MVP Catalyst Disc Review: Best MVP Distance Driver?

Ever wonder how the right disc could impact your disc golf performance? Today, I’ll give the spotlight to a disc that’s been a game-changer for many. Welcome to my MVP Catalyst review, where we’ll dive deep into all the intricacies and exceptional qualities this disc brings to the fairway.

With my extensive background in playing and testing countless disc golf discs over the years, I can offer an insider’s view on this disc, its performance, and what makes it stand out.

Whether you’re new to disc golf or an experienced player, this review will give you an in-depth look at one of MVP’s best distance drivers and help you decide if it’s a perfect addition to your disc golf bag!

Controlled Power

  • Speed: 13
  • Glide: 6
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 2

The speed of 13 indicates that this is a disc built for speed and distance. This high-speed rating allows for rapid flights, which is particularly beneficial for covering long distances. Combine this with a glide of 6, and you have a disc that stays airborne notably longer, achieving maximum reach even in challenging situations.

Onto the turn and fade. At -2, the turn suggests a slight rightward drift at the start of the flight. This characteristic enables controlled curving shots. On the other hand, the fade of 2 indicates a mild leftward curve at the end of the flight, offering a stable and predictable return.

Taken together, this disc strikes a perfect balance between distance, speed, control, and stability you’d expect from an advanced disc golf driver.

Precision And Distance

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.90 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.40 cm

This disc’s comfortable 21.10 cm diameter situates it within the normal range of most distance drivers. Its 1.90 cm height guarantees a smooth release, shedding any unfavorable friction.

The rim depth and width, measured at 1.20 cm and 2.40 cm, give this disc aerial stability and a confident grip—the rim width provisions additional speed and distance, a boon for long-throw enthusiasts.

Positioned against similar category discs, the Catalyst outshines them with its well-balanced specifications, an ideal blend for disc golf enthusiasts pursuing a reliable, long-distance driver.

Unleashing Potential

The Catalyst’s high speed might be intimidating for newbies, but its incredible distance, courtesy of glide and understability, is encouraging. I can vouch for this—achieving consistent distance from the Catalyst doesn’t require immense arm strength.

However, one word of caution for newbies: managing speed discs of this category needs meticulous handling. If you’re still honing your throw, slower drivers might help you cover more distance. The Catalyst’s understability indicates that it will turn over more and fade less as power increases. Savvy disc golfers can leverage this for successful hyzer flips, and a well-balanced power throw can earn you a fulfilling full flex flight.

This disc packs a punch for experienced power throwers seeking controlled, understable, and distance drives. At the same time, it invites average-to-low power disc golfers eager for additional range and effortless distance off the tee. As a veteran, I cheer on newcomers and less-experienced peers to give the Catalyst a go when they’re ready to up their game.

Versatility Like No Other

Purple MVP Catalyst with Black Rims and Black Stamp

Recognized for its versatile nature, the Catalyst has been a go-to choice for many disc golfers like myself when looking for a distance driver. It thrives in enabling massive distance drives and, without a doubt, is an excellent choice when faced with wide-open fairways and the need for a long, sweeping path.

While this disc shines in a traditional tee-off situation, I’ve found it quite the asset in various other scenarios. Here are a few shot types this disc excels with:

Hyzer Flips

The Catalyst’s understability and potential for high distance allow for fantastic hyzer flip throws. I remember when I first tried a hyzer flip with this disc. With slightly less power, the disc flipped up nicely, followed the line faithfully, and afforded an impressive distance.

Turnovers and Anhyzers

This disc’s turn characteristic makes it great for executing long turnover shots and sky anhyzers. There was a time when I was stuck in an unforgiving dogleg right situation. I decided to gamble with the Catalyst. Amazingly, the disc held the anhyzer angle and covered the entire distance without fading out early.


Last but far from least, this disc is perfect for executing well-controlled rollers. This shot type requires the correct balance of speed, understability, and angle control, which this disc has plenty of.

Comparable Discs

The disc golf market is flooded with options and warrants comparison to make the best selection. Here are a few discs that perform in a similar vein to the Catalyst:

DGA Tempest

The Tempest and Catalyst share the common trait of being high-speed, understable distance drivers. While the Tempest seems to have a slightly more pronounced turn, it can offer similar long, gliding paths that cater to a wide range of arm speeds.

Axiom Tenacity

The Tenacity stands out as Axiom’s first high-speed distance driver. Much like the Catalyst, the Tenacity thrives when thrown with power and offers impressive glide and an understable path. It’s a suitable choice for disc golfers looking for something that offers controlled flips and long turnovers.

Disctroyer Starling

The Starling, a high-speed distance driver, parallels the MVP Catalyst in several aspects. Known for long-distance shots, the Starling consistently holds a straight path and avoids high-end fade. Despite being a high-speed disc, the Starling is patient with you, even when your throw falls somewhat short of perfection.

MVP Catalyst In A Nutshell

The MVP Catalyst, with its amalgamation of top-tier speed, distance, and understability, can satisfy both power throwers craving for distant controlled drives and average to lower power disc golfers desiring effortless glide off the tee. However, it’s noteworthy to remember that this disc may be demanding for beginners, and those still developing their throws can achieve higher distances with slower drivers.


  • Delivers high-speed and distant drives
  • Consistent performance, even when underpowered
  • Excellent for a range of shot types, including hyzer flips and anhyzers
  • Perfect choice for advanced players and beginners alike seeking improved distance
  • High glide offering great distance
  • Understability allows for controlled flex shots and turnovers


  • Beginners or players with low power throws might struggle with the disc
  • Requires time and practice to control its high speed and understable nature