsenal of any disc golfer, regardless of wind conditions or course layout.

Disc Info: User-Friendly

  • Diameter: 21.60 cm
  • Height: 2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.30 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.30 cm

When I picked up the Discraft Impact for the first time, the overall diameter of 21.60 cm immediately gave me a sense of familiarity. It is not too large nor too small, striking the sweet spot for a disc that fits comfortably in my hand.

The height of 2 cm and the rim depth of 1.30 cm make it a thin disc that sits nicely and flat. Thus, it is easier to maintain grip and control while aiming for that perfect release. Its 1.30-cm-wide rim width offers enough depth to get a good grip without overwhelming the hand.

While comparing it to other mid-ranged discs, you’ll notice it stands out with a uniquely thin profile and moderate rim width. These specs set it apart as a user-friendly disc that enhances your grip and throw.

Great For Beginners

Grey Discraft ESP Swirl Impact with Orange Sparkles Stamp

With its unique engineering and stability, the Discraft Impact is a valuable disc that can change your game dramatically. It was built to keep you closer to the pin, to fly flat, and to minimize low-speed fade.

It shines as a forgiving disc, a great choice for beginners dipping their toes into the disc golf world. It is easy to use, but it is also easy to control. This combination allows you to stay on the path and lower your scores.

If you’re an intermediate player, you can still appreciate its versatility. The Impact can do it all with its specially engineered rim and many options. It’s like your reliable companion that never fails you on the field. Whether you need to hit tight gaps or hold an anhyzer line well, this does not disappoint.

Even for advanced users, this can offer ace-in-the-holes and premium control over a broad range of distances. Its glide delivers exceptional distance coverage; people have used it as a fairway disc because it flies like an arrow and is relatively far.

However, it is a bit understable, which might not be favorable to some advanced users used to faster and overstable discs. Yet, for those willing to experiment, this can be a worthy addition to their disc collection.

It earns high points through various reviews for its versatility, excellent grip, and durability. It is also highly praised for its ability to handle a variety of techniques with little to no fade and its workhorse status as a mid-range disc that provides amazing distance.

Primary Use

The Discraft Impact steps into the spotlight when you need a mid-range disc that can do it all. Whatever you’re aiming for, this has got you covered.

This is your ticket to confident and consistent performance, designed to fly flat and like an arrow. Its design and numbers enable the disc to reach next to the pin from various ranges. This is like the dependable friend in your bag you can turn to when in doubt, whether you aim for a long approach or want a smooth sail down.

It is particularly noteworthy for the following situations:

Straight Shots

Reviews rave about its consecutive shots. Once, I was up against a stretch of tight fairway with trees on each side; its linear flight had the disc soar where I commanded through.


Both beginners and intermediate users speak highly of its ability to hold an anhyzer without flipping and rolling. This has saved my day on multiple occasions when I need to navigate through an obstacle-filled course.

Hyzer flips

Its managed understability creates a beautiful flip-up from a hyzer angle. And surprisingly, for high-powered tosses, it maintains its path without flipping over and rolling, adding to its dependability.

Similar Products

DGA Squall

The DGA Squall is another reliable and versatile disc. Much like the Impact, it also boasts a nice mix of speed and control, making it a close cousin to the former. Their similarities lie in their performance as ‘go-to’ discs in various situations.

Innova Leopard

The Innova Leopard is predominantly recognized as a fairway driver but shares a similar path with Discraft Impact. They offer controllable turns and minimal fade, an excellent choice for shaping lines on the course.

Millennium Polaris LS

Renowned for its steady straightness and gentle fades, the Millennium Polaris LS stands similar to Impact. They both can deliver long, linear drives, fitting within that ‘fairway driver-like midrange category.

These discs form a fantastic selection for those keen on exploring discs like these. Each, in its way, mirrors the consistent, reliable, and versatile traits of the Discraft Impact.

Discraft Impact Review: Final Thoughts

The Discraft Impact is a magnificent investment for anyone who needs a reliable and flexible midrange disc in their collection. Thanks to its forgiving and easy-to-control nature, it is great for beginners, offering more seasoned users the versatility they crave on the course.

While it is a tad understable, which may deter some advanced players, its utility in various situations cannot be overstated. If your bag needs a dependable disc for arrow-like drives, anhyzers, or hyzer flips, this is the disc for you.


  • Easy to throw and control
  • Excels at straight shots
  • Holds anhyzer and hyzer lines
  • Low-speed fade


  • Bit understable for some
  • Limited plastic options available