Max Distance Driver In 2024 (Innova Destroyer Review)

Get ready to launch your disc golf game into the stratosphere with this Innova Destroyer review, one of the most popular distance drivers of all time.

This high-speed driver is one of Innova’s most popular drivers for a reason, and we’re here to break down exactly why it should be in your bag.

A Disc for the Pros

A blurple Innova Star Destroyer Calvin Heimburg Destroyer Tour Series with blue stamp

The Destroyer has a speed rating of 12, and is one of the primary discs used by professional disc golfers. Its combination of overstable flight characteristics and a touch of turn makes it ideal for generating incredible glide and distance. Its 12.0 / 5.0 / -1.0 / 3.0 flight numbers showcase its reliability and accuracy, perfect for players who can throw 400+ feet.

Perfect for Intermediate Players

Intermediate players can rejoice, as the Destroyer excels in forehand throws. This disc has been reported to provide more distance on forehand throws than almost any other disc on the market. Its thin profile (1.4cm) and perfect rim size (2.2cm) allow for high speeds without sacrificing grip or comfort.

Plastic Varieties Galore

One of the great aspects of the Destroyer is that it’s available in all major plastics. From DX to Star, there’s a Destroyer for every player’s preference. The Star plastic, in particular, stands out for its fantastic grip and flexibility.

Proven Durability

Each plastic variety of the Destroyer is designed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring that it continues to perform even after months of use. The Star and Champion plastics, being the most durable, will maintain their stability and flight characteristics longer than the DX or Pro plastics.

Consistent Performance Across the Board

The Destroyer’s consistency across different plastic types is one of its strong suits. Regardless of which plastic you choose, you can expect a similar flight path and performance, allowing you to focus on developing your throwing technique.

Adapt Your Game

One fun aspect of the Destroyer is that you can build an entire bag with just Destroyers as your drivers. Once you learn the differences in wing shapes and domes, you can find the perfect Destroyer to suit your specific needs.

Optimal Conditions

While the Destroyer’s overstable nature allows it to perform well in a variety of conditions, optimal performance can be achieved during calm, windless days. This allows for the accurate, S-shaped flight path that many players desire.

An Overstable, Reliable Driver

An Innova Halo Star Destroyer (Calvin Heimburg Champ) with Black Rim and Grey-ish color and black stamp

When you can get the right amount of height on your shot, the Destroyer offers amazing S-shaped flights. Its overstability helps it stand up against headwinds and maintain an accurate line.

Learn more about understable vs overstable discs.

A Work in Progress

If you’re new to disc golf or still working on your throwing mechanics, the Destroyer might be a challenge at first. However, as you improve, you’ll find that the Destroyer will unleash its full potential and reward your progress with unmatched distance and accuracy.

A Disc for Specialty Shots

In addition to its stellar performance as a distance driver, the Destroyer’s overstability makes it ideal for various specialty shots such as forehand rollers, backhand cut rollers, high spike hyzers, skip shots, and more.

The Destroyer: Conquer the Course

Whether you’re looking to improve your backhand, forehand, or specialty shots, the Innova Destroyer offers a reliable, overstable driver for your arsenal. Ideal for intermediate to advanced players, take the Destroyer out on the course and watch your disc golf game skyrocket.

Just be aware that beginners might struggle with its high-speed power, but as you improve, so will your results with this incredible disc. So go ahead, grab an Innova Destroyer, and let your throws soar!

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