Innova Tern Review: Unlock Maximum Distance and Glide

Looking for a disc that’ll take your disc golf game to new heights? Say hello to the Innova Tern – an understable, high-speed distance driver that’s perfect for intermediate players.

With a design that’s all about maximizing distance and achieving that desired “S-curve” flight, this Innova Tern review will show you how much of a game-changer it is. This incredible Innova driver offers unparalleled comfort and flexibility, making it a favorite among many disc golf enthusiasts.

More Distance, Less Effort

Achieve enviable distance without straining your arm.

No need for a monster arm to take advantage of the Tern’s distance potential. The disc’s flight characteristics allow players with average arm speeds to achieve impressive distances. This ability to maximize distance without extravagant effort sets the Tern apart from its high-speed competitors, making it an invaluable asset in the hands of intermediate players.

Tailwind Advantage

Let the wind work in your favor.

When faced with tailwind conditions, the Tern truly shines. A hyzer flip throw will help you reach new distance records as the wind propels your disc further than you’ve experienced before. This unique advantage is invaluable for players looking to improve their performance and achieve longer throws consistently.

Get That Perfect S-Turn

Master your disc’s flight path.

The Tern thrives on delivering that elusive S-turn all players strive for – turning right, then fading left, adding massive distance to your throws. Its understable nature, coupled with its impressive glide, allows the disc to flip up effortlessly and maintain an extended flight time without veering off track or dumping too quickly. This balance between turning and fading makes the Tern indispensable in your disc golf selection.

Dependable in Varying Conditions

Trust the Tern to handle the unexpected.

The Tern displays its trustworthiness even in less than ideal conditions. While not necessarily a headwind driver, the Tern can adapt to calm or slightly windy situations, showcasing its versatility to maintain that beautiful S-turn and give you confidence in your throw, regardless of unpredictable weather.

Designed for Comfort

Your hand’s new best friend.

You’ll immediately notice the Tern’s slim rim depth and comfortable grip, enabling precise control and accurate releases. The Tern’s adaptable grip accommodates various hand sizes and throwing styles, thus making it suitable for a wide range of players. Trust the Tern to provide a cozy and secure fit in your hand as you navigate the course.

The Power of Plastic Choice

Diversify your game with the perfect Tern for you.

The Tern’s versatility doesn’t just stop at its flight characteristics; it’s also available in several plastics, further expanding its adaptability. Your preferred plastic choice can affect the disc’s flight, making it imperative to find the right Tern for your specific needs.

  • The Champion Plastic Tern offers a more overstable flight than its counterparts and can handle mild headwinds without sacrificing distance. Both stable and durable, the Champion Plastic Tern is less recommended for beginners due to its overstable nature.
  • The Star Plastic Tern is an exceptional all-around disc for players of any skill level. As the disc breaks in, it becomes more understable, allowing for impressive glide and distance even at slower speeds. This Tern’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for a variety of situations and throwing types.
  • The GStar Plastic Tern is a treasure among Tern drivers, with its superlative hyzer flip capabilities and unparalleled glide. Perfect for big throws and advanced-beginner players, the GStar Tern’s impressive distance potential will make you a believer in the Innova Tern.

The Ideal Disc for Intermediate Players and Beyond

Elevate your game with the Innova Tern.

Whether you’re an advanced beginner or just starting on your disc golf journey, the Innova Tern provides a boost in distance and versatility that’ll keep you reaching for it in your bag. From hyzer flips to managing wind conditions, the Tern allows you to experiment and evolve, ensuring that your disc golf game is always thriving and never stagnant.

Ideal for Open-field Throws

Let your Tern fly free.

While the Tern might not be the best option for long tunnel shots due to its significant turn and fade, it excels in wide-open spaces. Open-field throws are where the Tern demonstrates its ability to maximize distance and the S-curve, allowing you to tackle the most challenging courses and establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with.

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Who Should Get the Innova Tern?

If you’re an intermediate player looking for a disc that can help you achieve greater distances without maxing out your arm strength, the Innova Tern is definitely worth a try. With its variety of plastic options and understable nature, players of varying skill levels and preferences can experience the unmatched glide and distance potential of the Tern. This driver is perfect for those ready to take their disc golf game to new heights, so grab a Tern today and unlock your potential on the course!