MVP Spin Review: A King Among Disc Golf Putters

Hello, fellow disc golf enthusiasts! Today we’re diving deep into an MVP disc sensation – the Spin. In our quest to deliver a quality MVP Spin review, I’ve taken this disc out on the field, assessed its capabilities, and contrasted it with other seemingly similar discs.

Drawing from my 13+ years of disc golf experience, today, I’m thrilled to share my thoughts on its performance and how it sizes up against its counterparts. Each disc has unique traits and play experiences; this one is no exception.

From beginners to seasoned players, those seeking to expand their disc golf repertoire should buckle up. This comprehensive review might just introduce your next go-to disc!

Attain Perfect Form With Minimal Effort

  • Speed: 2.5
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 0

The Spin sets itself apart with its low-speed rating of 2.5. Requiring minimal effort makes for easy control on the course – a boon for beginners or those favoring a less aggressive play style.

This disc shines with a glide rating of 4, resisting gravity longer than expected. These flight numbers ensure a safe bet for negotiating tricky, tight lines or battling winds.

With a turn rating of -2, it leans to the right in the initial start (for right-handed, backhand throws), predictably and manageably – a boon for refining your shot shape.

It concludes its path linearly, denoted by a fade rating of 0. This characteristic makes it a reliable disc when striking for a clear shot, lessening the odds of overly ambitious, uncontrollable hook shots.

Stability And Comfort

  • Diameter: 21 cm
  • Height: 1.90 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.50 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.10 cm

The Spin dons the standard 21.00 cm diameter of a putter, fitting comfortably in your hand and favoring the Professional Disc Golf Association’s expected disc golf disc range.

With a height of 1.90 cm, it charts as neither too tall nor too short, ensuring a beefy grip for precise putt shots.

A 1.50 cm rim depth allows a cozy lower lip hold, reducing the discomfort of feeling bulky or overbearing, while a 1.10 cm rim width adds to its stability and ease of handling.

Fans of the MVP disc sports will also be happy to know that it is available in various plastic, such as R2 neutron, electron, and proton. The R2 plastic mold, in particular, can be found quite easily despite its black-and-white theme.

Such dimensions and specifications render it a predictable, user-friendly disc championing short-game precision.

What Customer Reviews Say: A Putter For All Skill Levels

The Spin carves its niche with a wide spectrum of skill levels. Its “power response and smooth turn” endear it to amateur and advanced players alike.

For starters, its forgiving flight doesn’t entail excessive force to attain its purposed course, rendering it a confidence booster for those entering the world of disc golf. Regardless of your stage on the green or your launcher from the tee, this disc proffers a manageable learning curve.

Meanwhile, veterans would appreciate the precision-controlled, high-powered response. Agile handling for varied shot options also adds to its versatility; for instance, when pitched on hyzer or with a bit more power, it can go like an arrow or veer right.

Circling the course, its consistency and reliability shine through. Widely cherished as a go-to putter by many, it caters to anything from circle two and out.

Valued for its adaptable handling, enabling clutch comebacks to boost play confidence, it lures people of all styles and skill sets.

If you’re searching for a disc that is straightforward to master and one that can swiftly turn into your trustworthy partner on the field, this might just be it!

Pull Fierce Spins On Your Shots

Black MVP R2 Spin Putter with White Rims and White Stamp

The Spin’s forte lies as a dependable, understable putter and approach disc. Its measured understability, deep profile, and response make it desirable for lofty shots and all-important putts.

On the field, it brings versatility and innate value to the fore. Here’s calling out some shot types where it takes the cake:

Straight Approach

Its confidence shines through on 150-foot approaches. As echoed by seasoned veterans, if hurled flat, it sets off like an arrow.


If anhyzer (or “anny”) shots are your play, then this one should fit the bill. It stands up and turns right when flung at the right angle, a handy tool when navigating tricky dog-leg right fairways or curving your shot around obstacles.

Hyzer Flip

It showcases its reliability by flipping up from a hyzer angle and sailing like an arrow. This quality proves potent during tunnel shots or narrow fairways where your disc needs to track a linear path without diverging in either direction.

This product is the quintessential utility disc for shots under 200 feet, offering a consistent turning glide. Its predictable path tends to land flat, an advantage that reduces the risk of unexpected roll-aways.

This item has staked its claim as one of the best MVP putters, qualifying as a formidable choice for beginners and experienced layers.

Similar Discs

Few discs exhibit characteristics and usage goals akin to the Spin. Some prime contenders include the Innova Aero, Dynamic Discs Deputy, and Discraft Fierce:

Innova Aero

The Aero’s wide diameter and deep rim echo the other’s comfort and control. Its similar path and less severe fade make it a possible substitute.

Dynamic Discs Deputy

This understable putter, hailing from the Dynamic Discs fold, mirrors the Spin’s flight properties. Its pronounced right turn (RHBH), when pitched flat or on anhyzer makes for an appealing alternative with more understability.

Discraft Fierce

Co-created with world champion Paige Pierce, the Fierce is a consistent putter with a slight turn higher than the Spin. Despite differing design elements, it offers comparable results when deployed.

Disc golf throws light on subtle, at times, subjective disparities between each disc; the ones listed here offer a unique spin to the Spin’s shot types. So, juggle, dabble, and unearth which disc speaks volumes for you!

A Quick Look Over The MVP Spin Review

To wrap it up, the MVP Spin is an understandable putter suitable for players across the disc golf spectrum. Loved for its understable putt and approach disc nature, controlled flight, and conformability to varied styles and power levels – it’s an absolute gem!

Striking a commanding chord with accuracy-driven precision shots, its steady and easy-to-predict path manifests as the strongest contender for decisive approach shots and putts in the circle – whether backhand or sidearm throws are your things.


  • Highly adjustable depending on power and angle
  • Comfortable grip due to its deep rim
  • Catering to all skill levels
  • Versatility in shot-making


  • Understability might not be ideal for those seeking discs with more fade
  • Flight could be influenced by strong winds due to its lightness