Can Pigs Fly? An Innova Pig Review

Ever tossed a pig? Strange question, I know. As a seasoned disc golfer, I’ve had my fair share of unique experiences. But tossing a pig – an Innova Pig putt and approach disc, to be precise – has been a game-changer.

The name may provoke a chuckle, but the impressive, wind-defying abilities of this overstable putter are seriously awe-inspiring. Join me as we delve into the unique attributes that have made this disc a must-have in the bags of professionals and amateurs in this Innova Pig review.

Meet the Famous Innova Pig Disc

A cream colored Innova Pro Pig Stiff Putter Disc with Blue gradient stamp.

The text on the image says Innova Factory Store Pro Pig with flight number 3, 1, 0, 3, Overstable Put & Approach

The image on the disc presents an adorable pig with a frown, adorned with intricate patterns and enclosed within a circular frame.

1.1 Cult Status

Just as wild truffle pigs have a nose for gold, disc golf enthusiasts have sniffed out a winner with the Innova Pig. This disc’s steady reliability has earned it cult status, with a dedicated fan base attesting to its exceptional performance. Ask any professional or seasoned amateur; they all sing praises of the Innova Pig.

1.2 Part of a Winning Line-up

A faithful companion to other Innova putters such as the Aviar, Roc, Rhyno, Nova, and AviarX3, the Pig ensures you’re equipped for any scenario on the course. Commonplace? Perhaps. Reliable? Absolutely. It perfectly complements these staples in a disc golf bag, offering a reliable alternative when the circumstances demand.

Embrace the Grip of the Unique R-Pro Plastic

2.1 A Grippy Surprise

Innova’s R-Pro plastic is as unpredictable as a pig in a poke. But when it comes to the Pig, expect a firm and grippy feel, akin to DX plastic. This tactile sensation boosts control and confidence during throws, ensuring you get the shot you want every single time.

2.2 Test of Time

Despite its delightful softness, the R-Pro material stands up to regular use with aplomb. It’s the pig that keeps on giving. Years of rigorous use have proven the disc’s durability and, like a true friend, it never lets you down.

Master the Winds with the Pig’s Flight Characteristics

Innova Test-Pro Pig (Sun Dried Vibes) Galaxy color disc (beige, orange-ish, green) w/Blue Stamp. The image shown on the disc has summery atmosphere with its inclusion of coconut trees, Hibiscus flowers, and a guitar, evoking a tropical and musical ambiance.

3.1 Low-Glide Magic

The Innova Pig isn’t a soaring hog. This disc’s low-glide nature is perfect for hyzer approaches, making accurate shots a breeze. Control and precision are the names of the game here. You can count on it to deliver exactly what you need, no matter the circumstances.

3.2 Anhyzer Challenges

Don’t expect the Pig to pirouette gracefully through anhyzer shots. Instead, be prepared to apply a bit of extra angle. That being said, in tough conditions, this is still your go-to disc. It might require a bit of finesse, but once you get the hang of it, the Pig truly shines.

3.3 A Storm Chaser

Come rain or wind, the Innova Pig performs admirably. Its weight and grip shine in challenging weather conditions, delivering reliable flight paths even when the elements conspire against you. It’s your secret weapon for those unexpected gusts or sudden showers.

Assessing the Pig’s Putting Prowess

4.1 Sink or Swim?

The Pig isn’t my first choice for a putting disc due to its lack of glide. But in the interest of fairness, I gave it a whirl. The Pig delivered a consistent, predictable performance, although I prefer a less forceful putting style. Nevertheless, it does have its niche uses within the putting range, particularly in wind.

4.2 Wind Warrior

The Pig shows its true colors in windy conditions. Its stability and resistance are second to none, making it a worthy ally when gusty winds challenge your putting game. It’s not often that a disc can handle the wind with such grace, but then again, the Pig is no ordinary disc. There’s a reason so many top disc golfers have on in their bag.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, folks. The Innova Pig disc, with its steadfast flight, pinpoint accuracy, and unwavering performance in wind and rain is a force to be reckoned with. Its unique R-Pro plastic provides a perfect grip, allowing for superior control. While it might not always be the first disc out of my bag, the Innova Pig holds a special place as my secret weapon against challenging weather conditions. So, are you ready to toss a pig? The game is afoot, and the Pig is ready to fly.