MVP Entropy Disc Review: A Game-Changing Force on the Course!

Ever picked up a disc that felt like it was rightfully made for your hand? Meet the MVP Entropy – a disc that may fit that bill.

As someone who has been tirelessly playing disc golf and testing various discs over the last 13 years, I can say that the Entropy is a stalwart addition to MVP’s overstable putt-and-approach category. But what makes it so unique? We’re about to find out in my MVP Entropy review.

Get ready to dive deep into why this disc might just be one of those reliable discs you find yourself counting on round after round. Let’s throw and see where it lands!

Harnessing Precision

  • Speed: 4
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3

The ‘speed’ of 4 indicates this is a slow-flying putter engine built for controlled, precise throws. Lower-speed discs like the Entropy are less sensitive to small errors in throwing technique, making them a reliable choice for many players.

With a ‘glide’ of 3, this disc is not designed to stay in the air for extended periods. This reduced airtime gives the Entropy its predictable flight and reliable landing spots, eliminating some of the variability experienced with high-glide discs.

A ‘turn’ rating of 0 means this disc holds its line well in the early stages of flight. If you throw it flat, it will stay flat for the most part; you can count on Entropy for its straight-flight characteristics.

Lastly, the ‘fade’ of 3 will make the disc hook hard to the left at the end of your throw, assuming you’re a right-handed, backhand thrower. The high fade on the Entropy shines in windy conditions, pulling the disc back towards your intended line even in a stiff breeze.

Perfect Balance Of Power And Control

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.20 cm

Let’s dive into what these numbers mean. A diameter of 21.20 cm is a fairly standard size for putters and approach discs, contributing to the Entropy’s comfortable and familiar feel in hand.

With a height of 2 cm, this disc is relatively low-profile. This is excellent news for players with smaller hands or who prefer a flatter top for throw grip. It gives the Entropy a streamlined shape with improved performance and consistency, especially in windy conditions.

The rim depth of 1.40 cm means that the disc is not tremendously deep, which makes it more user-friendly for players who don’t have large hands. The easy-to-grip feature helps in boosting confidence with every throw.

Lastly, the rim width of 1.20 cm falls into the mid-range for putters, providing stability but still offering flexibility for different throwing styles.

Mastering Every Shot

The MVP Entropy fits perfectly into the hands of disc golfers who appreciate a small diameter, very overstable putt-and-approach disc. It’s a true workhorse featuring reserved glide and a dependable finishing fade, a desirable trait for any player looking for confidence and consistency in their approach game.

Many disc golfers, from beginners to seasoned pros, have found the Entropy very easy to handle, appreciating its reliability, especially in windy conditions. Additionally, it seems to serve well in distinct situations, especially on hilly courses where it curbs undesirable drifts.

The disc’s dependable overstability makes it an excellent tool for beginners. However, they need to understand its behavior and proper usage. It isn’t meant to be thrown often, but it’s highly effective as an approach disc or for short drives. While the Entropy could appear intimidating due to its overstable properties, in the right hands, it offers a rewarding journey of growth and skill enhancement in disc golf.

Getting In The Zone

A Purple MVP Entropy Plasma Putter with white stamp and black rims

The MVP Entropy is an overstable putt and approach disc designed for controlled backhand or forehand touch shots. Whether landing near your target or making a high wind put, the Entropy is highly adept at executing such tasks reliably. Here are a few shots where it shines:

Forehand Approach Shots

Perfect for situations where you want a disc to reliably dump back to stable after dodging trees or obstacles. I.e., you can throw it at a light flex angle, and it will courageously weave its way around obstacles before predictably finishing its flight.

Uphill Shots

When kept in control, the Entropy’s overstable nature makes it an excellent choice for uphill shots. You can throw it steep, and it will round off its flight without drifting away into the woods or veering far off the course.

Short Drives

The disc’s predictability makes it great for short drives off the tee. You can be sure the disc will curve back to the ground, serving as a reliable choice when you want a predictable finish closer to the basket.

 MVP Entropy vs. Competitors

Let’s take a brief look at how the MVP Entropy stacks up against similar discs in the market:

Clash Discs Mint

The Mint from Clash Discs would surely compete for a spot in your bag with the Entropy. While it does have its unique characteristics, it’s in the same class and serves a similar role in your setup.

Discraft Zone

The Zone by Discraft is another fan-favorite for overstable approach shots. Players have found the Entropy to be a tad more comfortable in hand, reporting less tendency for early release compared to the Zone. The Entropy could be your alternative if grip issues persist.

DGA Breaker

The Breaker from DGA is also a similarly purposed disc and provides competition for the Entropy. The choice between the two often comes down to hand feel, specific flight preferences, or brand loyalty.

These discs aim to serve the same purpose – to deliver controlled, overstable shots under various conditions. However, with its unique feel, reliability, and predictability, the MVP Entropy stands up well against these competitors. Its dependable fade, in particular, gives it an edge in windy conditions and for precision approach shots.

To Wrap It Up

The Entropy has created its distinguished mark in the world of overstable putt and approach discs. It’s a reliable choice for players at varying skill levels, from beginners navigating through their approach game to seasoned pros looking for strong wind resistance and consistent finishes.

Its unique characteristics, including a solid hand feel, impressive control, and predictability, make the Entropy one of the best MVP products in the market.


  • Reliable and predictable flight path
  • Exceptional stability, even in windy conditions
  • Great for both backhand and forehand throws
  • Solid feel and improved grip
  • Versatile and can handle a variety of shots


  • Not designed for maximum distance
  • May require some practice to harness its full potential, especially for beginners