MVP Servo Disc Review: Should You Pick This Fairway Driver?

If you’re a disc golf fan like me, you understand the importance of the right disc in your bag. Every disc golfer’s arsenal needs a reliable, stable, and versatile fairway driver. In my MVP Servo review, I’m going to delve into one such disc that I’ve found to be an excellent all-rounder.

Having played disc golf for over 13 years and tested hundreds of discs, I’ve developed an eye for detail and performance on the course. I can say that this disc has made a notable impression on me.

In this review, we’ll unpack everything, from its flight characteristics to other additional information, and discuss who it’s ideal for and how it compares to similar discs. Join me as we explore what makes this amazing item!

Flight Info: Precision And Control

  • Speed: 6.5
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 2

These flight numbers illustrate that the Servo boasts a moderate speed, balanced with a substantial amount of glide. Its speed isn’t insignificant, but it’s healthy for players looking for a disc that leans towards control rather than raw aggressiveness.

The glide rating of 5 helps the disc maintain its path smoothly across fairways, ensuring a long glide phase while retaining trajectory. It offers amazing lateral movement and immense glide with an effortless forward fade.

The turn of -1 represents a stable specification for this disc. It depicts a gentle curve to the right (for right-hand backhand throwers) in the initial part with a bit of resistance to flipping, making it suitable for straight-line shots where precision is more important than aggressive route shaping.

The forward penetrating fade of 2 implies that it isn’t overly aggressive in its ending leftward hook (for right-hand backhand throws). This disc will have a dependable finish but won’t pull hard left, which is desirable for accuracy in two-sided fairways or near obstacles.

It offers a controlled path that favors precision over raw distance, making it fantastic for weaving through tricky fairways in the outdoors or sticking to your planned line.

Dimensions And Other Product Information

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.80 cm

With a diameter of 21.10 cm, the Servo is of standard size, much like other discs in the market. This parallels the idea of the disc offering a good blend of control and distance while not leaning heavily toward either end.

It stands at a height of 1.40 cm, indicating a moderately low-profile disc. This design serves two purposes – firstly, it’s easier to grip for players of all hand sizes. Secondly, it cuts forward through the air with lesser resistance to achieve precision.

The rim depth of 1.20 cm is relatively shallow, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit in hand. This furthers the notion that this disc is designed to provide control, as a good grip is critical for precision and accuracy.

Lastly, the rim width of 1.80 cm reiterates its moderate speed. It’s made of reasonably thick plastic but not overly so, making the disc an accessible fairway driver that players of various skill levels can handle.

In summary, the physical characteristics align well with its specifications – a disc focusing on control and precision. It’s designed to sit comfortably in hand, facilitating accurate throws while navigating through complex fairways.

You can also purchase it in different designs, through either plasma or neutron plastic, although colors may vary a bit from the picture. Still, it’s a small price to pay for the experience of throwing this beauty! The plasma Servo, in particular, is praised for its durable build.

What Customer Reviews Say: A Fairway Driver For All Skill Levels

With its balanced specs and physical design, the MVP Servo holds immense appeal for throwers across a range of skill levels. With a quoted low power requirement and controlled speed, it seems the disc is tailored to those who crave precision and control.

Those starting with disc golf often struggle with stability and control, and that’s where this one shines. A slower push yields a straighter lateral movement and ample glide, giving beginners confidence in their throws.

Power throwers can still find it a reliable option as it offers a subtle turnover followed by a long glide, further cementing its impressive control characteristics.

Checking out the reviews, one player reveals how it has helped to increase their throw distance and acts as an excellent disc for flex shots, straight shots, and long approaches that go beyond the reach of midrange discs. Another reviewer highlights its various shot options, from hyzer flips to anhyzers, while getting good distances.

Whether you’re new to disc golf or an experienced player, the Servo disc golf fairway driver, it seems, won’t disappoint. New and experienced throwers alike will achieve easy pinpoint accuracy with ultimate line control.

Uses In The Disc Golf Course

A Grey MVP Plasma Fairway Driver Servo with Black Stamp and Holographic Stamp

The Servo shines in its role as a straight-stable fairway driver. Its design ensures a controlled path that reduces lateral movement, making it an excellent companion for maneuvering through tricky fairways and executing high-precision shots.

Given its steadiness and minimal fade, it can easily hold your intended line while covering distance.

Straight Shots

It excels when thrown flat, giving a linear flying path that carries a good distance with its momentum. I’ve found it fantastic for threading the needle through narrow fairways where a straight line is crucial.

Controlled Hyzers

Its predictable fade can also be used efficiently for hyzer shots. You can trust this disc to curve around obstacles and finish reliably left by angling it slightly on release. I’ve used it countless times on such tricky greens.

Flex Shots

For players comfortable with using different release angles, it performs brilliantly on flex shots, flying in an S-shaped path to cover larger distances. I remember playing a local course with sharp doglegs, which beautifully held the flex line!

Its adaptable stability and low power requirement make it a versatile disc for a wide range of fairway driving needs, filling an essential slot in your disc golf bag. Whether you are playing long, linear passages or dealing with a course laden with obstacles, this is the right product for you.

Similar Discs

Birdie Disc Golf Supply Strike

The Strike is designed for precision over distance. Many users find the Strike a reliable disc for navigating tight fairways, given its dependable flight and mild fade.

Clash Discs Cookie

The Cookie picks up where the Servo excels, balancing control and power. Players have praised the Cookie for its straightforward flight and controllable speed, as well as its ability to handle different shot types.

Discmania Instinct

The Instinct is often a go-to fairway driver for many players. Known for its stable-to-overstable flight, the Instinct offers similar line-holding ability as the Servo, alongside mild high-speed turn and consistent fade.

Each of these three discs has its unique profile and design, yet inspired by similar goals of providing precision and control on the fairway. Depending on your grip and throwing style preferences, you might find one or more of them complimenting your disc golf collection.

MVP Servo Review: Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, the Servo is an all-rounder fairway driver serving golfers across different skill levels. Its blend of control, precision, and moderate speed makes it an ideal disc for those seeking to master their throwing technique and accuracy.

This said seasoned players can equally enjoy it for its predictability and versatility. Whether weaving through complex fairways or executing flat, straight shots, this disc stands ready to deliver. It definitely stands as one of the best MVP drivers in the market.


  • Versatile fairway driver suitable for various shot types
  • High and low-power throwers alike will achieve stable paths.
  • Lower power requirement, making it accessible to beginners
  • Comfortable grip due to its shallow rim and low-profile design


  • It might not be the best choice for those seeking aggressive distance.
  • As per a few reviews, the disc might feel a bit awkward once it is worn in