Innova Wraith Review: Incredible Overstable Distance Driver

Ready to up your disc golf game and explore the world of true distance drivers? Here’s my Innova Wraith review – a long, stable distance driver that provides exceptional glide and precision accuracy. With a flight designed to cater to players of various skill levels, the Wraith is the ultimate versatile driver, excelling in both forehand and backhand throws.

An Accessible Distance Driver for All

Maximum achievement for minimal effort.

With its manufacturer flight numbers of 11/5/-1/3, the Wraith offers a combination of decent speed, incredible glide, and pinpoint accuracy. This perfect blend makes it a valuable distance driver for disc golfers of different skill levels, from semi-new players to seasoned pros.

Incredible Stability for Various Conditions

A trustworthy companion in all types of wind.

The Wraith’s neutral stability ensures it remains a reliable choice in virtually any wind situation. Whether you’re dealing with headwinds, tailwinds, or just a light breeze, this driver maintains stability to let you focus on what matters – performance and control.

Versatile Performance for Powerful Throws

Experience the Wraith’s adaptability firsthand.

Whether you’re a backhand thrower, a forehand proponent, or a fan of both, the Wraith effortlessly adapts to your style. This Innova driver works just as well for soaring S-curves as it does for pinpoint hyzer shots and maximum-distance throws.

The Importance of Plastic Choice

Dial in your preferences and unlock the Wraith’s full potential.

Much like its flight characteristics, the Wraith’s array of plastic options adds another layer of versatility. Each plastic type provides unique performance nuances, letting you fine-tune your throws to your liking.

  • GStar and Star Wraiths offer a softer, grippier feel and become more understable once beaten in, making them perfect for newer players and slower arm speeds. These plastics provide comfortable, controllable throws and straighter flight.
  • Halo and DX Wraiths are suitable for players seeking a more durable, overstable option. These plastics tend to hold their stability longer and can handle potential headwinds. With a sturdier build and a faithful flight path, none of your throws will feel unreliable.

The Ultimate Distance Driver for Intermediate Players

Unlock new distances and elevate your game.

Whether you’re a beginner starting to explore distance drivers or a seasoned player seeking to refine your long game, the Innova Wraith is an exceptional choice. Experience improved glide, greater distances, pinpoint accuracy, and adaptability on the course.

A Woods Course Master

Control tight lines with ease.

The Wraith shines on wooded courses where tight lines and precision throws are crucial. Its dependable hyzer flip and straight flight make it an invaluable companion when facing obstacles and aiming for precise landing zones.

Tackle Windy, Open Courses with Confidence

Say goodbye to wind apprehension.

No longer avoid windy, open courses due to unpredictable disc flights. The Wraith’s stability in varying wind conditions ensures your throws remain on target, granting you peace of mind and reliable performance, even in challenging weather.

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Is the Innova Wraith Right for You?

If you’re searching for a distance driver that offers an excellent balance of speed, glide, and stability, look no further than the Innova Wraith. This versatile disc caters to various skill levels and techniques, proving itself invaluable both in open fields and wooded courses alike.

However, truly new players may struggle to wield the Wraith effectively, as it may initially prove too fast for controlled throws. Although, as your skill level and arm speed develop, the Wraith will undoubtedly become