MVP Relay Review: A Newbie-Friendly Disc Golf Fairway Driver

If there’s one thing my many years of playing disc golf have taught me, it’s that finding a disc you can trust is crucial. That’s where the MVP Relay review comes into play.

This product is a versatile and reliable staple of the disc golf bag. It’s got a reputation for both performance and comfort, making it a favorite among both beginners and seasoned players.

In the following sections, I’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about this disc – from its flight and stability to its physical specifics. Ready to dig in deep and see if this is the disc you’ve been waiting for? Let’s get into it.

Balanced Flight And Consistency

  • Speed: 6
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 1

The Relay’s flight numbers reveal its impressive characteristics. With a speed score of 6, this disc flies at a moderate speed, making it accessible to various skill levels.

The glide rating of 5 signifies that once it is airborne, it stays up pretty comfortably. This helps make those long drives, especially if you’re dealing with headwinds or tossing uphill.

Its turn rating of -2 indicates a slight chance for some understability when flung with power, making it excellent for beginners who may lack arm speed or for advanced players looking to shape lines in the fairway.

A fade of 1 means this isn’t going to veer hard left (for right-handed, backhand throwers) at the end of its path, giving you a predictable and accurate finish.

From my personal experience, it stands out for its reliable predictability. Occasionally, I’ve had shots where the wind got the upper hand, but overall, I’ve found it to be stable with a fair bit of control – even on those days when my accuracy isn’t at its best.

Dimension Description

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.50 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.70 cm

The physical attributes tell us quite a bit about its performance and feel. The diameter of 21.10 cm puts it right around the middle of the pack in terms of size. It fits comfortably in my hand, similar to most I’ve used for years.

The height of 1.50 cm and rim depth of 1.20 cm give it a sleek profile. I enjoy this low-profile design because it helps me maintain a consistent grip and improved release, especially for those strong power throws and range shots.

I particularly want to draw attention to the rim width. At 1.70 cm, you get a disc that offers just the right amount of control, allowing intermediate players to start incorporating some of those more complex release techniques without having to switch to a brand-new one.

Comparatively, its overall design and dimensions make it a reliable pick for anyone who’s focused on control, consistency, and a smooth release.

Best For Beginners

This item positions itself as being highly versatile, catering to all levels of players. This driver is particularly great for beginner to average disc golfers due to its understability and moderate wing, contributing to easier control, handling, and overall game.

Expert players might appreciate its ability to carve a healthy flip and turn. It transitions smoothly from being a reliable overstable disk to becoming a straight flyer as you gain experience and improve your game.

It gives a straight line with minimal fade when pitched with low power. As you progressively ramp up your skill, you’ll start noticing its ability to turn and shape shots just right, which is admirable for navigating through woods or pulling off learning to roll.

In a nutshell, I believe that it is a reliable addition to any player’s bag. Its understability, great glide, and ability to adapt to your skill level solidify its reputation as an all-rounder, suitable for both newbies and seasoned veterans.

A Fairway Driver For Tricky Shots

A Pink/Blue Marbled MVP Cosmic Neutron Relay Disc with Black Rims and Black Stamp

Primarily, the Relay earns its stripes as a versatile fairway driver, finding its use in many game scenarios. Often, it has served as my go-to when control is key. It is especially useful in threading through trees or maneuvering tight, tricky fairways.

But where it really shines is in its adaptability to different shot types. Let’s delve into these:

Straight Shots

Its straight flight path is a real asset when you’re targeting those direct, straight-on targets. I’ve found that releasing it flat results in a path that’s straight as an arrow, with only minimal turn and fade.

Hyzer Flip Shots

Even though this took a little time to figure out, playing the hyzer flip shot with it can be a real treat. As a reviewer put it, “this disc will take a wide anny and pull itself back to flat and not roll.”

Controlled Fade Shots

Some users have applauded it for its controlled fade ability. It is basically all about shaping a path with precision – a trait that’s quite invaluable on the course, be it in the hands of a beginner or a seasoned thrower.

In addition to the above, I’ve often found it to be a sturdy performer in delivering reliable, straight shots with a predictable fade. It is an excellent utility for catching those tighter woods and successfully pulling off maneuvers on tricky terrains.

To put it broadly, it is designed for adaptability, control, and precision, a worthy companion on the green.

Available Discs With Similar Flight Characteristics

When it comes to similar items to the Relay, there are a few that come to mind, each carrying its unique attributes:

Aquaflight Pelican

The Aquaflight Pelican is a steady flyer that offers dependable performance in various situations. However, it does have a touch more speed, so it could take a bit more power to get it moving.

DGA Squall

The Squall is another item that falls into the same category regarding its understability. However, it sits slightly higher in the speed rating and glides more.

Innova Leopard

The Leopard offers a slightly higher fade, so it’s expected to have a more pronounced left finish (for a right-hand backhand thrower) at the end when compared to the former.

In comparison, these discs offer some unique nuances but are reasonably comparable to the Relay. While they’re all relevant in their own light, the latter certainly holds its ground with its distinct capabilities in control and adaptability.

MVP Relay Review: Quick Summary

The Relay positions itself as a versatile fairway driver for all skill levels. It’s understable, has a fantastic grip, and adapts skillfully to a player’s skill level.

It is best all-around, suitable for low speed and even advanced and expert throwers. Its adaptability to various shot types also places a premium on control and precision on the course.

However, players seeking a great disc with high-speed capability or a more pronounced turn might want to steer towards other options, as its forte lies in its finesse and control more than raw power.


  • Responsive to skill improvement
  • Reliability in different scenarios
  • Comfortable and extra chunky in the hand
  • Versatile flight characteristics


  • Might lack speed for power players
  • Slight understability may not appeal to all players
  • Some could desire a more pronounced turn ability