MVP Uplink Review: The Mid-Range Disc To Bring Your A-Game

Star of the mid-range shows, there is one disc that certainly deserves its time under the spotlight. In this MVP Uplink review, we will delve into the technical specifics, explore its flight behavior, and discover why it suits a wide range of people.

Presenting this review is none other than yours truly, who has spent more than 13 glorious years in the sweeping expanses of disc golf courses. My hands-on experience and keen observation will enable us to scrutinize it from every angle.

How does it fare when the wind is against you? Who is it ideal for? And who, perhaps, should steer clear? We’ll be clearing all your doubts. Forward on this journey with me; let’s demystify this thing together!

Smooth And Controllable Flight

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -3
  • Fade: 0.5

When it comes to flight and stability, this is in a league of its own. Its strong speed rating of 5 gives this understable mid-range a solid, dependable pace straight off the tee or for upshots down the line.

Additionally, it features an impressive glide of 5 which guarantees steady, extended airtime, capitalizing on that speed for great distances.

Its turn, rated at -3, predisposes it to possess a noticeable degree of understability, which means it naturally curves to the right, a trait I found highly beneficial in navigating through windy conditions and dealing with any tricky dogleg-right course situations.

Meanwhile, its fade of 0.5 is ideal for players like me who prefer a gentle finale to their throws, plateauing smoothly rather than hooking aggressively to the left. All these features combined grant a dependable and controllable flying path, a trait highly desirable to many.

Comfort And Functionality In One

  • Diameter: 21.50 cm
  • Height: 1.80 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.30 cm

The Uplink features a substantive diameter of 21.50 cm, giving it an ample body that fits comfortably in the hand while preparing for a throw. With its height of 1.80 cm, I found it relatively low-profile, a feature that lends to a streamlined path.

Rim depth, a critical measurement for hand fit and grip, measures a mid-range 1.40 cm. In my experience, it’s a depth that works well for most hand sizes, making it playable and enjoyable for a wide range of players.

The rim width, at 1.30 cm, is slightly on the thinner side. This not only aids in a firm and controllable grip but also contributes to its great speed.

Overall, its dimensions and specifics balance comfort, functionality, and design. The combination of these aspects molds it into a very user-friendly option, mirroring, in my opinion, some of the best MVP mid-range discs in the market today.

Suitable For All Skill Levels

A Green marbled MVP Neutron Uplink with Green/Holographic/Chrome Stamp with Black rims

From my experience and numerous customer reviews, this versatile disc is suitable for players of all skill levels. Designed with a biased understability, it has carved its niche primarily as a straightforward mid-range utility for situations demanding a short anhyzer line or tailwind throws.

It could be your perfect partner if you’re a beginner struggling with avoiding early fade. It fits seamlessly into the learning curve, offering an extremely straight and controllable midrange path, a trait that will serve you well as you grow in the game.

Intermediate players will find it ideal for shaping shots, especially hyzer-flips in tight lines or controlled turnovers in the woods. Its capacity to consistently deliver on turns and pushes has been a game-changer on many occasions.

It can be an impressive addition to the arsenal for advanced players. It consistently enables a steady drift from left to right – which is a huge boon if you find shot shaping using forehand throws or turnovers difficult.

It truly stands out as an all-around utility across skill levels! However, one little con that I can’t ignore is its sensitivity. Inconsistent arm speed could result in unanticipated throws, something to consider if your arm speed is highly unpredictable.

Whether you’re a newbie or a maestro, this item has something in store for you. Don’t hesitate to give it a go and unlock new records in your game!

Primary Use

Versatile, reliable, and beginner-friendly, the Uplink primarily shines as a mid-range ideal for tailwind throws, navigating short anhyzer lines, or getting you out of a tight spot.

It’s like a trusted friend, always ready to help you when you need to shape a shot around a tricky bend or aim a precision throw through a tight course. Strategically, it can be utilized for:

Hyzer Flips

With a solid combination of power and touch, this can flip over from flat and drift into a high-level touch hyzer-flip turnover. It’s fantastic on wooded courses where you need to be creative.

Straight Mid-Range Throws

Excelling in glide and control, it is perfectly suited for those straight, low-effort throws, especially on anhyzer releases.

S-Turn Shots

It excels effortlessly in s-turn shots that land flat when released on anhyzer. Its natural turn makes these throws almost effortless.

This is like a Swiss Army knife for disc golfers. Regardless of the situation or the thrower’s skill level, this is a reliable companion ensuring your game soars!

Similar Discs

Axiom Paradox

The Paradox stands out as another wildly understable mid-range. However, I found the degree of understability tends to be slightly more pronounced compared to the Uplink. This is often handy for touch forehand throws within a 140-foot radius.

MVP Relay

Like an elder sibling to the Uplink, the Relay is your go-to choice when you seek a straight flyer. The Relay slots in perfectly if you’ve evolved with your game or have a relatively higher arm speed.

Discraft Comet

This is renowned for its unique ability to hold an amazingly straight line and provide phenomenal glide. However, I found that the Comet’s path tends to be a smidge more stable, making it more suited for those firm, full-power throws.

While these comparables share similar characteristics with the Uplink, they all boast their unique strengths. Your choice at the end of the day would largely depend on your style of play, the type of throw you’re aiming for, and of course, your personal preference.

MVP Uplink Review: A Quick Summary

An orange MVP Uplink Deep Space Network with Purple/Gold/Black stamp with Black rims

The Uplink impresses with its versatile traits, user-friendly design, and adaptability across various skill levels. It’s a reliable understable mid-range equipped to meet the demands of tailwind throws or tricky anhyzer lines.

It is perfect for beginners learning to navigate an early fade, intermediates crafting hyzer-flips, and advanced players seeking a stable drift from left to right. However, its sensitivity could challenge those with very inconsistent arm speed.


  • Versatile across skill levels
  • Reliable understable mid-range
  • Excellent shot shaper
  • Ideal for straight mid-range throws and s-turn shots


  • Highly sensitive to arm speed variances